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of the sun.

Volther emerged into the furniture and design world in the 1960s. In 1964 Volther made the Corona Chair. The name was inspired by the Corona, or outer plasma of the sun, which can clearly be seen during a solar eclipse. This caught Volther’s attention when he saw time lapse photography of such event. When it was first released, its modern look did not please the European people. However, it was highly admired in the United State. It was manufactured by Erik Jergensen, who had a workshop in Svendborg, Denmark to upholster furniture.

The Corona chair mimics the vertebrate of the human body.

The rib-like supports reach around to provide a resting place for the arms. Its covers can be made from high grain Italian leather or fabrics of different colors. The spine of the chair is made from stainless steel and the foam is molded polyurethane. The legs and frame are matt chromed spring steel.

Corona Chair  

An inspirational booklet about Poul Volther's Corona Chair.