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Hello everyone! My name is Anna Ngo and I will be one of your editors this upcoming school year! This year I will be sophomore. I am very excited to be working with everyone and creating a newspaper for everyone to enjoy. I am very hard working and creative! Every month I will work hard and make sure our newspaper is the best it can be! I have so many ideas that I can't wait to try out! I can’t wait to meet everyone this year! Anna Ngo Hello fellow Key Clubbers! My name is Anthony Aiyedun and I will be one of your editors for the 2018-2019 School year. Next year I will have a lot of responsibilities has a junior and as your Editor, and I will enjoy doing both next year. Everyone month I will work hard with my fellow Editor, Anna Ngo, to create beautiful and stunning newsletters. I hope we will all work together to make this year one of the best ones yet!

Anthony Aiyedun

r o f l u f k n a h T b u l C y e K S GH A SPOOKY SNEAK PEEK INTO NEXT SEMESTER

How has Key Club made you the person you are today?

Socials By: Tiffany Doan

HOW KEY CLUB CHANGED ME As we all unfortunately know, July is coming to an end and August will soon roll along with the next 2018-2019 school year. It’s time to start shopping for supplies and picking out our first day of school outfits as we return to our old or new education institutions. We can finally meet up with friends again as well as develop budding relationships. And to all of the new members of Garland High School Key Club, we are happy to have you guys.Key Club has many benefits and it has, personally, changed a lot in me as a person. It teaches you the spirit of giving where there is no expectation of something in return in exchange for a good act or service. After joining this family, I now find it satisfying enough to just see someone else happy from what I did. A common phrase is “Attitude is contagious”, which I definitely believe applies to this case based on my own experiences. For example, I have been able to participate as part of a team of volunteers at races where our Key Club members would often be assigned to handing runners water. The evidence of teamwork was everywhere you look; everybody was smiling, saying thank you, and helping out others. At the end of it all, we would work together to clean up any mess without complaining. These acts of kindness doesn’t just stop at races, but they also appear in other events such as working at concessions, helping out kids at carnivals, or creating a better environment in our school. Volunteering is obviously a main part of Key Club but so is leadership. Typically, I am a rather shy person who will mainly talk to those I already know, not willing to branch out of my comfort zone; yet, I will be introduced as part of the new board to upcoming members. Why? Well, seeing the dedication and commitment that was apparent in the previous board made me discover the importance of their roles. I suddenly wanted to be part of something bigger. It took awhile, but I finally built up the confidence to try out to become an officer for the next year with the help of many people. I had developed a close bond with several others in Key Club, and they supported me through the process. They had become my Key Club family. Being part of this group has taught me that family can include others outside of the norm: one where blood doesn’t matter. Members in this club will help you when you’re struggling, and they will inspire you to do things you wouldn’t have thought of before. It is an amazing experience to be part of this team if you just have fun and communicate with others, so I hope to meet all of you guys soon.

Tiffany Doan

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December 6th

Board Meeting

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Biweekly Board Meeting

December 8th

Pancake w/ Sants

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December 13th

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December 20th

Board Meeting

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Biweekly Board Meeting

KEY CLUB'S IMPACT ON ME Being a part of Key Club International has affected me in many ways, such as inspiring me to take part in improving my community and showing me the importance of volunteering. Because Key Club is a crucial part of my school year and therefore my life, it has helped me overall become a better person. As a Key Clubber, I have the responsibility to represent Key Club in a positive manner. The realization that my actions can affect the perspective others have on Key Club helps me stay conscious of my actions both within my school and in my community. Additionally, Key Club inspires me to volunteer more and give back to the community that I grew up in. I have been in service organizations before, but Key Club pushes me to expand my horizons the most. Being a part of a group where everyone is motivated and passionate about improving the community and making a change encourages me to do so as well. Not only does Key Club impact how I view my environment and my ambitions, it also positively affects my personality in general. Helping others and volunteering has turned into something that improves my mood. Volunteering has been proven to increase mental health and help stressed out people. As a high school student, I am always in need of a stress reducer and Key Club is the perfect remedy. The outlook Key Club gives me makes me a happier and more thoughtful person. Furthermore, Key Club is great for me socially speaking. A club is indubitably a lovely place to make friends, and with Key Club, I have made friends that I wouldn’t have met otherwise. As an incoming sophomore, I didn’t know very upperclassmen my freshman year and I was nervous to approach people that were older than me. However, Key Club introduced me to lots of nice people that I could look up to. The events that my school participates in also gives me a chance to meet many new people and the socials helps me strengthen my bond with fellow clubbers. To sum up, Key Club helped me grow as a person. I don’t think any other organization leaves such positive effects on my personality or my mental health. I have no doubt that the lessons Key Club teaches and has taught me, along with the friendships I’ve made on the way, will last well into my future.

