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Beauty from outside and in

Beauty from outside and in

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Beauty, it is a word we all know and like to achieve. Some people define beauty by looks, others talk about beauty when someone smiles or when the person is skinny. But what is beauty, and who defines beauty? The romans thought a white skin was beautifull. A woman shoulnd’t be brown, and even wears white make up to make the skin look a bit brighter. Make-up was already used by the romans also to make the lips red. In the middle ages people liked fuller woman, with a very white skin. The hair must be blonde and the boobs are small. Women wear a corset to create a very tiny waist. That must be heaven to wear! During the barok period they liked a fuller face, but a tiny body. Because of that beauty ideal the woman were also wearing a corset, sometimes even made from whale bones to make sure the female look as tiny as possible. Because it was very hard to breathe in the corset, woman keep on fainting. Men felt like saving them if the woman fainted, wich gave them a sense of power. In the 50s woman like Marilyn Monroe were the definition of beauty. Fuller woman, with a lot of eyeliner and blonde curly hair. Marilyn Monroe had size 40, what was a regular size in that period. 10 years later in the 60s complete other woman where the definition of beauty. Twiggy was the example of beauty. Very thin, with dramatic make-up and straight hair was the new beauty line. Nowadays people want to look like models. A size 36 is too big, and the thinner you are, the more beautiful you are. Pro-Ana sites encourage to lose as much weight as possible, even when there is nothing left too lose. So what is beauty? Who defines beauty and is beauty for everyone the same? I believe that beauty is something personal. Sometimes you meet someone with a big nose, or ugly teeth, but even with those imperfections you think this person is a beauty. There are also people everyone finds attractive. Take by example Doutzen Kroes, she is probably admired by many boys and girls. But if you show a picture of her to some people in Africa it is possible people don’t find her attactive because they got a different ideal of beauty. In my surrounding i hear a lot of girls talking about losing weight. When the sun begins to shine, restaurants are getting bankrupt. But should we always focus on weight? And can we have the white teeth some models or actors have? So this is where my blogging begins. What is beauty for me, aswell from the in and outside. Does good food really makes you feel better, and do you get more attention by being a size 34. Let’s find it out!


See you next week,

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Guest le Frita Knudsen You have different types of woman. There are woman who only think about their beauty, and woman who only think about their families. And then there was Frita. A self-made woman with a CV which is mind-blowing. She started speaking and had a rare combination of humor, confidance and appereance. A golden combination. The main thing that i remembered was except Frita herself, her work for Virgin. Virgin is in America a huge company and the men himself Richard Branson is maybe even bigger then his own company. Frita has done two events for Virgin, but also for Richard Branson. The events were just as much about Richard as about Virgin. She must come up with innovating experiences and make sure that the press had something to talk about. She came up with a glass windows, where dancers were dancing on up in the air. The press was all over it! She also talked about the things which are less fun about planning an event. The first event she did for Virgin almost went wrong. The weather was too heavy, so she decided to sent everyone home. 5 Minutes later the whole building crashed down, she was just in time getting everyone out. Planning is de golden tip with events, and without planning and a stone hard script and lookbook you’re event is doomed. This was eye-opening to me because I must admit this is one of mij weakest points. She also talked about networking. Networking is very important. When you are showing respect to people, they will respect you back. And with respect, the jobs will follow.

Mascha Driessen A beautifull woman, with a small voice but with great achievements. Mascha Driessen was one of the leading woman, working for Google Benelux. She talked about working together, which is the keyword to succes. When two company’s both want to grow, and they are totally different but they can fill eachother up, they should do that. L’oreal and Youtube are working intensive together. Youtube want more people on their channels and make more money, and L’oreal want to sell more product and want to get more people to know of brand. Together they are a golden duo, because Youtube earns money by them and L’oreal can not only show advertisement but can also manipulate the bloggers by sponsoring their channel or sending them free stuf. It is a win-win situation for everyone. The main thing I learned from Mascha was making money on a smart way. Advertisement doesn’t always have to be advertisement. When you use the right advertisement for the right people, they may seem it as helpfull instead of anoying. Youtube was the starter with this concept. There is a strong segmentation so that every person see different advertisements, chosen by the movies you watch and the coockies that saves in the browser. On this way you only see advertisement special chosen for you. Beside for working for Youtube and Google she also worked for RTL. Here she worked on the commercials. Around what programs does what commercial work the best. On that way the customer is happy, the advertiser is happy and RTL is happy. Working together is the main part, but always keep the customer in mind.

