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Special Edition: Rangitoto Volcano

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The “Bloody Sky� also known as the volcano of Rangitoto is very well known at Auckland city for it can be seen from most parts of it. Apparently nearly 60% of the volume of material erupted by all volcanoes in the Auckland field was covered by the Rangitoto.

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Hotspot volcano Came out of the sea about 700 years ago after a series of volcanic eruptions. It was purchased by the crown at 1854. Rangitoto was built in 1920.

• Highest part – 260 m • Wide – 5.5 km • The meaning of Rangitoto is Bloody Sky • Last eruption – around 1407

Structure of the volcano island ď Ž v=RMtuTfAqAbo

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Approximately 50 volcanoes have formed over the last 250.000 year. The size and length of each eruption depends on how big the bubble of magma was so Rangitoto was a comparatively large bubble of magma.

How Volcanos Erupt ď Ž

The magma builds up pressure under the crust, it rises to the surface to release the pressure and overflows and causes an eruption.

Rangitoto today ď Ž

The state of Rangitoto now is just an island of the coast of Auckand. Its area is approximately 2311 hectares, it’s supposedly the icon of Auckland. It lies not quite extinct to this day.

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Largest pohutakawa forest in the world Rangitoto in English means bloody sky The island is 2311 hectares You can trek up to the volcanoes

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