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Sustainable Skin - Colour - Anna Ross

Colour experimentation

Collected objects- Dazed and Confused Magazine, May 2012

What makes me think of green?

Observations - Emeralds

Reflective light


Damien Hirst- The Butterfly Room. Tate Modern 2012. A constant process of life and death, renewal and metamorphis.

Quick sketches from Damien Hirst exhibition.

Watercolour observation

The process of change

Eggs - the seeds of change Imagery from my fathers book - “Butterflies and Moths, LH NEWMAN

Hand embroided sample inspired by eggs of butterflies.

Stage one: The catterpillar.

Segmentation of Catterpillars

Shapes and colour

Stage Three- Chrysalis

Change recorded

Colour Studies

Line Drawing - Pupas

Digitally Enhanced Photographs

Images from footage at The Natural History Museum.

Photographs from St Albans butterfly Centre

Emerald Hath

Brimstone swallow


Quick sketches

Morphing images

Observational drawings of Butterfly wings

Watercolour study, butterfly wings

Moth pattern - from “Butterflies and Moths�

Studies of pattern and colour - Moths

I noticed a direct correlation between the cycles of butterflies and the crystalisation of emeralds and stones. Both forms take on a life process and a renweal phase , which is what I am focusing on .

Similarities between the shaped of a formed emerald and a crysalis



Observing line and segmentation

The legs of butterflies , looked at in a geometric ,srytalised way.

Crystalised leg components

Noticing direct relating shapes.


Design Rationale : Crystal Morph S/S 13. Anna-Louise Ross

Throughout my project I have been looking at ideas based around my chosen colour , green. I have looked at what green means to me and symbolically around the world. I chose to look ideas of a natural process, which is green in itself. From this I developed ideas combining the metamorphisms of butterflies and the crystallization of emeralds. After my extensive research process ,this will help influence my silhouette ideas which in turn will develop my designs. I intend to make many aspects of my designs sustainable. I shall do this in the following ways: •Only walk to local shops, reducing my carbon footprint as well as sourcing materials locally , which adds value and thought to my project. I intend on recording the amount of time it takes my to travel , shown in maps . I will not source materials from anywhere I cannot walk to, encouraging local sourcing and a real “Made in London” theme. •Only buy natural and/ or Organic materials which are made responsibly thus more sustainable and less harmful to the environment. I shall ask my local suppliers about their sourcing of materials to work out exactly where my design is coming from in terms of materials. •Create a design which is multi functional , increasing wear ability and desirability . I have also looked at ideas about hand dyeing and would be interested to involve a dye process to my design, making it unique thus more special. My design would be marketed at an audience with an eco friendly ethos as well as an interest in high fashion and functionability. Creating a collection so conscious in its ethos excites me greatly, yet I’m sure will produce some problems along the way too! I intend to make my garment as eco friendly as possible without compromising on the quality or the design.

Sustainability Ethos Mission Statement: 1) Reduce Carbon footprint 2) Use organic, sustainable materials 3) Create something which can be used in more ways than one. REDUCING CARBON FOOTPRINT By only walking to fabric suppliers and gathering materials locally by using no form of environmentally harmful transport , I will be using less energy than I would if I used public transport / car. I am fortunate enough to live within walking distance of some good suppliers. By keeping production local, this also adds a desirability to the gargar ment as there is more care and thought as well as sustainability being heightened. LOCAL SUPPLIERS FABRICS AND DYES: Dalston Mill Fabrics, Ridley Road, Dalston, E82NP

THREAD, PATTERN PAPER, William Gee LTD, 520-522 Kingsland Road, Dalston E84AR

LEATHER J T Bachelors, 9-10, Culford Mews, Dalston N14DZ

Researching modes of Transport and Cabron Footprint for part 1 of sustainability aspect for Crystal Morph SS13

Gas and carbon emissions are high in all forms of transit . Chemicals pumped into the air create holes in our equator and encourage global warming which leads to natural disasters. By wallking , and using local amenities, I intend to keep my carbon footprint down to a minimum , encouraging a sustainable ethos.

Fabric Sourcing - Crystal Morph SS13

Sustainable Fabrics: There are a variety of fabrics considered “environmentally friendly” for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, the re-new ability of the product. Renewable resources are items that can be replenisged in a relativley short time. The second factor is the ecological footprint of the resource- i.e how much land it takes to bring one of the individuals to full growth to support it. prod The third thing to consider in determining the eco friendliness of a particular product is how many chemicals it requires to grow / process it to make it ready for market. This is the aspect I will be focusing upon mainly. Hand- in hand with my carbon footprint mission of walking to my local fabric shops, they had a small selection of organic cotton jerseys available. They said they usually dont have much supply and demand for these types of materials but were able to order them in for me at a cost. I would rather spend a bit more money and do something to support sustainability, than buy non organic material. They said that the fabric would be ordered specifically from the “ORGANIC TEXTILE COMPANY” ( www, They also orgdered me a few other small samples for future reference! (See reflective journal for swatches). wHITE COTTON JERSEY LIME COTTON JERSEY


Samples used for experimentations with dyes. Making wise design choices helps me use fabric sparingly

A love for keeping fit, feeling healthy and eating organic food. Image concious vegan with a lust for a more sustainable future. Buys from both high street and designer, but only pieces which will last and could be dressed in different ways. Lives in an eco friendly appartment, overlooking an allotment. Single, high disposable income , wants to change the way we live.

Shape Development through research based collage

Developing Shilouette Ideas

An imposing and oversized silouette which shows a process of change both in its funcation and its application.

Using my developments through my research , shilouettes, and fabric experimentations I shall design a collection based upon these elements.

Initial sketches for design ideas. Crystal Morph SS13

From my initial sketches I shall now go forward by experimenting with draping ideas on the stand to help form shape and structure and my final range for Crystal Morph SS13

Crystal Morph S/S 13 A Sustainable collection.

Range Plan: Crystal Morph SS 13


Emerals Aglais


Range Plan: Crystal Morph SS 13




A collection of sustainable garments based upon the ideas of regeneration and a change. A change in both in terms of the research ideas and the way in which we think about clothing, it’s function, and it’s production. Each piece would be hand make and locally sourced and useing natural materials which won’t case detremental impact to the Earth.

Emerals SS13 Swallow Tail SS13

Pyrugus SS13

Polygonia SS13

The many functions of Polygonia dress.

Construction Layout Crystal Morph SS13 - BIB OVERLAY- EMERALS




D Emerals

Design Development - CrystalMorph SS13 Polygonia

Design Development 2- Crystal Morph SS13 - Palgonia Dress

Design Development - Crystal Morph SS13 Palgonia Dress

Observing Movement In the dress

Design Development - Crystal Morph SS13 - Palgonia dress. Multi Function capabilities

8 seperate looks, nine with the bib.

Final Pieces- Crystal Morph SS13.

Polygonia Multi Funtion Dress

Tie Front

Multi Functions.

Tie Back

Halter Neck

Halter Back

Shoulder Tie

With Bib

Bib Self

Crystal Morph SS13  

Portfolio of Anna Ross LCF project on drape

Crystal Morph SS13  

Portfolio of Anna Ross LCF project on drape