ecture Frans van Konijnenberg The Amsterdam light festival is an event in Amsterdam. Frans van Konijnenberg came to our class to brief us about the assignment. Next to that he told us how lights are attracting almost everyone. Lights remind a lot of people of holidays like Christmas. People get happy from lights, and that is excectly what Amsterdam light festival would like to achieve. At this moment 19 musea participate with the event, and last year were 250.000 people participating with the walking tour. 100.000 people were watching the Christmas canal parade. There is a lot of co-creation within the event, what is necessary. Together with other company’s, with different strenghts and possibilities, you make eachother only stronger. There were 43 projects assigned to the event. That the event really worked was visible in the rise of hotel booking, which were 22 procent more then normal. For this year the objective is to get 500.000 people to participate with the Amsterdam Light Event. The main thing what makes the Amsterdam Light Event so succesfull, is working together so that every person have something to do what they like. But that is maybe also the magic of lights, everyone like lights not only here, but all over the world.

Vincent Reinder Vincent reinder, also known as Venz is a young entrepreneur. Started as a Dj and always listening and making music he found a gap in the music scene. People who like r&b can find their number in the top 40, but there aren’t always song they likes. There is were 22tracks jumps in. For every music genre there s a Dj who put 22tracks in a specific music genre online on the website . Every week you meet new artist, but also new tracks and you get inspired by new artists. Music lovers come together and buying t-shirts and caps to keep to company living. Mouth-on-mouth marketing is the main reason 22tracks is still alive. 2 months ago all their stuff was stolen from their office, and they were official bankrupt. Fans all over the Netherlands heard about this and organized a party in Amsterdam. That evening the fans made 5000 euro and the company was saved. Goodwill is this time very important to stay alive. Because they are a transparant company and honest with their listeners they have created goodwill. Because of this goodwill people are talking about it, and are very active on different online platforms. The company is very active on social media, and always try to respond on every follower. The listeners are feeling heared and keep interative with the company. At this moment 22tracks is at three countries, and the planning is to get it all over the world within 3 years. Lets see if they are getting that done! 5



Beauty products So we took a look at beauty. What is beauty, and why is someone beautyfull? Now we can take a look at the fun part! Beauty products. I love make-up! Make up is a way for me to express how you are feeling. A little eyeliner and mascara make me feel ready to rock the day. I have different kinds of mascara. The most i wear water-proof, because the weather in the Netherlands isn’t that mascara loving. With waterproof mascara I can make sure that after a long busy day, with a lot of rain, I don’t look like a drowned cat. BB creme is also the perfect summer product. I have some frinckles, and somedays i love them, but sometimes I want to get them all out of my skin and throw them into the trash. Unfortunality that isn’t posibble, so I Wear BB Creme. BB creme is coloured day creme. Imperfections are going away while you are feeding your skin so that youre shining the whole day. Enough about my favorite product, what are yours? See you next week, Anna

The structure Why find people something beautyfull and why find they some things ugly? There are a couple theories made because of this question. The golden ratio is something that people find attractive, without them notice it. The body should be in proportion. That can be a size 10, but also a size 14 or 4. As long as the ratio’s are in proportion, people find you attractive. In the face is also an golden ratio possible. Populair stars and models have a specific kind of face, wich make people think their are beautifull. But isn’t regular a kind of boring? Isn’t it important to look like yourself, not like you’re made in a fabric and that you are just another boy of girl. There is a trend that imperfections are more wanted. A little scar or a birthmark in the face can make you special, and different then other people. Curls or freckles can give you a sweet look, while straight hair can make you look older. Next to that, at this moment there are so many beauty products that you can look different every day. You can colour your hair with an rinse, so that it stays just for a month. Their is foundation to make your skin look brighter, or mascara to make your eye lashes longer. Everyone likes to be attractive, but as long as you’re happy as yourself, others will like you even more. So enough about the outside. Isn’t real beauty coming from within? See you next week, Anna

Summer is comming

Yes finally, the sun is starting to shine and everyone is smiling much more. My favorite season of the year is coming and i can’t wait untill its June. With a new season, there comes another favorite hobby of mine. SHOPPING! This year trends are great. Mint green, colour blocking and neon colours make even the Netherlands look like a party all day. Flipflop’s can be get out of the closet, and dont forget your nailpolish when you are going to the streets. Nobody likes a pair of ugly feet. Bikini’s are also a favorite part of my shopping habit. I am a guilty primark shopper, a cheap but great shop in the Netherlands. Bikini’s you can buy here for 5 euro. I’ve bought a bright blue one, to make your skin look browner. So everyone, lets give the economy a boost and spend some money! See you next week, Anna

