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Some of the great things our clients have told us

Anna Lotan Professional Skin Care

When it comes to Skin Care, there should be no argument that, especially in this economic climate, the best "spend" can only be on quality and performance. We make no excuse for saying that Anna Lotan produces exceptional, high quality Skin Care products.

Every day, we are pleased to hear from Skin Care professionals and their clients who want to tell us how much they enjoy and believe in our products.

Here are just a few recent examples:

I just wanted to say that I am very pleased with your products :). I absolutely love the Liquid Gold Foam Wash.... Nicole, New Jersey, USA. My mother had therapy in Israel and bought Anna Lotan CLEAR cosmetics for me. I have used it for less than week, but I have already gotten good results! My skin looks better day by day. It seems a miracle! I want to buy your other products and my friends want too. .... Maria, Russia I love Anna Lotan very much, it is the answer why so many cosmetologists in Lithuania work with Anna Lotan. Emigration is also very big in our country, so whoever used Anna Lotan in Lithuania, most of them is looking for this brand in others countries. Anna Lotan is excellent brand, how can they use others products!? Thank you! ............. Donata Kučinskaitė, Anna Lotan Produkto vadovė, Vilnius, Lithuania

Thank you so very much for sending me your sample set of Barbados Professional products. I have just begun to use them on various clients and find them to be lovely and very results oriented. ..... Janet, Sonoma, USA.' I am a beautician from Bulgaria. My name is Milena . I very like your products which your firm do. I work already 3 years with your products Anna Lotan. I am convinced in their high quality what keep up .I am very happy that you are existence. " ..... Milena, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria I have been using your Liquid Gold Cleanser and Toner for the past 6 weeks. Along with customized skin care treatments from my amazing Esthetician and the use of your products, my skin is transforming right before my eyes. Thank you! ..... Sangoma, British Columbia, Canada

I was given a sample of your Liquid Gold Golden Sunblock SPF 30 after a procedure at a dermatologists office in Toronto. I have very sensitive skin (rosacea) and my skin reacts very badly to all sunblocks that I have tried except yours ..... Monti, Vancouver, USA. Congratulations and applause to Anna Lotan. From my perspective today, you are the number one in Israeli professional cosmetology. Every year I see how my shelves are getting empty from the products of other companies in the market, in favour of the one leading company - Anna Lotan. I would also like to mention my satisfaction with the good service, professional and honest, that i get from your company and from the serious response to my questions and remarks...... Nina, Holon, Israel.

This is Kate from Toronto, we corresponded a few months ago about your creams that will help to reduce sun spots. You also sent me some samples and gave me contacts here at Edva Spas to purchase your products. I noticed right away the texture of my skin becoming softer, and more radiant and received many compliments on my skin. I know that to see my sun spots lighten will take time. I was so pleased with the results I went to see Dina and brought my mother as well to buy more products and introduce her to the line. Dina was very professional and spent alot of time going over each product and determining what was right for each of us. We left armed with products that we felt confident would improve the quality of our skin and aid in protecting us from the environment and anti-aging. It has been 3 weeks since my mom, who is 65, starting using the product and already feels her skin looks younger, improved texture. She has been told she looks younger, that

her skin looks great!!! We wanted to thank you for your products and we love that it is all natural!! We hope to introduce more family and friends to your products. All the Best, Kate I cannot imagine a better sun protection cream may exist. I have tried and used a lot! I had some creams with SPF of Clinique, Estee Lauder, Shiseido, Lancome, La Roch Posay, Vichy, Lavera, Peter Thomas Roth... I cannot list them all, because I dont remember the whole list. Your Protective Daily Moisturizer SPF 19 is no doubt the best! Bio mineral scrub spreads very easily, rinses off fast, doesnt leave residue on the skin. The granules are fine. It smells so lovely, luxuriously for me! I need only a small amount of it each time, so it is very economical. It makes my skin feel soft and polished, not ever irritated. It is the great product! ..... Katerina, Canada.

I am crazy about the wonderful products of Anna Lotan. My esthetician Leia gave them to me before my wedding and I have been with them now for 13 months ..... Orit, Bat Yam, ISrael I had my Thyroid out last year and my skin was a mess until I found your products. I am 43 and I now look 10 years younger. Thanks. Nicola, Ontario, Canada I work in a chemical plant. They do provide some lotion but ..... Finding your Hand Cream has made all the difference. Now my hands look and feel like I work in an office. My mother loves it too! ...... Aviv, Haifa, Israel.' You can get anywhere you want in life with perseverance, a good GPS and a great deodorant. And Anna Lotans is the greatest! ..... Ayelet, Caesarea, Israel

First of all thank you very much! I received your parcel a week ago. I could not even imagine how big your samples are! It was a very nice surprise for me. :-) So I’m using your products for my daytime and nighttime routine almost a week and I find them outstanding. I love Barbados Tender Calming Care Pure Balm. Balm It is excellent cream! It’s absorbing very quickly, it is hydrating and my forehead is matt during the whole day long. I also love Protective Daily Moisturizer SPF 19. 19 This is amazing cream with SPF which I have never found before. This is the masterpiece! It is not greasy at all! It doesn't make me shiny throughout a day! I apply it as a second layer after Pure Balm and before my makeup. My skin feels very well. Mask, A Topic Delight Skin Balm, Balm works marvelous for my skin! It is calming and very light and very hydrating at the same time, I’m using it at night, leave it on my skin, I don’t rinse it off, because

my skin feeds it completely, :-) there is nothing left to rinse off. My skin is very moisturized with this one. I found this mask is slightly more moisturizing than Greens Aloe Pure Gel. Gel It is nice product as well. I’m just thinking it will be better in summer time. I have 2 years old daughter, it’s hard to find a proper moisturizer for a little child. Baby and kid’s creams are usually rather heavy than moisturizing. I applied both Tender Calming Care Pure Balm and A Topic Delight Skin Balm on her skin. Both are great for her! Delicate Oily Skin Balm hydrates my skin very well without making it shiny and greasy. Its texture is similar to Tender Calming Care Pure Balm . Overall your products are absolutely incredible and I’m so happy they are on my bedroom table right now. Thank you VERY MUCH! Katerina, New York, USA.

Anna Lotan's Alodem Myrtle Mask - if you're in need of last-minute soothing. Intensely cooling, it calms sensitive patches and reduces the appearance of broken capillaries in 15 minutes. ..... Jane Aransky, La Residencia Spa, Newton , MA., USA I love Anna Lotan products. I now get all my face creams from Israel. I have searched everywhere and have found none better. My skin looks wonderful! ‌. Dora, London, UK The products are here waiting me to use them right now. I took them this morning from post mail. I am like a child now looking at them all the time! .... Nicole, Bucharest, Romania I love your products and the results on my skin are amazing. Thank you....... Alma, Statten Island., USA

I already tried the new (Barbados) balm and it literally disappears into the skin, making it soft , does not have the feeling of a heavy cream and last but not least it has a very pleasant herbal aroma....... Tonika, Bulgaria I would like to thank you for such excellent cosmetics...... Virginija, Luxembourg ..... a friend of mine introduced me to your products. She had me try Renova dry skin balm. I fell in love with it! ..... I have found nothing that compares ..... Andrea, Santa Fe, USA

"The basis for beautiful skin is genetically given to us by our parents. Maintaining it is mostly connected to our lifestyle and behaviour."~~ Ms. Anna Lotan

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Anna Lotan Plaudits & Accolades  

Anna Lotan Plaudits & Accolades - Some of the nice things people say about us

Anna Lotan Plaudits & Accolades  

Anna Lotan Plaudits & Accolades - Some of the nice things people say about us

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