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Contents Introduction The Nihon Vision Store Location

Store Launch; Invitation Catering Goody Bag Viral Campaign

Visual Merchandising; Interior Design Fitting Rooms Stock Room Fixtures & Fittings

Future Growth and Strategy

Instore Installations; Lighting Shop Front

Branding and Promotion Implementation Timeline

Product Management & Distribution Additional Elements; Swing Tags Hangers Point of Sale Carrier Bags Tissue Paper and Stickers Boxes Receipt Holders Public Relations and Marketing Strategy; Flyer Social Media Blog Facebook YouTube Twitter Magazines Look Book Website

Contingency Plan Store Implementation Timeline

Launch Event Implementation Timeline Budget Breakdowns Summary Picture References


Introduction The aim of this report is to outline and discuss the logistical output of Project Nihon; the creation of a new concept store fashion retail venue. This major project requires a carefully planned project management strategy, which takes into account planning, costing and lead times for implementation. Possible project management issues and contingency plans must also be considered.


The Nihon Vision The Nihon concept and unique selling point is to stock solely Japanese designers. The vision of the venue is to centralise Japanese themes, cultures, designs and influences in every aspect of the logistical output. The objective is to intrigue the customer and create passion and desire for the top Japanese designers to be associated with Nihon. Incorporating Japanese architecture, artists and graphic designers, a unique venue will be created, which will be seen as almost a gallery for the collections stored there. The venue is an experience that celebrates the artistry and the craftsmanship of the clothing these designers produce. The goal is to create a venue which is surrounded by mystery and exclusivity, while indirectly celebrating Japanese culture. The intriguing name, bold focal points, unusual layout, décor and unique launch event are all based on Japanese culture. They are designed to create a curiosity amongst consumers that will create talking points and aid promotion and drive demand. It is only on closer inspection that the meanings behind each element of the venue are realised. The Naming Concept The curiosity element begins with the name of the venue. It is little known that the native Japanese do not call their country Japan, as this is an English translation. Nihon is in fact the Japanese name for the country. When it is paired with the Japanese symbol it demonstrates that there is Japanese meaning behind it and may prompt people to discuss its meaning. The name represents the project concept, as it has true meaning behind it, while portraying the desired unique, cool and trendy vibe of a high fashion venue. Incorporating Japanese History Japanese historic culture is incorporated into the venue layout. It is sectioned into areas, each representing a different Japanese tribe relating to the relevant collection stored there. For example, Kaminarizoku is the motorcycle-riding thunder tribe, therefore leathers and outerwear will be grouped in this section.



Store Location The unique nature of the venue means that location is the most important factor to consider when planning the implementation of Nihon. All other factors such as design, layout and costing depend on the location, therefore sourcing this is the first task of the project. The desired location is Manchester’s Northern Quarter, known as the ‘creative quarter’ of Manchester’s shopping district. It houses fashion designers, creative agencies, art galleries and quirky retailers. This is seen as the place to be for the live-work-play individual that Nihon is aimed at. The primary choice is the Smithfield Building, situated in the heart of the Northern Quarter, just off Market Street and near to Piccadilly Station, the city’s busiest mainline and Metro link station. The building’s exterior has a vintage feel, which is a big inspiration to the Japanese designers. The modern, cutting edge interior symbolises the upcoming Japanese architects that inspire the visual merchandising for the store. The venue has been sourced through Urban Splash letting agents twelve months prior to opening. The annual rent is quoted at £32,000. The building offers twenty-one ground and basement retail units ranging from 446sq ft to 5,600sq ft. Its redevelopment in 1996 saw it transformed and all retail units finished with contemporary full height glazed frontages, finished with stone and steel details and external roller shutters. Nihon plans to use retail space G6 as detailed on the floor plan. This area is 4,447 square feet (413 square meters). This volume of space is required to accommodate the visual merchandising plan as discussed later. G6 also situates on the corner of the building facing Church Street and Tibb Street, meaning that window space is maximised and stock deliveries are easily accessible. Smithfield Building, Tibb Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester, M4 1LA.