Feeling good about yourself Aren’t we to hard on ourself? Should we look perfect everyday, and is that goal even reachable? The funny thing is that when you are feeling good, people are seeing that. My boyfriend waked me up by saying that he finds me the most attractive when i wake up at the morning. Believe me, when i wake up i look like i walked straight out of an horror movie. But appareantly when i wake up next to him, I am happy and people he can see that. My conclusion is that beauty is comming from within. If you feel good then people see that. We can’t be perfect, and if you are realizing that you will feel so much better. Wear clothing where you feel good in and make sure that your outside reflects how you are feeling from the inside. And a little secret, even the people who inspires you doesn’t are perfect by themself. Let’s see wich products can make us feel like the beautifull creatures that we are! See you next week, Anna

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Communication Planning

Media mix and Tone of voice make sure they get you the good way!

In the last period i’ve had discovered more about me. Who am I, and how do I want people to see me? I have two different sides, i am a life enjoyer who like to go to the limit. On the other side I am a hard working lady who like to be on the top of things, and work hard.

Because of the two different sides of me I am online on several media platforms. Hard - working

LinkedIn Twitter


Get Loose

Facebook Pinterest


How i want people to see me I find it very important what people think of me. I hate it when people only see me as a young, (previous) blonde girl with big boobs. I want to be known as someone who knows how to work but also how to play. Work hard - Play hard. I don’t want everyone to know everything about me. Because of that i keep my facebook private, and only available for those who I accepted as my friend. I don’t find that any important on twitter, but because of that I think twice about things i put there. On LinkedIn I add people who’ve I just met, then they still remember me. I try to send them a message immideatly, so that they remember me.



- Young - Passionate - Professional - Spicy - Fresh - Ambitious

- Carpe Diem - Enjoying every day - Busy with family - Busy with friends - Busy with work - Busy with school




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How do i want people to see me? As a young bright puppy, or as a young professional. Do i want that everyone knows everything about my private life? Or do i keep this more private? I think about posting things online, and how to put a message there.


I always check my spelling when I post something on my LinkedIn. In private message’s I always close the e-mail with kind regards. I try to be fresh and openminded and always respond to everyone as soon as possible.


I think about what I am posting. I don’t post everything I do, and everywhere I am. My facbook is private, and only visable for friends. I regret accepting some people like my boss, and some guests from GOGO. I am doubting sometimes to delete this Facebook account, and start a new one.


I accept everyone to follow me, and everyone can read my messages. My twitter is a combination of following trends and people I think are interesting and posting things I think are interesting. I love good quotes and funny gadgets.


I write everything here what I can think off. I started this for my school but I am liking it so much that i think i continue writing when I am back from Spain. Here I can loose my mind without everyone having an opinion about everything.


I am in love with pinterest. I have two private bords, those are motivation for me to keep healty and stay healty. I have lost 10 pounds, and i would love to keep them away.



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Eat Habits


Do you know that feeling? You are at a party and you see everyone eat. But you are gaining weight and it seems that they don’t. What is happening?

The new rage is superfood. I work at an fashion company, and everyone find it very important how they look and what they eat. Fast food is out, here comes superfood!

When i take a look at my skinniest friends eat habits I see that they eat everything they want. Chocolat, MacDonalds and sushi. The difference between fuller woman and skinny womans is that skinny woman eat maybe one or two pieces of chocolat while fuller woman eat a whole scale of sushi.

Chia seeds, Goji beans, Acai fruit and raw Cacao are the most wanted superfood’s. They make you feel better, are very healthy and give you energie.

The main part of eating is enjoy what you put in your mouth. Your body isn’t a trash can, so why would you threat your body like that? Enjoy healty food, but also enjoy your favorite snack once in a while. Are you addicted to french fries? Eat them once a week as a snack, but instead of fat mayonnaise take some barbecue saus or ketchup. You will reduce the calories and bad carbs instead. When you put good things in your body, you will not only feel better but also look better. You skin will look brighter, your body will get tighter and you have a lot more energy. And what about all the new clothes that will fit you perfectly? Lets talk about it next week!


