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MAY 22, 2019



Center leadership seeks city funding Leaders at The Center of Anna Maria Island are hoping for funding from Holmes Beach commissioners for the nonprofit’s youth programs, but if they’ll receive that funding remains to be determined. BY KRISTIN SWAIN SUN STAFF WRITER |

HOLMES BEACH – As the end of the fiscal year approaches, commissioners need to decide what to do with some city funds, including whether or not they’ll lend financial support to The Center of Anna Maria Island. The Center’s Executive Director Chris Culhane and board Chair David Zaccagnino attended the city commission’s May 14 work session where they presented March financials to commission-

ers and asked for $35,000 toward youth programs, something commissioners have supported in the past. Culhane said that the organization’s financials look really good now, and they plan to end the fiscal year June 30 with more than the $20,000 in the bank that was budgeted at the beginning of the year. However, he said part of the discrepancy is due to lower than planned staff numbers, something the organization and its board are partially remedying with the hiring of a new development director. At the end of March, the Center had $154,849 in net ordinary income, about $101,000 above the $54,000 budgeted. He added that another part of the discrepancy between the budget and actual numbers is that there are several capital expenditures, such as remodeling bathrooms, that haven’t come through yet and are not reflected in the Center’s currently available financials. With grant funding down and none

coming through from the state or Manatee County, Zaccagnino said that funding is needed for youth programming, including the afterschool program, which he said helps the families of many children who attend Anna Maria Elementary School in Holmes Beach. He said that $0.79 of every dollar donated to the nonprofit goes directly to programming for the community. The ask for $35,000 was admitted to be preliminary. With the city’s website down, both Culhane and Zaccagnino said they couldn’t access a copy of the city’s approved budget to determine how much funding was set aside for the Center. In a May 15 email, City Treasurer Lori Hill said the city has $22,500 budgeted for potential funding to the Center and $2,500 for potential donation to other nonprofits in this fiscal year. Commissioners agreed to move the matter of donation to the Center to a vote during their May 28 meeting.


The Center’s Executive Director Chris Culhane and board Chair David Zaccagnino appear before Holmes Beach commissioners to ask for funding for the nonprofit.

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Anna Maria Island Sun May 22, 2019  

Anna Maria Island Sun May 22, 2019