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THE TEACHER My name is Anna. I’m 40 years old and I live in Mataró with my three kids and my two cats. This is my seventh year teaching English at Angeleta Ferrrer’s school. I like climbing mountains and listening to music very much. I hate cleaning my house and cooking. I am very bad at it. In my free time I like travelling and knowing people and new places. If I were a millionaire I would travel all around the world. I hope we can success in this eTwinning project . Enjoy with your new friends!!! BYE!!!

Joan Jubany MuLET Hi, I’m Joan Jubany Mulet and I’m 11 years old. I really love playing hockey and playing the guitar and, I think I’m pretty good at it. I live in Mataró, a good town of Catalonia. In the future I want to be a writer, a videogames creator or an alchemist. One of my favorite hobbies is reading. I have lots of books in my house. My favorite food are pancakes, I love them. My appearance: I’ve got short brown hair and brown eyes. I’m not tall and I’m not short as well, so I think I’ve got a normal height. And that’s all about me, I think, So Bye!!!

Adrià Valls Cervera Hi! My name is Adrià, I’m eleven years old, but I’ll be twelve in April . I’ve got one sister, her name is Ona , she’s nine years old. I live in Mataró, that’s a city in Catalonia. I like reading and drawing but I hate doing exams, especially math. My favourite food is pizza, the only topping I ever put is cheese I love cheese. I hate eggs and omelette. My favourite colour is green, and my favourite book is “Harry Potter and the deathly hallows”. I’ve got dark wavy hair, it’s not too long neither too short, I’ve got dark brown eyes, and I’m a bit tanned

ARNAU Lร“PEZ SOBRADO Hello my name is Arnau Lรณpez Sobrado and I live in Matarรณ with my Mum and with my dog .In my free time I like playing computer games and I love drawing . At the weekend I go with my dad who lives in barcelona. I go to school by my scooter. In my class We are 25 students and the teacher. I play the guitar and when I grow up I want to be a graphic designer.

BERTA MARQUES SALETA Hello! My name is Berta and my surname is Marquès, I’m 11 years old. My favourite food is apple and pancakes. My favourite song is hulahop and sax. My favourite music bands are the “ Catarres” and “Txarango” which are Catalan bands. I love human towers and gymnastics. I have one brother and his name is Guillem. He’s 14 years old and he loves basket ball I have got a lots of friends but not all of them are my best friends. I like playing with my friends and meeting new people. I love Winter but I prefer Summer. Hope to hear from you soon.

Jana Lara Hello , my name is Jana Lara .I’m 11 years old. I’m from Mataró. My family is very funny. My mum is Montse and she works in the Barcelona City council.My dad is Josep Maria and he is a policeman . And finally my sister ,Aina, she is 15 years old and she’s a student . In my house ,we have got one little dog , MARLEY. My favourite singer is Demi Lovato. I love travelling. I went to many places : Thailand,Uk, Italy , France, Menorca, Andorra and Teruel .I love going to the GYM .But I hate examinations . See you . Jana Lara Saltó .


 

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Hi my name’s Juliana. I’m 11 years old, but in September, 9th, I will be 12. In my family there are 5 members: my mum, my dad and my two sisters Mariona and Laia, I’m the oldest one. Mariona is 10 years old and Laia is 7. I live in MATARÓ, that’s in Catalonia. I go to Angeleta Ferrer’s school, you can search it on internet and find this address: escola Angeleta Ferrer. I have so many friends there. Who is your best friend? I don’t have a best friend. All of them are my best friends. In my free time, after school, I play tennis, I love it! and I play the piano, too. What do you do in your free time? When I grow up I want to be a kindergarden teacher because I like kids. What do you want to be? My favourite music band is Catarres , which is a Catalan one, my favourite singer is Meghan Treinor you can listen to her songs, they are great. What’s your favourite singer? Do you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend? I don’t have any boyfriend yet. It’s time to say bye bye, I hope we can see each other soon.

FIONA LLORENS ROVIRA  Hello! My name is Fiona and my surname is Llorens.  I’m eleven years old .  I’m from CATALONIA and I live in MATARÓ, a city near BARCRLONA.  I have one brother, his name is Max and he’s nine years old.  My school’s name is ANGELETA FERRER and my favourite subject is     

ENGLISH. I play the cello, I practise ballet and I like performing theatre very much. I love travelling around the world. My favourite music band is MACEDONIA, which is a Catalan music band. I like cartoon movies and reading books. GOOD BY !!!


 Hello my name’s Pol and my surname is Castany. I ’m

from Catalonia and I live in Mataró. I’m 11 years old . My parents are Santi and Eva and I have a sister called Sara. I have blonde hair and brown eyes. I play football. I like pets. At home I have one fish. I like playing football. I am a Barcelona football club supporter. My favourite player is Leo Messi . I like doing magic tricks, drawing, reading comics and being with my friends. I like cooking. My favourite meals are macaroni, pizza, burger but I also like eating fruit. I like doing sports , basketball , table tennis, badminton and volley ball. In summer, on holiday I go to a beach village and I love snorkelling . I hope that you tell me about you . SEE YOU SOON!!!


My name is Gerard and my surnames are Mir Illa. I’ve got 11 years old and I've got four brothers. My favourite food are pancakes and my favourite hobby is using to the computer. I’m short and I've got brown eyes. My first brother is Martí, my second brother is Bernat, my fourth brother is Oleguer and my fifth brother is Oriol. I Weight 30 Kg I'm friendly. My favourite colour is blue and I like playing with LEGO. I'm a hard worker boy and I go to Angeleta Ferrer school I hope you know more about me in the future.