See you next week,

Chia seeds are seeds wich are getting bigger when they get in contact with water. People can eat them in the morning so they they get bigger in your tummy and have you got a full feeling. I use chia seeds everyday. I use them within my yoghurt or on a sandwich. Since I eat them i feel healthier, and i wake up easier in the morning. If this is really about the chia seeds or about my mindset, I don’t know but they make me feel better. Does this mean that you can never eat a hamburger? Offcourse you can! Balance everything does make you feel better from the out and inside. We all need something bad sometimes, but if you eat a lot of fats and carbs everyday you don’t feel any better. Lets see about some food habits next week.


See you next week,




Seminar MFW

sounds boring...

But things aren’t always what it seems

From monday till friday, working from 9 untill 9. 12 hours straight brainstorming, working on presentations and working on video’s. Sounds not like something a lot of students find interesting right? Well it was! On monday our groups were sceduled, and I was placed in group two. First we came up with our name and then was 2komst. With 2komst we worked on a case called ‘‘ Beter op weg ‘‘. Our assignment was to came up with an idea to get less trafic on the ways, so that the traffic jams were reduced. After a lot of brainstorming, and interessting keyspeakers, who gave us a new view on some cases, we came up with an App. That sounds really easy, but the thought about it was more difficult. After ivestigation we found out that there are 4 needs for people who travel: comfort, money, speed and environment. Every user wants something different, and the App is made to bend the travelling way so that people won’t take the car as easy as they did before. When our basic Idea was made, we needed to pitch it to the Dragon Den.

The dragon den was very excited about our ideas. We’ve got three thumbs to potential, and one to good. We were verry happy with the result and went further. A business plan was made, with all the lines from potential partners and investors. Trough the business plan we could see that what we have made, has real potential to work. When the basic idea was made, we need to idealize it. From an idea, it went trough a lookbook for the real App. Also there was made an marketing plan and a lauch event. All together, we were almost ready for our final pitch. We just need to make sure that every step what we made was substantiaded. Because of the different keyspeakers as Vincent Reinders from 22tracks and Seth Sapiro who have won two emmy’s, you learn a lot about thinking out of the box. Media is chancing very fast, and a life without technology isn’t thinkable for us anymore. I have learned so much this week, and I would love to do it next year again. In the part of the guest speakers I will tell more about two key speakers which are: Vincent Reinders and Mascha Driessen.

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The Multiverse of Pine and Korn First there was the Metaverse. But everything was all virtual there, while we live in a world where everything is real. Joe pine thought about that, and came up with the Multiverse where dimensions of time, place an matter are excisting. By the use of examples the 8 realms of the Multiverse have been explained. Physical World In the physical world are time, space and matter are linear to reality. An example is when you are in the class and something funny is happening. You are there, you can see it and it is really happening at that time Augmented reality In the augmented reality there is real time and space, but virtual matter. A perfect example are the Google Glasses. With the Google Glasses, anything can be a game. You can see things, that other people don’t see. When you are talking with someone, you can search them up on Facebook and see if they have a boy or girlfriend. Augmented Virtuality In the augmented virtuality are the matter and time real, but the space is virtual. An example for this is the Wii. You play on the Wii at home, or at friends. When you are playing it, you are actually playing it. You can hold the Wii, so this is real also. The space you play in is on the TV, in another world so virtual.

Warped Reality In the warped reality there is real matter and space, only the time is not real. I think this is the most difficult one. The first thing I could think was driving trought the time with a time machine. Something else could be Larping. People dress like they are back in the time, and act like they are back in the time. The matter is real, and the space where they are is real, but they act like they are back in time.

Mirror world In the mirror world there is real time, but the space and the matter are virtual. Habbo hotel and Second life are good examples for this one. You live there, the time is now but it is al virtual You are walking and dancing in real time, but on the computer. The time doesnt stop when you are not signed in.

Alternate reality

In the alternate reality there is real space, virtual matter and non-linear time. A campaign for a new product launch, also called alternate reality branding. A example is the Audi campaign ‘The art of heist’. To promote the new A3 the brand simulated a big car robbery and booked succes, after more than 500,000 active participants in an online game looked for the solution.

Physical Virtuality

In the physical virtuality there is real matter, in a virtual space and time. When i was young, Pokemon was a big hit. I wanted my own Pikache cuddle toy, to sleep with Pokemon was a tv-program, but because of my ‘real’ pikachu, I had it physical with me.

Virtuality Everything is Virtual. The best example is the ‘cave’. A cave is a room made from projection walls, where images are projected on the walls. In combination with the shutter glasses, it looks like everything comes out of the walls in 3D. When wearing cybergloves, the user also got the feeling he can hold on to things.




