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LOVE SACRIFICE Once upon a time, in a castle immersed in the deepest wood, lived a princess named Mary, who often used to go to the woods because she loved nature. Once she met a poor carpenter called Albert and they felt in love. Even if her parents, the King and the Queen, knew that their daughter was in love with another man, they decided to give her as bride a valiant knight of a near region. When Mary discovered her future, she programmed to run away with her maid Amely. That night the guards saw the two ladies while they were leaving: they tried to catch them, but only the princess succeeded in the escape. Amely was tortured and questioned: she said the truth, than she was stoned and hanged. So, the parents found out that Mary was hidden in a wood where her lover's small hut was. The following morning the soldiers reached the hut, but there weren't anybody and, on the bed, they saw a piece of paper where was written: "I love my parents, but I love Albert more. Thanks to Amely for sacrificing her life to make me live my true love in peace. Mary."

Lucia Ekwueme, Giada Lombardi, Annalisa Baldelli e Marina Chipakova