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In this 21st century, a Fashion Stylist is one of the most popular emerging professions in the fashion word globally. Basically, styling is to collocation a big range of different style garment together to give the best look and suitable temperament with or without the model. Often the person who do the stylist will borrow different brand’s designer’s clothing to create the final product attractive. Fashion Stylist will performs in many different tasks like the fashion magazine, fashion trend and TV personalities etc. Obviously to make the model perform in their best way their will be different stylist and they will have different responsibilities, for example behind one magazine cover there will be 100 of stylists to collocation the clothing, hair, makeup, poses and the editing after the picture have being take.

To be a successful Fashion Stylist, there’s lots skills that the stylist need to learn and known. The most important skill is the eye for colour and style, of course Fashion Stylist need to have a large amount of knowledge for the fashion trend and also know how to combine the personality and their character to inform a style. Fashion Stylist is not only one people’s job so they often have a excellent communication skill. No matter how clever the Fashion Stylist are, they’re always the hard working and it is important that to make note and do profile when they have inspiration from anything they saw. Even though there’s the stylist that have responsible for the Photoshop but every Fashion Stylist need to have the knowledge of networking skills to do some basic work on computer. Obviously Fashion Stylist need to have lots creative ideas in their minds, but is very important that they look for the details for the clothing and even the body shape and the colour tone of the model so they can create the perfect look of them.

Tim Walker is a British photographer who regularly shoots for Vogue, W Magazine and LOVE Magazine. Walker worked as a freelance photography assistant in London before moving to New York City as a full time assistant to Richard Avedon. After he move back to UK, he was documentary work for the UK newspaper, at the age of 25, Walker has his first fashion story shoot for Vogue. His first exhibition is in design museum, London and also he has release his first book ‘PICTURE’ by teNeues. After this Walker has his first short film ‘The Lost Explorer’ release at Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland at 2010. In 2013 The Bowes Museum in Durham exhibited Walker's photographs, curated by Greville Worthington, of work beyond the pages of Vogue and Vanity Fair. I like Tim Walker’s work because when I see it I feels like I have go in a fantasy, the whole style of the picture is very dreamy and when I see the photo its just like telling me a story.

Katie Grand is the magazine editor and stylist, and she is called the ‘one of the most powerful stylist on the world’, she has helped lots super brand to create the wonderful defining images. She start her stylist while she was in St.Martins and doing the styling directing for newly launched magazine, Dazed& Confused in the 1990s, after this she has bought by The Face for fashion director. After she is becoming the fashion director, Katie started mad a launched bi-annual fashion magazine, the magazine selling result was so great even Elizabeth Hurley has pose nude on the cover of this magazine just after six weeks this magazine has giving birth. Katie has also worked on fashion shows for Louis Vuitton and Prada. As editor of LOVE, she was the fashion journalist chosen to select 2014's Dress Of The Year for the Fashion Museum. I like Katie Grand’s photo-shoot not only because she’s one of the greatest stylist on the world, but I really like the setting of her photo-shoot, the photo-shoot she direct is showing women’s powerful look and I like to see the photo like that.

I believe that everyone wants to wear the clothes/dresses that can highlight the beauty of their own body shape, but do you really know what kind of shape you are? And how to assembling the clothes/dresses to make you more attractive? Apple shape: Apple shape’s body often have big breasts and big belly but thinner hips and limbs. Not every apple shape body is overweight but the feature of this type of shape is larger upper body and wider shoulder. To cover the big belly you can wear the wrap dress. Pear shape: Pear shape’s body have slimmer upper body but bigger hips, waist and thighs. To cover the big waist and hips , high waist skirt is the best choice for the people have this body shape. Hourglass shape: Hourglass shape now become the most popular shape that women wants to have. The bust and hips of this shape are nearly the same size, they often have sharply legs. Is very easy for this type of body to assembling clothes/dresses as they are the perfect shape for women. Rectangle shape: rectangle shapes got the almost same shoulder hips and waist size, the outline on this type of shape don’t have many curves. To cover this disadvantage they can wear draping clothes his can create a soft lines across the body. Strawberry shape: strawberry shapes got a wide shoulder and large chest, but the hips and legs are slimmer than the upper body. To make the body shape more balance skirts is the best choice for it as they can make the hips more proportionate to the top.

Tight jumpsuit is the good choice for hourglass shape as they can show your sexy body curve. The oversize jacket is necessary to wear, but you can just cover the shoulders to give yourself more fashion style.