Visual Merchandising Interior Design Nihon will use Diamond Projects (UK) Limited to construct the design layout of the venue. The design of the store is inspired by ‘House NA’, a creation by the Tokyo architect Sou Fujimoto, pictured opposite. The design will replicate this house, using only three levels due to space and price constraints. Each level represents a historic Japanese tribe linked to a different designer collection, giving the customer a fresh shopping environment in each department of the store. The materials used are solid wood panels, thin steel plates and glass walls. The design is to be constructed within the perimeter of the existing retail space within the Smithfield Building. The ambience of the store is one of a gallery. Nihon will display various Japanese artworks and graphic pieces displayed throughout the venue from a range of artists, priced £500 to £5000 a piece. The art will compliment the section of store in which it is situated. A handyman costing £80 per day is to fit the artwork. It is estimated three days to complete. The total cost quoted by Diamond Projects for the visual merchandising is around £600,000. This includes the design, materials, installation and labour. The team plan to be contracted for twelve weeks to complete the project, with work beginning eighteen weeks before opening to allow extra time incase work overruns. This also gives up to six weeks for stocking and training prior to the opening. The quote includes the following elements: Fitting Rooms A long corridor will house five fitting rooms on each side. A small staircase leads to each of eight rooms, with the exception of two for disability access. This brings the House Na theme into the fitting rooms by emphasising the different levels. The ten rooms are fitted with floor length mirrors costing £3,051 from exclusive, stools costing £909 from John Lewis and three pegs costing £105 from morplan. com. The focal point of the corridor is the end wall where a moving image video, showcasing images from the look book is projected. This is to be created by the in house PR team and fitted by the electrician as part of the quote given for the lighting. A waiting room is to be constructed leading to the fitting rooms. This is designed to enhance the fitting room experience. A selection of art hung up along the walls with an iPad underneath allowing the art to be purchased electronically, costing £399 each totaling at £7980 for twenty. The piece can be collected one week after purchase to give Nihon time to order a replacement. If the customer is unable to collect the art, it will be delivered to their home via Royal Mail at a charge of £15.25. Three circular sofas will be positioned within the room, sourced from, costing £5460 for three. Stock Room An internal stock room will be constructed, out of view of the customer. A sliding door will be a


white door, so it blends in with the wall. It will be installed with solid wood shelves and fitted rails. Fixtures & Fittings All fixtures and fittings are incorporated into the House Na theme. Stock will be displayed on hangers hung on steel poles emerging horizontally from the walls. Solid wooden tables with shelves underneath will also display stock. The cash desk will be a solid wooden counter with a glass top. It will be painted white and display a large Nihon logo on the front


Instore Installations Lighting Rectangular frame light are to be fitted, containing four lights within one frame and measuring 980mm x 206. They are priced at £266.34 per light with VAT of £53.27. The cost of twenty lights is £6392.16. The lights will be fitted four weeks before opening by an electrician who will cost £312 for two days. Shop Front The store window will replicate an exotic fish tank filled with Japanese Carp Kois. In Japanese culture the fish stand for masculinity, valour, endurance and tenacity. Carp symbolise Boys Day in Japan wished for the son to become as strong and brave as the carp. This is another tool used to project Japanese culture while creating a bold, unique and intriguing design feature. The unusual shop front and window intends to entice the customer inside. Five taxidermy carp are sourced from at £2000 each. The window will be fitted by Nihon’s in house visual merchandising team. Printed transfers of the Nihon logo in grey minimalist design will make up the store signage, which will stick directly onto the window. The transfers cost £142 from It will take the visual merchandising team around three days to fit the window once Diamonds Projects have completed their work.