See you soon!

Gerard Mir Illa

I’m Ot

HELLO! My name is Ot and I’m a boy, I am twelve years old. I like eating, the music, videogames, “Dragalio”, rollerskating and electronics… I have short brown hair and brown eyes. I’m funny and active. I have a sister, her name is Mariona, in my house there are three floors. I live in Mataró, Mataró is a small city but I think that it’s beautiful. “Dragalio” is a figure of “santes”, “santes” are the festival of Mataró. It’s very cool.

MIQUEL LARROY GRANÉ Hello I’m Miquel. l am 11 years old . I have an older brother called James . I am in the last year of school and next year l will go to high school .My best friends are Octavi , Pol , Sebas , and Arnau . I’m learning to play the viola .I also do athletics . On Saturdays I go to the Boy Scouts .In my free time I like doing magic tricks ,I do all kinds of magic tricks. Mataró is very close to Barcelona . I like playing football and I am fond of Barcelona football club. I go to see Messi playing . My favourite Meals are pizza and spaghetti.

Sergi Vizcaino Lindo Hi! My name is Sergi and my surnames are Vizcaino Lindo. I’m 11 years old. I’m from Catalonia and I live in Mataró. My favourite music band is “ Plan B” and my favourite singer is “Nicky Jam”. I like playing football and basketball. My favourite food is pasta and my favourite football player is Messi. I have one brother. I often wear my favourite T-shirt and my favourite trousers. I sometimes wear a cap. But today I’m wearing a tracksuit. See you!!!


Hello, my name is Octavi, I am 11 years old , I live in Mataró. My favourite colour is blue and my favourite food is spaghetti. I play football in Argentona, a village close to my town. I am the baby of the family, I have two sisters. Júlia who is 12 years old and the other one called Clàudia, who is 15 years old. My father called Julià who is 42 years old and my mother called Maria who is 43 years old. I love cooking, I sometimes cook lunch or dinner. I love telling jokes. My best friend is called Miquel. It is very hot in Mataró. We do not celebrate Santa Claus, we celebrate the three magic kings “three wise men”. I hope you can tell me a lot about you. GOODBYE

Arnau Carrés Hi My name is Arnau and I’m 11 years old. I live in Mataró and I study at Angeleta Ferrer school. I play the viola and practise Taekwondo, I love that sport. My hobbies are doing magic tricks, photography and writing novels. I enjoy taking photos of myself and landscape. And i like cooking and baking, too. The first day of the year I prepared my family’s meal, an omelete and christmas sweets, sometimes I cook homemade pasta or pizza. I’m interested in robotics. I have a little broyher, he’s 8 years old, and he studies at the same school as me. My favourtie school subject are computing (ICT) and maths. English is nice but I find it a little bit difficult. The colour I like the most is blue. I’m a Star Wars geek. See you. Arnau Carrés Canalda

Hi!! My name is Irina and I’m 12 years old. I live in Mataró, Catalonia. My school’s name is Angeleta Ferrer. I´ve got one sister she’s 6 years old and I’ve got a cat It’s called Juna. My birthday is on 26th of January. When’s your birthday? My favourite colour is blue. What’s your favourite colour? I practise synchronized swimming and I love it. Do you practise sport? When I grow up I want to be a kinder garden teacher. I hope we can be friends and you reply my email as soon as possible Best regards, IRINA

Edith Micaela González Benítez Hi! My name is Edith and my surname is González. I’m 12 years old, I’m from Paraguay and I live in mataró. My favourite music band is “imagine dragons” and my favourite singer is “Taylor Swift”, I don’t like cooking, but I like eating. I like swimming. My favourite food is pasta. I want to be an actress or a lawyer, I love going to the school and to the cinema. I have two brothers and one sister. My sister name is Barbara, my brother name is Wilson and the other brother’s name is Matias, I’m the little one. My mum’s name is Gloria and my dad name’s is Sebastian. I live with my mum in Spain and my dad lives in Paraguay. My slepsister, Nadia, is the person that I love most in the world. My best friends are Sohe, Sophie, Cecilia and Mirko. I speak three languages: Catalan, Spanish, Guarani and little bit of English. The name of my school from Paraguay was Juan XXlll. I am shy when I first meet someone, but then, I’m the croziest person in the world.

QUERALT LLAMAS PRUNA Hi!!! My name is Queralt and I’m 11 years old. My birthday is in March, 11th. When is your birthday? I’m from Mataró, Catalonia. My school’s name is Angeleta Ferrer. I’ve got two brothers and one sister but they are older than me. My sister’s name is Mariona. Have you got any brothers and sisters? I’ve got a lot of friends. Who is your best friends? I like doing gymnastics, this is my favourite sport. When I grow up I want to be an actress because I like travelling around the world. I like speaking English!! Do you like speaking English? See you!!!

Laia Maynou Nogueras Hello my name is Laia. I’m

11 years old. My favourite colour is green and my favourite school subjects are physical education and English. I like swimming and I love practising taekwondo and cooking . I hate doing exams and I don’t like eating spinach . I practice taekwondo three days a week. I go to school Angeleta Ferrer. I‘ ve got one brother , his name is Pau. See you!!!! Laia

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