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June 2011

Selected Works


I started making art with simple flowers. I love the rich color and detail on such small subjects. Since then, I’ve moved on from flowers to animals, people, and places. The diverse and interesting world has so much to offer. New places have the best energy because it’s not just about a visual feast for the eyes, but the entire experience in itself. Synaesthesia. The whole world is my inspiration and I find that most of my artworks are reflections of what I have found as striking and interesting on my travels and adventures. I attempt to capture the world not only as I perceive it through five of my senses, but also through the many possibilities of imagination. As an avid reader, I love magic as much as I love nature. I am a fan of the works of Salvador Dali, Claude Monet, and Jose Joya, because they reflect reality (or surreality in the case of Dali) as affected by their impressions. Their artworks capture not only the tangible aspect of what is being depicted, but also the intangible feeling of the artist about the subject. I like working with oil and acrylic paint because they are versatile and easy to handle. However, I try to incorporate into my works some natural and industrial materials around me like sand, newspaper, electric tape, etc. I also enjoy the possibilities of digital design programs of the Adobe Creative Suite. But I still like going back to basics because there’s nothing like the real thing. October 2011


Logo for the bi-annual publication of Samahan sa Pilosopiya, Ateneo de Manila Univesity

Prehistoric Politics (Series) 9 x 24 inches Tinta China, Origami, Digital Manipulation 2011

Jorge Luis Borges Reading Group Event Poster 11 x 14 inches Digital Illustration 2010 *This event was hosted by Samahan sa Pilosopiya based in Ateneo de Manila University **unedited Borges image from

Logo design for a Bikram Yoga Center in Madrid and Barcelona *designed for Introduccion al Diseno with Belen Sanchez

Logo of St. Jerome House of Scents based in Laguna, Philippines


4200 x 3300 pixels Digital Illustration 2009

Upright Bats Photography and Photo Manipulation 5 x 14 inches 2009

Cartel para la Conservacion del Medioambiente 18 x 24 inches Origami and Photo Manipulation 2011 *Introduction to Design Project for Belen Sanchez, UCLM

Acrylic Graphite Oil Multi-purpose Paint


The Fruit 9 x 12 inches Graphite 2009

Anatomy of the Face 5 Miniature Sketches of 3 inches each Graphite 2010 *Skull and Muscle Sketches taken from Barrington Barry’s Guide to Figure Drawing

Lady with a Veil 12 x 18 inches Oil on canvas Replica of Alexander Roslin’s portrait of his wife 2011

Flowers 20 x 30 inches Commissioned replica 2011

Philippine Waterfall 8 x 8 inches Acrylic on Canvas Board 2009

Electric Nice 11 x 14 inches Acrylic on Canvas Board 2008

Roses and Incense 9 x 12 inches Multipurpose Paint on Sketching Paper 2009

Flickering Muse 9 x 12 inches Acrylic on Oil Painting Paper 2009


Soul Meets Body 20 x 30 inches Mixed Media 2009 *Entitled after the song “Soul Meets Body”by Deathcab for Cutie **Cover of “The Whisper” (literary folio of Riverside College, Bacolod) 2010

Outburst Roughly 1.5 ft. tall Sand Sculpture Boracay Beach 2009 With assistance from Angeline, Alissa, and Agnes Lacson

Serenity Est. 1 sq. ft. Sand Sculpture Boracay Beach 2009 With Assistance from Angeline Lacson

Personal Portfolio  

Anna Lacson's personal portfolio as of 2011

Personal Portfolio  

Anna Lacson's personal portfolio as of 2011