Product Management & Distribution Products will be sourced from Japan eight months before the opening date and delivered four weeks before opening once the store is fitted to allow the visual merchandising team to arrange them immediately. The internal stock room will house the surplus stock meaning that the store can be replenished quickly with no lead time if displayed items sell out. An EPOS will be used in Nihon store. EPOS systems provide a fast and efficient way of dealing with customers. The integrate directly with credit card payments, keep track of stock levels and keep track of customer information. The EPOS system will assist in stock management, producing sales data to ensure stock levels are maintained and popular lines are reordered. Nihon will use the touch screen Toshiba EPOS Retail Package will cost ÂŁ2,799 from and will be fitted by an electrician two weeks before opening. Products will only be distributed for sale within the Nihon store. The decision to refrain from selling products online has been taken to ensure that the Nihon concept is maximised. The venue experience is central to the customer absorbing the various elements of Japanese culture which all aid the celebration of the Japanese fashion and designers which Nihon stands for. Although this may not allow for sales to be maximised, it will create better brand strength and exclusivity.


Additional Elements Swing Tags The swing tags will be white rectangular cards attached to the product with a brown rope in keeping with the House Na colour scheme. The Nihon logo is printed on one side with the reverse displaying the designer and the Japanese tribe which it is attributed to in the store layout. will supply the swing tags at £85 for 2,000. Hangers Also in keeping with the House Na colour scheme are the brown wooden hangers printed with the Nihon logo. These will be kept by the store and not given to the customer at point of sale due to cost. The hangers will cost £8,900 for 1000 hangers from Point of Sale All of point of sale items will be ordered eight weeks before the opening of Nihon and will arrive four weeks before. The following items are to be used in correspondence with the House Na scheme and are designed to portray a high quality finish in keeping with the venue: Carrier Bags The bags are made from a thick white matte card with a brown rope forming the handle. The Nihon logo printed on the front with store address printed in the bottom right hand corner of the reverse side. The bags will cost £1230 for 1000 bags from Tissue Paper and Stickers At the point of sale the clothing will be wrapped in a brown tissue paper and sealed with a white circular sticker with the logo printed on to it. The paper will cost £183.50 for ten packs from The stickers will cost £199.80 for 1040 stickers from Boxes At the point of sale any shoes or accessories will be put into a ‘Nihon’ box. The boxes will be white with the logo printed on. They will cost £590 for 500 from


Receipt Holders The receipt will be placed into a ‘Nihon’ receipt holder. The receipt holder will be a white folded card with the logo printed on to it. They will cost £175 for 1,000.


Public Relations and Marketing Srategy Flyer The flyer will be leaked to all sources of advertisement. There will be three different flyers made, all shown opposite. The flyer will be printed from costing £296.00 for 10,000 flyers. Prices and suppliers of the models, photographer and studio are shown in the budget breakdown charts. Social Media Social media is central to the marketing and PR strategy due to the nature of Nihon’s target audience. Young professionals and students are likely to use social media on a daily basis. This will all be created two months before opening and will have no charge. Blog A blog will be constructed through tumblr website. It will feature the making of the store and will release photos of the different collections featured in store. It will release photos that show the stores inspiration and also different articles about the culture of Japan. Some of the venue’s hidden meanings will be revealed gradually. Facebook The Nihon page will be used to interact with their customers, encouraging them to tag Nihon products in there photographs. Albums with Japanese art work and posts from the staff about their favorite items will be included. YouTube You Tube will play a big part in the viral campaign, as the advertisement video will be streamed. The video link will be posted to other social network sites in the run up to the launch event. This video will also appear in the changing rooms in the store. Twitter This page will act in the same way Facebook does, however Twitter appeals to a wider audience, which includes other businesses and celebrities and is often quoted in other media sources such as television, newspapers and magazines. Tweets will be posted regularly and aim to generate interest amongst high profile people. Magazines Nihon will use magazines that are typically read by the target customer; such as Seventh Man, Another Man and Inventory to ensure they advertising reaches the intended audience. For a double page standard run of magazine it will cost; £25,415 for Another Man, £23,245 for Seventh Man £22,180 for Inventory Total- £70, 840 The advert will appear in the magazines one month before the store opening.


Look Book This will be a free in store advertisement brochure which the customers are able to take away. It will showcase all of the collections under the different tribe sections. Each section will have an image that signifies the tribe and then images of the clothes on the opposite pages. The look book will cost ÂŁ950 for 1000 A5 brochures from The book will be shot six months before the store opening and printed four months before. The printed brochures will arrive one month before. All details of model, studio, photographer, hair and makeup costs and suppliers are provided within the breakdown charts.