Warp dresses is the perfect choice for apple body shape people. But the deep V-neck jumpsuit is also the good choice as you always have a great bust. The belt can give the dress more style and also gives a curve from your waist.

Tight top can show out the good shape of pear the body. The wide pants can cover the disadvantage of bigger hips and thighs. The over size jacket can make you more fashionable.

The long lose top can cover the disadvantage of rectangle shape’s body as they haven’t got a skinny waist. The jeans can stand out the good shape of your leg and can make your body looks more fit.

Peoples skin tones are shows in different hues. Which hue are you? Lets cheek out here. Pale Skin: This type of skin tone is very easily to get burn but not come tan easily. The hair colour of this skin tone are often blonde or red and usually they have blue and green eyes. Light makeup is suitable for this colour tone to enhance the youthful and natural beauty of yourself. The eyeshadow work well on you is light brown, violet, and light blue, use black mascara will make your eyes lashes more stand out and just a thin coating of eye liner will make your makeup more nature. Light Brown Skin: This skin tone can get burn and get tan gradually also got wide range of hair and eye colours. To make the face stand out, grey, black, dark blue and brow are the perfect chose for eyeshadow. Because the light brown skin looks very health, the perfect colour for blush is coral, rose and deep orange. Bronze Skin: There skin can get tan easily without being burn, the hair and eye colours are more likely dark brown or black. Darker skin tone can wear most eyeshadow colours. But they look more perfect in metallic and bright colour. Deep rose and orange colour is a grate colour for blush and can do highlight on high cheek to make the makeup looks more sharp. Mahogany Skin: the skin can never get burn but can get tan very quickly. Mostly the colour of their hair and eyes are dark brown and black. Same as bronze skin tone, they look gorgeous in metallic and bright eyeshadow, but mahogany skin are more looking for the highlight of the face to make the facial feature stand out.

Taylor Swift is the famous singer that many teenagers upsets with, same as many other famous female singer, Taylor have a very nice hourglass body shape so tight dress or clothing is the suitable styles for her. Because she got a pale skin so the makeup suitable for her is natural makeup but can have a big red lips to make the makeup stand out also dark red velvet dress are suitable for this skin. High heels is a good choice to make the legs looks straight and stand out the advantage of her body shape. Because she is a famous celebrity so glasses is important for her to keep her privacy. But for then night wear, heavy makeup and black tight dress is a good option if she got party or activity to go.

Day wear

Night wear


Laggard Early adopters

Innovator Consumer Groups Affluent Occupation

Fashion Conscious Young professional Ethnicity

Different consumer groups got different attitude to fashion, some groups might considered about the price and the applicability before thinking about follow the trends, some of the groups would like to found the new trends and like to know everything new about the fashion trend and follow the new season collection, but also their will be some groups who might wait till the trend hits the mass market and the price comes down. So is important that choose the suitable garment and stuff for the suitable consumer groups.

This consumer group like to found the new type of styling, they are the lucky one who don’t need to worry about the money, like to buy the new brand collection but sometimes will go to some boutique shops just to found some fancy little stuff to suit her style. They like to wear the bright colours clothe to show the different tasting from the other groups also old fashion clothe is their favour.

This consumer group is the most lucky one who don’t need to worry about money but most of them is high class people. They usually wearing the one-off cloth that just design for them. They like to go to different catwalks to gain the fashion knowledge and design one just for them self.

This consumer group like to wear the luxury garment, silk is the best choice for them to choose as it is comfortable tower but also show the noble and luxury of them self.

This audience is a STUDENT who likes found the new fashion trend and keep the eyes on the future trend, like to be unique as she don’t want to have the same style as the others.

She likes develop different looks for different season and she likes to show out her unique by oversize jacket, cool colour makeup to make her special, she like the wide trousers as it’s comfy for her to go through the school day.

The consumer group for this magazine is Affluent, the colour off this magazine is black and white is represent mature and serious, the model also direct in a very neat suit it’s gives the feeling of arrogant and make people wants to be respect with her, this is what affluent audience want to get from the magazine because they've got the power, also there is a small crown and this will also attract affluent consumer group as its represent rich and power.

Top shop is suitable for Student, the first reason will be student all know they sell the stuff is got stylist in it but in the other hand the price is not expensive, so they would be very attracted with this magazine as the information in it might tell them some new season collections or some tips for wearing.

Thick oversize jacket can keep you warm through the autumn/winter. Skinny jeans can give a good shape of the leg but wide trousers can also give the good style of the looking. Boots is also the good choice for winter to keep yourself warm all the time.