There is a cross media concept if there is a cross-fertilization consists of various media such as theater, film, television, radio, print, internet, games, mobile devices and live events where the different media medium all have the same goal, and try to reach those. The story within a crossmedia concept stays the same, the message is sent trough different mediums. The only changes are the changes which are made to get the story on another medium.

An example is the Voice of Holland. When the first Voice of Holland was aired in Holland, a lot of people were watching it. It was new, it was refreshing and everyone had an opinion. The Voice of Holland worked really smart online. They had an green room, were tweets were showed. Because of this a lot of people tweeted thing about the Voice of Holland. There was a fansite, on the website of the Voice of Holland, were people could support their favorite.

TVOH was pretty busy...... Television

The Voice of Holland is a television program so it was aired trough tv. The inovating part about the program was the strong interaction with social media. Because of this the voice was such a big succes. Mouth-onmouth marketing is fast, and within no time everyone talked about it. There was also a side show called TVOF real life. Here the viewer get a view inside the candidates life.


Some people were invited to do audition trough radio 538. A really smart move, because the program all goes about the voice of someone. On radio you only hear the voice, so you got the same impression as the judges in the Voice of Holland. Next to that, people who are listening to the radio also get interested by the program.


There were two big sponsors; Haribo and Vodafone. Haribo printed TVOH on their candy. Because of that a lot of kids were connected to the program. Vodafone did a lot of marketing for the program. There were special TVOH tablets and in their flyers were always something with TVOH.

Telephone / Internet

There was a lot of interaction with the crowd. Because of the green room in the program, people were hugely tweeting about the candidats. The candidats were getting those feedback in the greenroom. Also the website, with a forum for every candidat make the personal bonding with the candidats bigger. People were really voting for someone, and were really sucked into the Voice of Holland. Twitter and the second screen are the main reason TVOH was so booming. People could interact, and that was new.

Transmedia The receiver as part of the story. In 2003 bringst Henry Jenkins the term Transmedia Storytelling to the world. He wanted to show how technologie changes the world, and that following on that media is changing to. Jenkins said that a transmedial story is ‘ a story that brings trough different media channels a little contribution of the total story’. Another characteristic thing from story telling is that the story is never ending. The follower can jump into the story and add a story-line to it. Every piece of the story is different, but they are related to eachother. Transmedia isn’t crossmedia. At the first sight, do look a lot the same. When you take a closer look, the big difference is that with transmedia every medium has their own story. With crossmedia every medium brings the same story. In a transmedia story aren’t mediums the basics. For the real deal, lines become broken and everyone is seing a story in a different dimention. An example from a good transmedial story is ‘‘ Wie is de mol? ‘‘. Some people see the television program just as another show, while others live for the show since the day there is prenounced that the show is coming. They are looking for hints everywere, online, on the radio and they even discuss it with other fans. Almost every medium brings his own reflection of the show, and hints can be found everywere. But which one brings you the golden tip? Media from ‘ Wie is de mol ‘ Second screen Social Media Radio Television Their own website Fanblogs Mol-talk

Five elements of storytelling

Characters There are different characters in the programs. There is the host, who is trying to give a special mysterylike feeling to the program. Then there are the candidats who are trying to get the money and find out who is the mole. At least, there is the mole who is trying to sabotate the assigments. But he must does it at a way, that people don’t recognize him. Setting The setting from the program is always mind blowing. If it takes place in South-Africa or in Norway, the shots of the landscape takes your breath away. Every week a episode is launched on television, but there are a lot things launched on the other mediums around the period of sending.

Conflict The candidats are looking for the mole, while the mole is trying to sabotate the assigments without getting noticed. In the meanwhile, people at home are also looking for the mole. Some candidats act like they are the mole, so other candidats are mislead. Plot At the end of every episode someone goes home trough the notorius red screen. At the end of the show, the winner, loser and mole is prenounced. Theme The theme is all about, that everyone gets involved into the game. 19


Transmedia Infographic The lines of the transmedia infograph, are showing where the connections in the transmedial program are. Because of those lines, the program is as successfull as it is.