Website Although Nihon has no e-commerce site, the store will have web presence. This will enable customers to view the location, updates about new collections, discounts and general news about the store. Customers are also able to leave feedback about their Nihon experience. The website will feature the launch event details and will broadcast parts of the launch event live. The in house PR team will start to build the website seven months before the opening to ensure it is ready for the launch. It will cost £550 from



Store Launch The launch event will take place in the store three days prior to its opening. It is inspired by the Nango Summer Jazz festival, Boy’s Day and Japanese tribes. The event will be held on the 5th May 2013, which is also Boy’s Day in Japan. Each male guest receives a Carp flag which is tradition in Japan on Boy’s Day. These will cost £200 for 150 from alocalprinter. com. A Jazz band will provide the entertainment for the night, costing £806 from alinenetwork. com. There will be a live Japanese art auction and parts of the event will be streamed live to the website. The guests of the launch party will be the designers which Nihon stocks, the Nihon team, PR companies, press representatives and socialites. There will be a release of tickets to the public through Nihon online sites. Invitation The invitation will be an A5 white card with a grey coloured font and an origami carp. These will cost £210 for 150 from Catering The food will be authentic Japanese cuisine. It will be served as Hors d’oeuvre. It will cost £1,239 for the food and £606 for staff from The drinks served will include Sake, a rice wine and Shochu, a spirit distilled from barley, sweet potato, or rice. This will cost £2990.40 from for one hundred bottles of each. Goody Bag A goody bag will be given to each guest. The contents appear on the following page. They will cost £50 per bag. Viral Campaign The viral campaign will run one month up to the launch event and is inspired by the same themes. The videos will feature saxophone players as the background music, flashing images of the tribes coming to invade and waving flags of the Japanese carp. Interviews from the designers and images of their collections will appear in the campaign. These will be posted to all online sites and will be played in the store fitting rooms.



Future Growth and Strategy Nihon will continue to source new, upcoming Japanese designers to feature in the Manchester store. This will continue to keep the store fresh and exciting, and keep up with the ever changing fashion industry. If Nihon is successful in Manchester, it will expand to different cities in the UK, researching further into Japanese culture and producing new, exciting ideas for more concept stores. The Nihon website will continue to run. It will feature new, exciting approaches to entice the Nihon customer to the store. It will not develop e-commerce as Nihon is such a unique concept store and want their customers to get the optimal shopping experience by visiting the venue and indulging in the culture.


Contingency Plan It is known projects like this do not always go to plan. Therefore, back up plans will be put in place to avoid any situations which could lead to this project to be closed before completion. The venue of the store is the most important factor; therefore a back up location will be used incase anything goes wrong. The back up location will be the corn exchange shopping mall in Leeds. This is a cheaper venue as annual rent costs £27,000 per year. In the event of anything going wrong with the location, Diamond Projects will be informed as soon as possible in order for a new visual merchandising plan to be formed. If there is a problem with the design layout of the store, a crisis meeting will be held to discuss solutions. When sourcing suppliers, Nihon gathered at least three quotes for each store element. Therefore, if there are any problems with the selected suppliers, there are two back up’s Nihon will be able to use.


Store Implementation Timeline

14 month

10 month

Hire management team

7 month Contact visual merchandising team

Stock samples arrive

12 month

8 month

6 month

View store, Smithfield building

Order stock

Start to rent store Health and safety checks- to last one week Install alarms, fire safety and CCTV- to take two days fitted by electrician.


1 week 5 1/2 month Diamond Projects to come and view the store and take measurements. This should take up to one week.

1 1/2 month Flooring to be fitted. This will take two weeks to put in.

4 1/2 month

3 weeks

Cleaner to come in

Decorator to paint and put graphics up at window. This will take five days.

Seating to be put in place

Hire staff

1 month

Diamond Projects to Lighting to be fitted by start to set up. This the electrician. This will will take 12 weeks. take one week. Store elements to arrive.

