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Contact details Telephone 0035 9888 5676 73


Education Veliko Turnovo University “St. Kyril and Methodius” Bachelor Degree in Pedagogy of Fine Arts Specializing in Printmaking Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria 2006 -2011 ERASMUS Scholarship Program based in Europe University of Castilla - La Mancha Faculty of Fine Arts Cuenca, Spain January 2011 – June 2011 “Konstantin Preslavski” National Highschool of Arts and Sciences Specializing in Painting Varna, Bulgaria 2000-2005


Exhibitions and Seminars An exhibition in “Boris Georgiev” Varna City Gallery Varna, Bulgaria 2011 Attended an Art Management Seminar Sponsored by ContempoLab Varna, Bulgaria 2011 Attended a workshop for Woodcut Printmaking Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria 2010 Participated in the European program “Komenski” Taught art to Italian and French Children in their visit to Bulgaria 2010 Attended a workshop for Making Handmade Paper Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria 2010 Co-organizer of an Art Management seminar Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria 2010 Participant in the Annual Exhibitions of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Veliko Turnovo University “St. Kyril and Methodius” Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria 2006-2010 v

Дух и материя В своите произведения аз поставям Човекът, като център на търсенията ми. Човешкото съзнание и връзката му с тялото и мястото му в битието. Чрез средствата на живописта, графиката и рисунката аз пресъздавам едни застинали моменти, спрели, като кадър на филмова лента изобразяваща преливащите едни в други противоречиви чувства на агония, екстаз и напрежение в една телесна безтегловност. Момента на сриване на илюзиите. Искам да внуша за мощта на човека и крехкостта на неговата реалност. Ние всички в даден момент ставаме жертва на своята реалност, несъобразена и егоистично построена. Илюзорната реалност ни забулва в омая, поставя ни на мост без парапети лишавайки ни от упора. Търся да открия и запечатам разнообразието на тeзи реалности и мига на осъзнаване за съществуването им. vi

Artist Statement In my art works I put the individual person in the center of my reflection - the human consciousness and the connection with the body, thus it's place in life. Through the use of mediums like painting, drawing and printmaking, I recreate still moments, as if a frozen scene from a movie. Though this I represent the merging of contradicting feelings of agony and ecstasy – and the tension in a weightless body. The moment that illusions collapse. I want to illustrate the power of man and the frailty of the reality surrounding him. We all fall victim to the inconsistent realities that we selfishly make for ourselves. The illusion of reality entrances us in a spell. It places us on a bridge with out a railing . It deprives us of steadiness and support. I search to find and capture the diversity of those realities and the moment of realization in their existence.


Spirit and Matter I Charcoal on Paper 100/70 cm


Spirit and Matter II Charcoal on Paper 100/70 cm


Spirit and Matter III Charcoal on Paper 100/70 cm


Spirit and Matter IV Charcoal on Paper 100/70 cm


Spirit and Matter V Charcoal on Paper 100/70 cm


Spirit and Matter VI Charcoal on Paper 100/70 cm


Spirit and Matter VII Mixed Media 100/70 cm



Pink Square Mixed Media 100/70 cm


Red Square Mixed Media 100 /70 cm


Portrait of an Old Man Graphite Pencil on Paper 35/20 cm


Portrait I Ink on Paper 15/21 cm 19

Portrait II 20

Ink on Paper 15/21 cm

Portrait III Ink on Paper 15/21 cm


Portrait of a Young Woman Ink on Paper 15/21 cm


Portrait of a Man Ink on Paper 15/21 cm


The Fisherman Graphite Pencil on Paper 18/18 cm


The Beggar Lithography 45/65 cm


Saint Linoleum 15/21 cm


Soc Linoleum `15/21 cm


Woman with a Cat Etching 12/15cm 28

Portrait of Bai Doncho Etching 12/16 cm 29


Portrait of an Old Woman Dry Point 14/16 cm


Study of a Body I Mixed Media 14/22 cm 32

Study of a Body II Mixed Media 14/22 cm 33

Study of a Body III Mixed Media 14/22 cm 34

Study of a Body IV Mixed Media 14/22 cm 35

Study of a Body V Mixed Media 14/22 cm 36

Study of a Body VI Mixed Media 14/22 cm 37

Study of a Body VII Mixed Media 14/22 cm 38

Study of a Body VIII Mixed Media 14/22 cm 39

Study of a Body IX Mixed Media 14/22 cm 40

Study of a Body X Mixed Media 14/22 cm 41

Study of a Body XI Mixed Media 14/22 cm 42


Red Square II Oil on Canvas 100/70 cm


Blue Oil on Canvas 45/65 cm


Woman with Doll Oil on Canvas 45/65 cm


Aquarium Oil on Canvas 45/65 cm


and It Started Smelling Like the Sea Oil on Canvas 45/65 cm


Blue Vase with Flowers Acrylic on Paper 14/22 cm


School Work Portrait I Graphite Pencil on Paper 45/65 cm


School Work Portrait II Graphite Pencil on Paper `45/65 cm


School Work Portrait III Graphite Pencil on Paper 45/65 cm



Nature Morte I Oil on Canvas 45/65 cm


Nature Morte II Oil on Canvas `45/65 cm


Anita Tsekova Portfolio