Vivian Thai

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MY SUMMER Hello fellow key clubbers I hope you have been having an amazing summer break so far. I cannot believe it is almost the end of June and the beginning of August! I did so much, yet so little this summer break! It is I, Anthony Aiyedun, one of your key club editors for the school year of 2018-2019 and my summer has been amazing so far. I applied and was accepted I was bestowed the honor and the privilege to go to SMU and work in the paid internship with the college students over there. We started working on major projects and have started designing them in the software we used, called Solid words, and decided to buy the materials and create the stuff we need. Aya Amarir, has collected most of the key club officers together to have an over the phone officer meeting and I am glad about all the information we gained from it and how motived we are going to in, going into the next school year! A few days ago, my fellow key club officers and I had a key club meeting over the phone and that day we discussed and planned my new ideas for the upcoming school year(I can’t believe that summer is almost over and I’m going to be a junior next year!) We decided to move the weekly key club meetings to Thursdays and we talked about the summers articles and things of that nature. I am hopeful that our article is much better than the one last year and will improve over the school year! One of the issues we discuss was Student participation and the blood of our club. Student participation in our club was a huge issue for me, I would come to a meeting and there would only be about 6 to 12 members there. We cannot meet the goal we have in mind with only 6 to 12 members! Another issue, and this issue almost made me cry, was the lack of parties last school year. A club not having any parties is not a club many students want to be a part of, regardless of how helpful we are to the Garland community and it is everyone who lives in it! I know it is wrong but that is how people working in this world! Those are my issues and I hope that we manage to resolve the issues this year!

Anthony Aiyedun

BEST YEAR EVER During my first year of being a member of Key Club I wasn’t exactly what you would call an active member. On rare occasions I would volunteer for any events at all, but surprisingly enough I was still considered active for a freshman; even though I had around twenty hours of volunteering, yet this really helped me win the freshman rep position since no one was really active out of freshman that joined the club. The only real events that I participated in, were runs or events of this sort, since I got free stuff haha!This really doesn’t count as serving our community since I didn’t even volunteer for shelters or anything pertaining other people, which isn’t focusing on one of the most important factors of being in Key Club, helping the community. Knowing this I knew I had the step up my game for the following years up to senior year. So following freshman year I got the position of historian, this helped envision what i thought the club should be about volunteering to help others. I become entirely active within the club volunteering at most events to get pictures for scrapbook, dedication most of my outside time for key club. I figured that volunteering and helping my community really speaks volumes. In addition to this, I was counted as one of the key club members that got above fifty hours of service. But not as a junior I’ve gotten a totally different board position, vice-president. What this means is that I’ll have to totally step up my game compared to my previous years in the club. I’ll have to go to nearly all the events compared to my sophomore year. In the future instead of setting my goal at a measly fifty hours maybe I’ll get even a hundred! Now that I’m going to share the position of vice-president with a friend of mine I know that in the following year we’ll become one of the most successful clubs in Garland High School. Our goals set for the future are going to be like nothing that were our goals for this year. I plan on using most of my spare time to support the club any way possible. I know that this year I’ve procrastinated for some assignments, and hopefully next year I will stop this problem that affects every other officer. I plan on making my junior year one of my most productive years.

Albert Yang

MY GOALS Hey guys! Four newsletters later and I'm still here. Anthony and I have enjoyed updating you guys throughout the summer and keeping everyone up to date! We are so excited to be doing this all year! It's almost August which means school is around the corner! Who's excited!? I know I am! I can't wait to see all my friends again and to meet all the new teachers. I'm ready to make sophomore year the best year! This summer I have explored and learned a lot about my job. As editor I am responsible for making sure each newsletter is even better than the last one! I have to make sure our newsletters are entertaining and still informative. I discovered a new software that lets me easily create designs for our newsletters. It also helps me format our articles and create cool graphics. I have been exploring different designs in this software throughout the summer. Maybe you can spot some in the past newsletters ;) My goal for next year is to make sure I have all updates for the following months updated in the newsletter so that anyone can use it! I want these newsletter to be actually read and enjoyed, instead of just being ignored as another boring thing. At our first general meeting next year I will be asking for input on my newsletter and trying to find ways to improve it. I want these newsletters to be dependable and exciting to read. Each month that I make a new newsletter I become more and more excited to make the next months! The first two newsletters were extremely difficult to make and I dreaded having to make each article, but now I look forward to it. I used to stress over how much time and effort it took to make each newsletter page, but now I am thrilled at being able to express myself through these newsletter. These newsletters have also kept me busy over the summer, instead of being bored to death! I am so exited to working with Anthony and creating newsletters for the upcoming school year! I can't wait to explore for ideas and try out different designs! I am excited to meet everyone next year!

Anna Ngo

Garland High School Key Club November Newsletter  
Garland High School Key Club November Newsletter