Interviews for staff to be held. Plumber to fit toilet and sink. This will take two days.

To sort all point of Sale 3 days Launch Party

2 weeks Handyman to fit art, mirrors and pegs. This is expected to take three days. Electrician to fit iPads, EPOS system and video. This is expected to take four days. Office to be fitted. Shop window to be fitted by joiner. This is expected to take three days. Stock to arrive and staff to tag


Branding and Promotion Implementation Timeline

7 month 9 month

Start website design

6 month

Hire PR and Web team

Hire studio

Shoot for all adverts, lookbook and viral video.

Stock samples arrive

5 month PR team to design adverts, lookbook and viral advert

8 month

6 1/2 month

5 1/2 month

Order Stock

Hire; Models, Photographer, Film Crew, Make up, Hair dresser, In House stylist.

Photo editing and touch ups.


1 month Post viral video 3 month

Printed point of sale to arrive 2 weeks

All adverts to be Design swing tags, baags, hangers, boxes released, including magazines and and stickers websites

4 Month

2 month

Send all adverts and Order all point of sale elements lookbook’s to printers. Set up all social websites Send imagery to magazines. Contact advertising companies.

3 days

Staff to start to tag all clothes

Launch event to take place

3 weeks

1 week

Staff to start to flyer

To sort all point of sale


Launch Event Implementation Timeline

3 1/2 month

9 month Hire PR and Web team

Hire; Photogrpaher Film Crew Entertainment Sercurity

2 month Type up press release and press pack

4 month

3 month

Design invitation

Send invite to the printers Hire catering and drink Hire crockery Hire chefs and staff Order props


3 weeks

2 days

PR team to source goody bag contents

To sort all goody bags

1 month

5 days

On the day

Send press pack and invites

Props to arrive

Catering to arrive Photographer and film crew to arrive and set up Staff to set up crockery and props


Budget Breakdowns Store Retail Space Visual Merchandising; Frame of store, Stock Room inc Shelves and Rails Fitting of Changing rooms, Cash Desk, Fixtures and Fittings inc rails and tables in store, Office Space Flooring Art work for store and changing rooms Lighting

Suppliers Urban Splash Diamond Projects (UK) Shop Fitters

Price £32,000 per year £650,000

Total £32,000 £600,000

Floor of Stone Selected Japanese artists

£89 per m2 £500- £5000 per piece

£1246 £120,000



Mirrors Seating Alarm Fire Safety CCTV EPOS System Staff

Mirrors and Glass Ikea Traders Warehouse CCTV direct EPOSdirect Interviews

£266.34 per light x20 £93.48 per Mirror £50 per chair £750 £289.12 £581.45 £2799 £6.08 per hour. 5 staff member’s full time. 5 part time.

Boxes for stock Business Insurance

£36 x100 boxes £4000

Office Space for Management and In House PR Desk




Office furniture online



Office furniture online Apple Office Furniture Online Office Furniture online CCTV direct Victoria Plumbing

£3513 x3 singular desks 2 4 desks in one £207 £999 x11 £189

£10,989 £189



£210 £179

£210 £179

Computer Built in Safe Filing Cabinet TV for CCTV Toilet and Sink

£467.40 £250 £750 £289.12 £581.45 £2799 £83,904 per year for 10 members of staff at minuim wage £52.54 inc delivery £4000



Changing Rooms Art Work (as above) Royal Mail Delivery Costs iPad iPad stand

Suppliers Selected Japanese artists (as above) Royal Mail

Price £500-£5000 per piece £15.25 per parcel



Hill Cross Furniture Exclusive Mirrors John Lewis Morplan Exposure TV

£399 per iPad x20 £101.44 VAT £31.80 x20 £1820 x3

Mirrors Stools Pegs Video Branding and Promotion Swing Tags Bags Hangers

£305.10 x10 £99 x10 £3.50 x30 £500

Total £120,000 Depending on how many sold £7980 £2664.80 £5460 £3051 £990 £105 £500




