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Away with T zone redness redness... ... N A T U R A L L Y !

Sebo (sebum) – the oily secretions from the sebaceous glands. Rei – continuous flow. When the skin is oily during adolescence it can develop, with age, into sensitive combination skin. Sebum coated dead cells adhere to each other, locking in moisture as they accumulate on typical areas such as the scalp and facial T-zone. This creates an optimal "shelter" for microbial flora (especially Malassezia or Pityrosporum ovale) often resulting in redness, itchy flaking and general discomfort. What causes seborrheic dermatitis is still not fully understood, however it is clear that there is a genetic factor involved. Additional factors that play a role in its occurrence include environmental (seasonal) transition, personal stress and inappropriate skin care, all of which can further aggravate the condition.

Is there a rescue?! Even though no total cure is known until today, a certain preventive care regimen may be recommended to control this condition.

What to avoid? • Avoid using occlusive formulations including rich night creams, silicone based makeup, water resistant facial sunscreens. • Avoid over-heating or exposing your face to hot water in the shower. • Avoid surface abrasion with grainy scrubs or peels. • Avoid over-drying of your skin (using detergent based cleansers or drying clay masks).

How to care? • Keep your skin clean using a gentle facial cleanser with a very mild degreasing effect. • Keep your skin smooth and free from dead cells by using an extra gentle de-scaling peel. • Keep your skin's moisture level well balanced, and use effective soothing gels to hydrate and control skin redness. • Controlled exposure to UV light has a favorable effect on this skin condition. Sufficient UV protection should be achieved with mild and non oily sunscreens.

Barbados offers natural, tender daily care for sensitive combination skin that is based on proven, long term performance efficacy for both professional and individual personal skin care. The Barbados line includes a broad spectrum of care products suitable for all the family from which each may select for themselves the optimal (prefered) item (care) to obtain or enjoy a well balanced (nurtured), calm looking skin. The recommended 4 step essential Basic Care program, selected from the new Barbados "Natural Alternative", consists of Cleanse (Mousse), Refresh (Toner), Smooth (Peel), Soothe (Moisture Balm) and than Protect (Daytime Sunscreen) to provide the complementary UV protection.


Es se nti a l s:


The delicate foamy mousse was especially designed to maintain hygiene on the skins surface, without over drying.



An especially mild exfoliating treatment set that smoothes the skin perfectly, without the need for any acids or abrasive particles.

IV Peeling

III Moist&Calm

The rich content of naturally pressed plant juices tones, refreshes and effectively soothes this particularly delicate combination skin, enhancing the benefit of the moisture balm that follows. The heart of the Barbados line is a soothing moisture balm that will ensure a calm skin, free from the typical T-zone redness.

Active Ingredients:

Aloe Barbadensis Hammamelis Virginiana Maris Aqua [Dead Sea]

Olea Europea Anthemis Nobilis Simmondsia Chinensis

Laminaria Digitata Algae Lithospermum Officinale

Arctium Majus Camellia Sinensis Usnea Barbata

Cimicifuga Racemosa Triticum Vulgare Hippophae Ramnoides Morinda Citrifolia


Lonicera Caprifolium

Lavandula Angustifolia

Calendula Officinalis

Barbados products are rich in herbal and marine active ingredients, chosen especially to achieve instant, significant improvement in skin condition for both salon treatments and daily personal care. Each of them has a specific activity and effect on the skin, such as soothing, moisture binding, antioxidant protection, hygiene improvement, toning, softening and even product preservation. The Barbados product line is evolving and now offers new natural alternatives to the more traditional established products. The green leaf shows the percentage of natural ingredients in their formulation. Tel: 972-4-6264243 Fax: 972-4-6261795

Anna Lotan Barbados Care for Combination Skin  

Anna Lotan Barbados Skin Care Brochure

Anna Lotan Barbados Care for Combination Skin  

Anna Lotan Barbados Skin Care Brochure