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Who would be the audience for your media product? When focusing on the audience of "Vintage Hummingbird", it was clear from the start that people categorised under "hipsters" and "indie" were more likely to appreciate the intricate detail within the magazine, including insightful information, news and releases aimed for individuals demographically aged between 18-28 years old.

Having acknowledged that both genders are found within this sub-culture, my magazine's audience caters for everybody, including subjects such as named artists, "Mumford and Sons" that males will be interested in, whilst having interviews with distinguished celebrities/ fashion icons such as "Emily Zak" for women. Indie folks that will be the target audience for my magazine will predominantly be white British or American who are middle class individuals. Due to their fair amount of money, they will tend to live in cities, near busy transport stations and popular shops such as "Dorothy Perkins", "Topshop", "Topman", "Next" and "New look". Due to their age, the predominant audience will have just left university and/or starting a new career. Enjoying TV shows such as "How I met your mother", "Big band theory", "F.R.I.E.N.D.S" and perhaps "QI", my audience will be interested in sit-coms, adventurous humour and factual shows. In relation to this, music such as "Biffy Clyro", "The Lumineers", "Mumford and sons" and "Of monsters of men" will be the typical music artists that they listen to on specific radio stations including "Radio 1" as the most popular.

The general appearance of my targeted audience will appear as seen in the image above. With long, choppy hair, girls usually wear natural appearing make-up with bright red lipstick. Baggy clothing including t-shirts, shorts and skinny jeans are worn whilst they are stereotypically always skinny, healthy people who take care in their everyday appearance, keeping up with all the latest trends. Jewellery is a big part of their lives, wearing many bracelets on one arm, various rings and large, feathered earrings are a common feature that women usually go for. Specific symbols such as feathers, birds and owls are subjects that are usually seen on t-shirts, necklaces and rings. Similarly, men in this sub-culture are seen in baggy t-shirts, skinny jeans and Nike blazer shoes. Their hair styles are typically gelled at the front, creating a small quiff, whilst the back is light and

fluffy. Bracelets and necklaces are also commonly found on men, wearing features such as dog tags, leather bands and chains. In terms of psychographics, these specific people are often outgoing, adventurous and willing to proceed their education until they find a satisfying career that is usually in areas such as media, film, textiles or fine art. Baring this in mind, I feel that my audience show that they are artistic people who focus around creativity, individuality and fashion design. A lot of indie people are Christians who care a lot about their community and the well-being of other’s around them. Other careers such as caring for the elderly or playground children are temporary jobs that these specific people will take the time to experience. Through audience research, I found that a lot of indie people wear pastel colours such as blues, greens and oranges. Black is a colour that I feel would go against the conventional colours and feel that you would never find an indie person in pure black clothing. Advertising's such as "Jack Daniels", "Spotify" and festivals such as "Latitude" are ways in which attract this particular audience. Whilst including pastel colours, conventional, appealing images, fashion articles and festival updates, this particular audience will be found subscribing and buying Vintage Hummingbird.

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