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WEDDING INVITE: This invite was created for a person that had a destination wedding in the Dominican Republic. It is vector illustration, printed on matte cardstock.

the wedding of Sarah Hullquist & Matthew Prowant on May 22, 2010 at the Domican Republic Resort


THANK-YOU & SYMPATHY CARDS: These cards are hand illustrated with a quill pen on a white background, scanned into the computer and printed on matte paper. The inspiration was to create cards that had a modern look, with an old-fashion writing and decorations.

TYPOGRAPHY: This was a class project that was taken further for personal growth. The squirrel is made from only using the letters from the words “squirrel (?)� The letters are spaced to give the image lighter and darker values depending on how tight they are fit together. It is a fun interaction between typography and imagery.

BOWTIES: This was a class project where we had to create the box and dieline, as well as the name brand. The box is made to stand out just by its shape, while the color is undertstated and a clear window to show the buyer what is inside.


FETTUCCINE: For each type of pasta, there is a different color, making it easy for the buyer to grab the right one off the shelf. The X shape of each box gives it a unique shape, however does not interfere with the stacking of the boxes.


FRESHMINT: This was a class project that started with the creation of a unique packaging for a breath mint. The next step was to create the brand and logo, after which we designed a magazine advertisement for the new mint. I worked with a photographer and art directed the photoshoot to match with the slogan “Get closer...�

LANGUAGE BOOK: This project was an editorial piece for the clients language book they were publishing. The basket in the background was a vector image created specifically for the client, as well as the layout of chapter headings and subtext.


Genetically Modified: This was my senior thesis project which was an informational campaign on what GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) are. The images are vectors created in Adobe Illustrator, they represent what the media projects GMO as, and also what they actually look like. With each set of images, there was created an inforgraphic explaining what each organism invovled.


Annalena Hullquist  

Graphic Design Portfolio