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Monster Per Diem The First Fifty Monsters • By Anna Lisa Schneider

Monster Per Diem The First Fifty Monsters • By Anna Lisa Schneider

Welcome to Monsters per diem! This is a weird little project I started as a New Years Resolution. I was missing doing personal sketches in my sketchbook, and I needed to force myself to keep drawing for myself on top of my regular class work. But what to draw? Monsters! Duh! The past year, my work started incorporating more and more monsters, and why not do some more! So a monster drawing was done everyday. Granted, there are a few days that I skipped due to illness, being a stressed out senior or just plum forgetting (I’d forget my own head it if it wasn’t attached). The end goal was to have drawn a new monster everyday until I graduated from college, May 12th, 2011. This book is a collection of the first 50 monsters. Enjoy them!

Rules of the game! 1. One monster drawn everyday 2. Must be in 6” x 8” format 3. Any medium goes! 4. Can be a monster of any type! 5. Have a heckuva lot of fun!

Self Portrait As A Monster • Jan 2, 2011 Yes! The first monster! It’s me! IN A MONSTER SUIT! HAHAHAHAHA! YAY! This counts as a monster, mainly because a) I make the rules b) I’m a total monster when I have caffeine in me c) I really want a monster suit. I’m not a furry or anything weird like that but it would be fun around and destroy cardboard cities. I have a black eye because I’m a badass.

Dracula • Jan 2, 2011 I enjoy this guy, he’s a little creepy, a little sneaky. He kind of turned out like The Count from Sesame Street, but weirder. This Dracula is more of a vampire than Edward Cullen. Stupid Twilight.

The Owly Spirit • Jan 3, 2011 My father requested this one. At home, at night, there’s a screech owl that makes the most terrifying noises. It only seems to make them when I’m by myself. It makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck. Anyhoo, this is the Owly Spirit. He is the spirit guide of the owl when they pass on. He also plays a great game of poker.

Nomster • Jan 4, 2011 It’s Nomster! He got his name for all the noming he does! For those who are not hip and with it on the internet, noming means eating. For those of you have seen my dorm room, you’ve seen this guy before. I drew him on my mini fridge, and he’s been there ever since move in day.

Melvin • Jan 5, 2011 A pocket monster! Well, not a Pokémon, but a monster who lives in your pocket! Melvin hangs out in your shirt pocket all day and takes notes of everything you say, this way you can always remember those great one liners. He never uses pens so that you don’t have an inky explosion. I wish I had one, because I forget everything.

Grunf • Jan 6, 2011 Not the brightest bulb in the box. Great to have on the volley ball team though. Look at those beefy arms. Just hope that he wore deodorant. Sooo many boogers. Tasty little snacks.

Water Squad • Jan 7, 2011 I’m an absolute sucker for Pokémon. I remember getting my Gameboy Color and Pokémon Blue for my first game in fourth grade. Water Pokémon have always been my monsters of choice, no matter what the generation. Here are all the water starters, Squirtle, Mudkip and Pilup in the Water Squad!

Margot and Bartamous • Jan 8, 2011 Just some fancy monsters out on the town! Inspired by a super fancy date I went on. The waiters bowed, it was very unnerving as I’m one of those girls who you can dress up but can’t take out. I wish I could go dancing with them. Or that I could have Margot’s dress.

Buff Bat Boy • Jan 9, 2011 *HRRNKKK* YEAH! WORK IT BABY! So on top of doing a monster everyday, I’m doing a nice run every other day. I hate sweating but, I think it’s about time I get in shape. Anyhoo. Here’s a Batboy, gettin’ all strong and sexy. Fun Fact: I gave up running after 3 weeks. Fail.

Back to School • Jan 10, 2011 Ah, it’s now the first day of the winter semester! Hurrah! It’s also my LAST “First Day of School”!!!! I chose to honor this moment, with two kiddie monsters heading back to the grim boring reality of early childhood education. I only got to wait for the school bus for kindergarten/first grade. Then I changed schools where there were no buses, so I was deprived of the joys of public school transportation.

Road Ragester • jan 11, 2011 As I said before, the illustrations aren't always going to be monsters. They can be human monsters or plays on the actual word. This was me after driving 2 hours in bumper to bumper traffic during an epic blizzard. It was one of those days where everything went wrong. I hate driving.

Bonso • jan 12, 2011 My roommate of 2 years came to visit today! Cheryl has been in Paris this last semester, (she’s been everywhere, except Africa She’s heading out to Walt Disney to lifeguard crazy kids at the pools, and to take a few classes there. Cheryl likes 3 things in this world: cats, chocolate and plants. Maybe her boyfriend, but that’s pushing it. She requested a bonsai monster, and I drew her Bonso. He’s cute, tiny and makes oxygen.

Creeper • jan 13, 2011 ‘Nuff said about this guy. Seriously, this is the monster that makes all my friends go “Urgh!”. He even makes me feel uncomfortable. I like making them feel awkward. Woohahaha!