Velvet is the good choice for autumn/winter, a velvet dress can be combined with oversize coat to create a good style looking. lf you want to wear just the velvet dress it’s can also create a elegant look.

One of the key trend for S/S 2017 purity. The key look of this trend is using white and pale hues of light material. To make the apparel stand out designers have put more emphasis on the structure to give a quiet and sensual mood. The fabric can be use for this trend is nylon, silk and plain cotton, those fabric can give the platform a relaxed sophistic modernity emphasising the Zen-like appeal. Colour: Ice Blue, French Vanilla and Sheer Pink can be add on this Platte to give it more newness but the key colour always the chalky white. Print & Pattern: Strips, minimalist dot and shadow checks can provide a modern aesthesis.

Another key trend foe S/S17 is the ‘Midnight Glam’, the look for this trend is basic 1980s’ style, runs riot with silhouettes exaggerated across shoulders accentuated by a focus on proportion play. Sparkling sequence and leopard is also the main point for this trend. The colour for this trend is mainly bright and shiny colour that create the disco mood, also gold, silver and copper bright are key to this trend.

The detail for this trend is lurex wraps and drops that folds around the feminine silhouette. Exaggeration shiny decorate is the best choice for this trend as it’s more attractive and gives the 1980s’ disco mood to the hole looking.

Finally, the last key trend for this 2017 is Beachcomber, the whole look for this trend is to create a modern traveler on a worldly adventure feeling. The soft, fluid layers via natural fibers of linen, silk and cotton drape sensuously in silhouette. The colour for this trend is basic the warm soft light colour to create the warm relax feeling. Dusted blue, yellow and light pink is the one for this trend. The detail for the trend is the tassel, obviously stitch line to create the relax feel.

Date: 07/01/17 Time: 2:00PM Shoot: Purity shoot for W magazine Location: Liverpool Community College Photographer: Anna Li Make up: Anna Li Hair Stylist: Anna Li

Model: Hanna Bullen Primary contact: 5399 Any special instructions: have use the stool for model to seat, because ned to do different angle shoot.

Evaluation As the assignment ask me to do, I have choose the ‘purity’ as my trend for my final photo shoot theme. The key for this trend is just like the name said ‘purity’, so the garment is basically white or plain and everything will be very simple. But even though the look would be very simple, its need to provide a modern aesthesis out. So for the photo shoot I have just choose a plain white shirt with a blue jeans oversize jacket to keep everything very simple but also its follow the rules of this trend. I have choose the natural make up for my model because when I research into this trend I found out the model who do the catwalk who using this trend always have less makeup on, I think this is maybe because the trend wants the whole look be very simple and fresh. I have also tell the model to put her hairs down to keep the hole look more relaxing and simple, the location we did the photo is just in the college’s studio and my model she’s sit on the chair and nothing on the background. I choose this to show the simple of this trend but also I use low angle to do the photo to show that even though is plain but this trend is still powerful. The Target Audience for my photo shoot is Affluent, even though many affluent like the luxury wearing but still many of them don’t like to show out. To show that my photo shoot is for affluent, I have edit it into black and white to represent the mature, calm and powerful of the affluent, I have also use low angle shooting, this create the powerful look for the model. The jacket she put on it’s just try to tell the affluent audience that even though you have power and you are mature but there is one of the debauchery inside of you. I have choose W Magazine because the cover of this magazine always shows a women with a powerful look so this would attract my consumer groups. Also as I see, W Magazine is for the women age between 25-35, this will appeal to the consumer group because the affluent people will be age between 25-35. Before I did the photo-shoot, I have do a mood board about ‘purity’, then I have also collect different makeup, hair style, pose and clothing picture from Pinterest to found the perfect way to do the photo-shoot. Before I do the shoot, me and my model have investigate is it good to have the jacket on or not, because the jacket is not really suitable for this consumer group but after the investigate we found out its turn out more good with the jacket on. Overall, the photo-shoot went well because me and my model have already plan what to do 4 weeks before we get the photo shoot get done, but the only problem is when we

doing the shooting, the light from the camera it’s too bright so model’s natural makeup can’t be seeing clearly, so if I have done the practice run we can found out this problem and try to fix it. me and my model works pretty well as a team because we all know what we should do and because we have choose the same trend so it’s easy for us to talk about what we need for the final shoot. And the last, if I can do something differently, I think I might do a different trend like the Midnight Glam, I found it really attractive and personally I really like the 1980s’ style. And for the trend I have done, if I can do something different, I might choose different consumer group, and try more different ways to direct the model and get the perfect picture.

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