Boxes Paperbagco Shopfittingwarehouse. com Box

Tissue Paper Stickers

Receipt Holders Receipt Paper

£85 £1230 £8900 for 1000 hangers £590 for 500 boxes £183.50 £199.80 for 1040 stickers £175 £189

Website Leaflets; Printers

£85 for 2000 £1.23 x1000 £71.20 per box of 80 £59 per pack of 50 £18.35 x10 rolls £39.96 for 208 stickers £175 for 1000 £1.89 per roll x100 £550


Model Photographer and Photo Editor Studio Social Media

Tyne Tees Models Scott Spock Photography

£306 x10,000 flyers £400 half a day £500 half a day £450 £0.00

£450 £0.00


Photo Studio Links Blog Facebook You Tube Twitter Another Man Seventh Man Inventory

£25,415 £23,245 £22,180


£400 £500

All 3 Magazines £70,840


Viral Advert In House PR Team

Suppliers Nihon

Film Crew Editor for Film Images from Look Book

Exposure TV Exposure TV Scott Spock Photography

Launch Event Location Staff- 2 chefs, 2 waiting staff Invite- Production Invite- Distribution

Suppliers Nihon

Price £0.00 £606

Total £0.00 £606

Creation publicity Nihon Staff

£510 £291.84

Catering- Food Catering- Drink Crockery Photographer Film Crew Entertainment Press Release By Brooke Hire Scott Spock Photography Exposure TV In House PR Team Nihon

Goody Bag; T-Shirt, Look Book, Photo, Bottle of drink, Discount Flyer, Press Release Props Security


£510 £291.84- 2 members of staff, 3 days to deliver at minimum wage £1239 £2990.40 £250 £750 £500 £806 £17,280 annual salary x10 members £50 per bag

£350 £300

Public Liability Insurance

Included in business insurance from

£350 £75 per sercurity staff £4000

Shop Frontage/ Window Display Stuffed Carp’s




Penninetaxidermy. com Flowcrete Fairfielddisplays Dulex

£2000 per carp x5 £500 £27.55 per light £33 per tin x6 £142


Flooring Lighting Paint Graphics MRS Sercurity

Price £17,280 annual salary x10 members £500 £1600 £30 per image x20 images

Total £172,800 £500 £1600 £600

£1239 £2990.40 £250 £750 £500 £806 £172,800 £7500 for 150 bags


£500 £165.30 x6 lights £198 £142


Look Book and Advert Model Studio




£800 Full Day £450

£800 £450

Photographer and Photo Editor Film Crew Printers

Tyne Tees Models Photo Links Studios Scott Spock Photography Exposure TV

£1000 Full Day

£1000 £500 £950

Make Up Artist Hair Dresser Props

MAC Cosmetics Toni and Guy From store

£500 £950 for 1000 brochures £25 per hour £35 per hour £0.00

Labour Costs Electrician

Suppliers David Fenwick

Total 13 days- £2184


James Holmes

Handy Man

John Scott


Gary Cleghorn


Joyce Blakey

Price £168 Full Day inc VAT £168 Full Day inc VAT £90 Full Day inc VAT £150 Full Day inc VAT £80 Full Day inc VAT

Budget Store Office Space Changing Rooms Branding and Promotion Lookbook Viral Advert Launch Event Shop Frontage Labour Costs

Total £852,731.67 £15,377 £20,870.80 £84,598.30 £4460 £175,500 £192,893.24 £11,005.30 £6600

£200 £280 £0.00

17 days- £2856 3 days- £270 7 days- £1050 3 days £240


Summary The report sums up all logistical elements of Project Nihon. The store has proven to be very expensive to make, which was expected. However, most importantly, it has been proven the execution of the store is possible. It will take fourteen months to create; this has been shown through implementation strategies. Project management issues have been shown along with solutions to overcome these issues. It is hoped, with the careful planning of research and logistics, this store can be achievable without any major constraints.



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Nihon日本 Annliese Dove. Logistics Report for Project Nihon.

Logistics Report  

Logistics for Nihon