Snugglemonster • jan 17, 2011 Aww she loves you and just can’t stop with the snuggling. I’m a snugglemonster. I snuggle my friends whether they want me to or not. I am the big spoon.

King Polter • jan 17, 2011 He’s all spooky and stuff! D’aw! My good friend and I got bored in our art history class and started doodling in our notebooks. We kept taking each other’s drawings and changing them up. King Polter came to be after our collaborative sketch jam.

The Queen of Hearts • jan 17, 2011 The Queen of Hearts, she made some tarts, all on a summer’s day. The Knave of Hearts, he stole those tarts and took them clean away. Then the Queen of Hearts went crazy and ordered “Off with this head!” The Knave of Hearts was then surely dead. The Queen of Hearts is one of my favorite tyrannical characters. That’s the dead flamingo she used to play croquet with Alice.

Blob • jan 17, 2011 This is what I feel like every morning. I’m not a morning person and it’s near impossible to get me feeling chipper. Lame Fact: The yellow mug the Blob is holding was inspired by my friend’s coffee mug she drags around everywhere.

jan 18 #18 Goomba. Stomp, stomp, goodbye Goomba! Super Mario Bros. was one of my first video games. My friend had it and she wouldn’t let me play it with her and we’d fight over the controller all the time.

Nessie • jan 19, 2011 It's Nessie, or is it? The film quality is a little iffy... Someday I’ll make it to Loch Ness and have a monster nerd moment.

Cookie Monster • jan 21, 2011 Cookie monster...doing what he does best. Totally forgot to do a monster yesterday, so he's here today. I was raised on Sesame Street as a kid. OM NOM NOM NOM NOM!

Normal Devil • jan 21, 2011 Despite his average rank in heirarchy of all things devilishly, he’s a classy fellow. Wish I had half of his classiness.

Death on vacation • jan 22, 2011 He's just hanging out. Doin' stuff. Spending some quality time with his dog Rupert. This one is actually from an old sketchbook. I was flipping through and found this gem and had to make him a monster!

Birdbrained Ballet • jan 23, 2011 Since I’ve been living by myself, I’ve started dancing around my room like an uncoordinated idiot. I’ve been flailing about even more after seeing Black Swan. Thank goodness I have curtains. I just need a tutu and I’m good to go!

Gilbert the Gabber • jan 24, 2011 He watches too much TV and then talks about it. I mean, if you didn't have any arms, what else would you do all day? He has a custom designed remote for his feeties. Gilbert is also an accomplished Irish jig dancer.


Blah BlahBlah Blah . . . id Blah a Hee Ss Blah Blah Sh aid... Blah Blah Blah


He Said...


She said...

Chupacabre • Jan 25, 2011 A lil monster south of the border! Just enjoying some sunshine, workin’ on that tan and sippin’ freshly obtained goat blood. Chupacabre is the half way goal to 50! Woop woop!

Bad thoughts Monsters • jan 27, 2011 They're monsters who hang about your head all day and leave you feeling glum. They gnaw, claw and clutter your brain. The only cure for them is cotton candy!

Experimental Bunny • jan 27, 2011 Missing an eye, chicken legs have replaced his normal legs, and with Bernice the Snake for an ear, Experimental Bunny has gone through some pretty crazy things. Hey, he's just glad they've stopped doing cosmetic testing on him. Pink lipstick just wasn’t his color.

Ned • jan 27, 2011 Ned is the grumpiest monster. Nothing can cheer this jerk up, even a red balloon. Grump grump grump.

Mother Monster • jan 30, 2011 Lady Gaga, the mother monster! She’s one of my guilty pleasures and I enjoy gettin’ my groove on while listening to her. This outfit is based off of her Bad Romance outfit. Rah rah oo la la. Roma, ro ma ma!

Dexter Morgan • jan 30, 2011 I suck at realistic portraits. However, I've been itching to draw me some Dexter. So, here he is. Creeepy! This is Dexter’s Dark Passenger, his psycho side of his personality. Also I'm grossed out how much the ink looks like blood.

Fart Bat • jan 31, 2011 Fart Bat is an invisible batty critter that farts, mainly in crowds, elevators, or during the quiet part of the movie in the theater. So next time you smell some stank, don't blame the dog, blame Fart Bat.

Snowmageddon! • feb 1, 2011 In celebration of our snow day! Every time there’s a winter storm, the Midwest news stations freak out and over hype everything. It’s annoying. Yes, snow happens, it’s not news, it’s nature. This year we did get a lot of snow, but it wasn’t anything too epic.

Snow Yeti • Feb 2, 2011 He'll maul you over, with chilly cuteness! It’s my snow day, and I’m not doing anything. Just drawing monsters, sittin’ in my peejays and drinkin’ tea! If I had a big backyard, I’d be playing in the snow.

No Face • feb 3, 2011 No Face is an adorable, crazy monster from Hiyao Miyazaki’s film Spirited Away. He tries so hard to be a good friend, but he goes a little overboard, by eating everyone. I kinda want to hug him.

