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On this advert an album is being advertised it is also a digipak. By using this advert their targeting males aged 15-21. This is being done by using the colour scheme of greens and greys, also by the main image of a hand and also what is thought to be a tattoo of the bands name and album name. Their music is being represented of being punk rock and like they don’t care about things as the image of them clenching their hand with paper in it. This may give out a message to the audience saying their music is punk rock and about them being individules.

Name of artist.

Name of album.

Main image of a hand holding the name of the band.

Ratings from different magazines.

Information on what the albums going to be on.

When the albums out. Information on what’s included in the album.

Logo of production company

Smaller image of the name of band and title of the album included in the main image.

The title of the band is the biggest font on the page, it captures the readers attention right away and encourages them to read the rest of the advert. When making our advert we are going to have our band name in the biggest writing in order to draw in the attention of the reader straight away.

The title of the album is in the same font as the name of the band and is in smaller writing just under the main title of the band. When making our magazine advert we have decided that were going to put the title of the album underneath the main title of the band but to differ from this one we may put it more to either the left or right.

The main image is a hand which looks like its holding a magazine and it says the name of the band again, this is something we was thinking of using within our main image which will connect the image to the band once again.

This magazine advert has ratings from magazines which are the sort of magazines which show the time of genre that All time low are in. On our magazine advert myself and my partner have been discussing if we are going to include ratings from magazines. We think that this will be a good idea cause many people think if a magazine has given the album a good rating that they will enjoy the album also.

This part is the action line, it lets the audience know what the album is going to be out on, there is usually two or three options on which the albums will be released on these tend to be CD or DVD. On our magazine advert we will include what our album will be released on and have a wide range to draw in our audience more.

This is something that caught my eye right away when looking at this poster. The title of the band and title of the album is included as a tattoo on the main image of a hand. This works really well and is something my partner and myself are thinking of including in our main image if we can and if we manage to make it look good.

The production company logo is included on this poster and is something myself and my partner will defiantly include in our poster. We have yet to decided what our logo is going to be like but we like this idea of a small logo with a letter in the middle, we may make it a leave to make it tie in with the name of the band.

This is a key piece of information added on the action line. It lets the reader know when they can buy the album which is something we again will be including on our magazine advert. We may decided to make the writing bigger as on this advert it is reasonably small.

This again on the action line gives the reader more information on what they will be spending their money on. For some people this will be the reason they by the album as it have bonus material and their getting more for their money. We are going to include this on our advert and were going to have bonus tracks and a live DVD also.

Magazine advert - Alltimelow  


Magazine advert - Alltimelow