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MAY 22, 2019

Ross Built Construction builds solid win BY MONICA SIMPSON SPECIAL TO THE SUN

Heading into the second half of the regular season of the adult co-ed soccer season, Gulfview Windows and Doors, lead by Ryan Moss, remains the only undefeated team in the league. Still looking for a win is the team sponsored by Moss Builders and Beach House Real Estate. The game of the week saw Blalock Walters battle against Ross Built Construction. Playing with his son Jake Ross, Greg Ross’ team took the win. Playing without Stephen Perry, the Blalock team could not matchup against the solid Ross squad. Taking the early lead after two minutes of play, Matt Staggs for Blalock Walters, could not stop a rocket shot by Chris Klotz to tie the game. Less than a minute later, Staggs scored another goal for the team of lawyers to move the score to 2-1. Big man Chris Chicaro made his way toward the goal and stuck hard and fast for the second Ross Built Construction goal. With two goals each, team captain G. Ross made the first of two goals to give his team the lead for the first time of night. Showing his missile strikes, Vince Chicaro, brother of Chris, made the first of three goals in the 12th minute of the game, advancing the score to 2-4. With plenty of energy and talent on the field, the Blalock Walters team continued to fight back. Two minutes after the Chicaro goal, a fight for possession ensued in front of the Ross Built goal. Blalock’s Greg DeMeuse finally found the ball at his feet to make the third goal for his team. Down by one point, team Blalock Walters successfully fought on defense for the remainder of the first half of the game, leaving the score at 3-4 as the teams left the field for a much needed water break and halftime strategy session. After more than 11 minutes of play without a standout play or a goal, J. Ross, a sophomore at Florida State University, scored his first goal of the season with an on the ground shot that whizzed right by Blalock goalkeeper Scott Rudacille. Rudacille finished the game with seven saves, while back up Ross Built goalie Max Gazzo had six document-


Ross Built Construction’s Chris Klotz works to stop Greg DeMeuse of Blalock Walters. Left, Matt Staggs for Blalock Walters travels down the soccer field with Ross Built’s Connor Bystrom hot on his heels.


2 3

Ugly Grouper  Beach House Real Estate 

0 3

11- 15 YEAR-OLD YOUTH SOCCER LEAGUE ed saves of his own. With cross-field rocket shot that hit the right corner of the net, V. Chicaro made his second goal of the night giving Ross Built Construction a twogoal lead. Two minutes later, V. Chicaro got his hat trick increasing his team’s scoring dominance with the score 3-6. Blalock Walters fought back with a near perfect shot by Matt Plummer that went just inches over the crossbar. Staggs took a shot of his own that went just right of the post.

With three minutes left on the scoreboard, G. Ross got his second point, giving his team a four-point lead. Plummer got his goal with 23 seconds showing on the board, put Gazzo on the ground for the save attempt. Finishing the game on the referee’s clock V. Chicaro struck and hit the net again with an unrecorded goal, and the official score of 4-8 and another win for Ross Built Construction.

CABB Cleaning  Lazy Turtle 

2 0


Gulfview Windows and Doors (4-0-0) 8 Duncan Real Estate  (2-2-0) 4 Jiffy Lube  Moss Builders 

(3-1-0) 5 (0-4-0) 1

Blalock Walters  Ross Built Construction 

(2-1-1) 4 (3-1-0) 8

Sato Real Estate  Beach House Real Estate 

(2-1-1) 5 (0-4-0) 4

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Anna Maria Island Sun May 22, 2019  

Anna Maria Island Sun May 22, 2019