Gramzilla • feb 4, 2011 My friend Niki suggested I draw Bingo Babes. Instantly my mind went to the creepy grandmas I drew constantly freshman year. Then Gramzilla happened and I got the giggles. Gram Gram's off her meds! RUN! Note: my grandma would never be a rampaging granny. she'd just bake some awesome cookies or something.

Forest Trickster • feb 5, 2011 This jerk pulls mean pranks on people who go through his forest. He changes the paths on hikers, blows out campfires and makes scary noises at night outside people’s tents.

Mr. Bonz • feb 5, 2011 This dapper fellow is quite dead, but he's still a classy man. He enjoys listening to his phonograph, pulling worms out of his mustache and sipping fine wine by the fireplace.

Sphinx • feb 7, 2011 This fabulous monster lady is full of riddles. Be sure to answer them correctly or she’ll slice your face! However, if you managed to stump her, she’ll throw herself off a cliff.

Black Smoke Monster • Feb 8, 2011 So I'm up to season 3 on Lost and I still don't know what the smoke monster is, but oh man, what a creeper! DON’T SPOIL IT FOR MEEE!

Le Sicky • feb 9, 2011 I have been attacked by the common cold :(. I wasn't feeling up to doing any extra doodling today outside of my work. However, the show must go on, so here's a quickie icky monster. Yes, he has an air bender tattoo on his head. Deal with it. Some one get him some cough drops stat! Also TEN MORE MONSTERS!

Chu Chu • feb 10, 2011 It's everyone's favorite blob of goo! One of the most basic monsters from The Legend of Zelda games, the Chu Chu is one of my favorites. He moves so awkwardly. Wiggle wiggle. I've been craving for some Zelda so hopefully my parents will send out my Game Cube... Also, the contents of my kleenex today looked like a chuchu.

Piranha Plant • feb 12, 2011 Watch out Mario! Yes, another Super Mario Bros. fan art. The Piranha Plant was one of the most annoying things ever. I’m horrible with timing so when I would go to jump on the pipes, he’d always get me. This is my first paper cut out illustration and I’m pretty jazzed on how it came out.

Cruella Devil • feb 12, 2011 She got the puppies.... I used to have nightmares about her henchmen, Jasper and Horace, were under my bed instead of monsters. Weird.

Moosles • feb 13, 2011 The annual family photo at the Moosle household. Moosles are moose people. The small one is a young Moop, an adorable, compulsive moosle that I’ve been drawing for awhile. His mom's kinda cool, but his dad seems... Intimidating I guess

Love Zombies • feb 14, 2011 It's Valentine's Day and to celebrate...zombies! My boyfriend and I started our relationship by watching a zombie movie together. Yes, I'm ripping his heart out but that's because he's eating my arm.

Nain Rouge/Red Dwarf • Feb 15, 2011 This handsome fellow is Detroit's harbinger of doom. Basically we can all blame him for all the crappy things that have happened in the Motor City. In Cass Corridor, there’s a parade called the Marche Du Nain Rouge where the locals banish the Nain Rouge by burning an effigy.

Cthulhu • feb 16, 2011 Our favorite tenacled creeper in South Park form. He has come from the depths to hang out and party. I was bored.

Sad Anime Slug Girl • feb 18, 2011 I'm sick agaaaiiin, and just plain exhausted. I took a nap after class yesterday and ended up sleeping through my night class. And todaaaaay I started watching anime to make myself feel better (it didn't help). So I feel like slug girl today.

Eddie the littlest dragon. • feb 18, 2011 I went to Cranbrook today and saw the dinosaur exhibit. I loved it! So it's a dragon for today. He's so goofy, I love it. Here's his song that he's singing: ”I'm sittin' on a pile of gold, yeah I'm sittin' on a pile of gold. You can' touch this pile of gold, oh no no, cuz it's my pile of gold!” Precious.

The Flying Spaghetti Monster! • feb 19, 2011 For all the Pastatarians out there, the Flying Spaghetti Monster! This is the deity of the Pastafarians, and one of the most noodley monsters ever. This marks the 50th monster! Onwards and upwards to more monsters!

About the weirdo artist Anna Lisa Schneider (Anna + Lisa, 2 names for the price of one) is a quirky illustrator that enjoys monsters and good design. She was raised by a family of feral cats in the wilderness of Saugatuck and educated at the College for Creative Studies (majoring in Illustration), located in the urban jungle of Detroit. Now freshly graduated, Anna Lisa is on the prowl for creative employment, as well as awesome opportunities! (hint, hint, wink, wink). In what little spare time Anna Lisa does have, she enjoys the following: trying to keep a fish alive, monsters, video games (PokĂŠmon, The Legend of Zelda, Fable, Super Smash Bros, Ninjatown), reading and collecting comics, Harry Potter, reading in general, Sunday breakfasts, all animals (except snakes), Lake Michigan, a good home brew, drawing, and mermaids.

To view the current monster of the day: Please check out her other work at:

Dedicated to all my dorky friends.

Monster Per Diem: The First 50 Monsters  

A collection of the first fifty monsters from the blog, Monster Per Diem. An illustration senior challenged herself to draw a monster everyd...