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HT 362 Case Study p215 Beau Schroeder, Anna Weigand, Anna Durand, Tressa Retallick, Heidi Christensen

1. What standard purchasing control policies should Sue have followed that would have prevented the high produce costs? -Should have checked inventory -Poor organizational skills -Have not assumed great quality for cheap lemons -Have not assumed one thing would fix everything -Didn’t ask around and collaborate to find problem, 2. What was right or wrong about the chef’s actions to remedy the situation? -Right that quality cannot always be trumped by price -Wrong about how he knew about past inefficiencies but said nothing -Unprofessional, through her under the bus, then ran her over AGAIN -Just as much his fault if he said nothing… 3. What steps can Sue take to reduce produce costs in the future? -Order surplus in high demand products -Order shortage in low demand products -Checking past years numbers to predict -Check into the quality of the items before purchasing -Take inventory instead of a visual snapshot of the cooler

Case Study  
Case Study  

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