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Who’s Home Tenancy Lifecycle Management

Helping Landlords protect tenants and income from the risk of costly failed tenancies


Over the years births, marriages, deaths, relationship breakdowns and illegal subletting cause household compositions to change substantially. With households in a constant state of flux, how do you keep up-to-date with who is living in your homes? And, how can you manage your business successfully if you don’t have this information?

You can’t. Powered by SHIFT™ - the Social Housing Information Filtering Tool - Who’s Home is a unique new solution that shows landlords exactly who is living in their homes. This knowledge helps to mitigate the risk of failed tenancies and profile risk at every stage of the tenancy lifecycle. Who’s Home also allows you to identify illegally occupied properties that can be reclaimed back into stock and released for a new tenancy, reducing the number of new homes you need to build.


Who’s Home The first step towards transforming your data is to check your existing tenant records. Tell Housing Partners who you think is living in your properties and we’ll cross-reference your data against multiple sources to de-dupe and verify your records. You now have a clean data set to work from. The system also flags households where there is a potential risk to your organisation – such as under-occupation of properties and potential instances of tenancy and benefit fraud. It also provides tools to help you build a full audit trail for legal verification. What’s more, Who’s Home can identify households that are using direct debits to pay for other services, allowing you to focus on converting these households from other payment methods and onto direct debit for rent.


Who’s Coming Use our pre-tenancy credit check service to ensure your tenancies are sustainable. By better understanding your new customers you will be better placed to allocate the right homes to the right people and, where necessary, provide the correct level of support to vulnerable tenants.


Who’s Here Who’s Home continuously monitors your tenants and properties, giving you an ongoing view of the people who live in your homes. Think of it as an early warning system. Landlords using Who’s Home have an accurate picture of their risk profile every day of the year.


Who’s Gone Rent arrears are rising and tracking down former tenants is becoming increasingly expensive and time consuming. Who’s Home provides alerts the moment an absconded debtor creates a new digital footprint. It even tells you the former tenant’s new address, so that you can track them down and reclaim any outstanding rent.


How Does it Work? Who’s Home uses a sub-set of your data and cross-references it against multiple data sources and checks for financial outputs found by Credit Reference Agencies. The whole process is fully compliant with the Data Protection Act. Who’s Home not only flags households where there is a cause for concern, it also provides tools to help you build a full audit trail for legal verification. Designed using responsive web technologies, Who’s Home resizes for all mobile and tablet devices, so you can update your data on the go. Mapping allows you to plot cases and manage workloads more efficiently.


Why Should I Find out Who’s Living in My Homes? Building an accurate picture of who is occupying your homes will enable your organisation to build a more accurate picture of the potential risks you are facing. Armed with this information, you can start to allocate your resources more effectively.

Your tenancy audits will become more focused and more effective as the system will direct you to the households where there is a genuine cause for concern. If the system finds people living in your homes who are not entitled to be there, you can use the tools available to help you recover the property and release it to a family in need.



Who’s Home provides deep insight on your tenancies by sorting and prioritising your data and presenting it in an easy to digest dashboard. Like the dashboard in your car, the Who’s Home dashboard provides a unified view of the information that is needed to drive your organisation forward.


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