Interview Mascha driessen At the mediafuture week I talked with Mascha Driessen, who has worked by RTL Nederland and Google Benelux. How do you network with people? I always try to smile and to keep sure people remind me. That is now only by being friendly, but also make sure that you look cared. Did you always have high ambitions? When I was studying I tried to combine having fun and study hard. I knew always what i wanted, and I worked hard to achieve that. When you have an internship always show the best side of you. Those people can be your future colleagues. What is the key to succes? Be honest and work hard. Without working hard, you never reach your goals. Some people try to snake their ways to the top, but I believe that honestly and respect always wins at the end. Do you notice that because youre woman you’ve got a difference approach then a man? There are advantages and disadvantages. You still have to fight harder when you are a woman. When you are a clear talker, you soon become bitchy. When you are a man and talking clear, you are a good leader. Sometimes it is difficult, but as long as you stay truthfully to yourself and can still look in the mirror, you are on the good side. What do you do when you notice that they threat you differently? I always stay professional. That is why my company hired me, and what they are asking from me. If it really gets anoying, then I would say something about it. But that never happened yet. Wat do you like the most in your previous jobs? I like it a lot to travel the world. Also doing something different every day makes me very happy. Working the whole day after my desk is nothing for me. Somedays you have to, but I am very happy that is only somedays. What is your biggest tip for graduated people? My biggest tip for people who are just finished their school is update your LinkedIn, and make sure that people know that you are free and willing. Most company’s invite people over when they got a nice an special open solicitation. So ladies, keep smiling and be proud of yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you what to do, stay professional and fight for what you want. 21


Create for Amsterdam Light Festival a concept to generate positve Word of Mouth around the festival

Exlusive Traffic Glitter&Glamour Goodybags Museum Walk Social Media Selected people

Light up your museum

Museum route where within zeven weeks all the target groups become segmented. A personalized quest make sure it is fun for everyone!


Heineken for the goodybag and a free drink at the end. Museums in Amsterdam for working on the quests and give discount for next visits.


A bright city, full of lights. But only watching isn’t fun anymore. We want to do something! Special for you, we have an quest. You must find out where to go next. When you are walking, you walk along the most beautifull places of Amsterdam, which are covered in lights. But can you reach the end of the route?

Amsterdam Amsterdam Light Light Festival Festival But what is now really the big plan? Interaction is the main focus for the concept. In the zeven weeks, different target groups wil be segmented. The idea is to make a new route, presented to the public as a quest. The public have to walk a route, and have to find clues to get tho the next point. By every point, a museum or a meeting place is connected. At this spot, they find a new clew to move on. Every clue contains light as a main factor. When they complete the quest, they will receive a goody-boy sponsored by our partners. The link with mouth-to-mouth is that when the visitors doesn’t know an awnser, they can check it or do an assignment connected to social media to get the clue. At this way, people will be connected online with the quest. There is a different quest, for the different target groups. Because of this, students can drink a beer on their way and families can walk around in the park and play. In the goodybag will be discount cards so that in the future, people will come back to the spots.

Proof fromout Facebook


Succes factors

This plan can not be only good for the Amsterdam Light festival, but also for Amsterdam and the Musea. The quest can be put everywhere, so maybe for families around the vondelpark and Artis, and for females around the ‘ 9 straatjes’. The succes is working together, when Amsterdam, the Amsterdam light festival, Museums and Heineken work together this plan can work and become one of the biggest events of Amsterdam. Programs as ‘ Wie is de Mol ‘ are prooving that mystery and quests are working in the Netherlands.

Failure factors

When one of the partners doesn’t wanna co-orperate, there is a problem. When this is happening, the customer must pay a bigger price for the quest. When there are bigger costs, less people want to try it. Next to that, is rain always troubeling in Amsterdam. It rains a lot. We can sell Amsterdam Light Events umbrella’s for cheap so that everyone can walk the quest fashionable, but there is always a risk people stay at home with bad weather.

Trends and argumentation

A big trend now is interaction. People want not only to see things, but they want to jump in the story. Next to the interaction part, the walking and seing part is also working. The Chinese light festival is transferred for the thirth time in the Netherlands, and is still a Highlight in Rotterdam. Autenticity is also comming back, and what is more authentic then walk with your friend of family a route, and do assigments together?


This idea is invented by two knappekoppen Claire de Jonge and Anna Koster. The girls think that interaction, social media and being active is the main succes behind this events. As long as there is wine and beer, students are in. As long as children can play, those are in. As long as woman can laugh, those are in. The golden key to this succes is, there is one format. But you can make it personal for every segmentation. Succes guaranteed.


Magazine Anna Koster  

Creatieve Industy, Anna Koster, Esther Bouw, Fieke Sluijs, #inhci

Magazine Anna Koster  

Creatieve Industy, Anna Koster, Esther Bouw, Fieke Sluijs, #inhci