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AGBU ARMENIA NEWSLETTER Yerevan, Armenia IN THIS ISSUE ♦ “Yerevan, my love”: Dinner at Windsor Castle (p. 1, 2) ♦ His Holiness Karekin II awarded (p. 1, 2) ♦ AGBU donates 50,000 USD to Haiti earthquake victims (p. 3) ♦ ARMENIACA - preservation of Armenian monumental heritage (p. 3) ♦ AGBU youth structures of Yerevan meet with AGBU Central Board member Vasken Yacoubian (p. 4) ♦ AGBU Yerevan Scouts’ New Year party and visit to Yerablur (p. 4) ♦ AGBU launches Moscow Summer Intern Program (p. 5) ♦ AGBU Yerevan Summer Intern Program (p. 5) ♦ AGBU YPGNY and YPLA make a donation to the AUA (p. 6) ♦ AGBU AVC announces enrollment period for Spring Term 2010 (p. 6) ♦ 4th Republican Interschool Chess Tournament (p. 7) ♦ Youth Centers’ New Year gift (p. 7) ♦ AGBU Europe in London (p. 8)


“YEREVAN, MY LOVE” HRH THE PRINCE OF WALES GIVES A DINNER TO CELEBRATE BRITISH AND ARMENIAN CHARITIES AGBU President and members among the sponsors A historic charity event in support of Armenian and British charities took place at the Windsor Castle on February 10 hosted by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall. Project initiator and main benefactor Armen Sarkisian, former Prime Minister of Armenia and President of Eurasia House International, welcomed more than 200 guests From left: Nouneh Sarkissian, Armen Sarkissian, HRH Duchess of from around the world Cornwall, HRH Prince of Wales, RA President Serzh Sargsyan and His with the Royal couple. Holiness Karekin II, Catholicos of All Armenians “Yerevan, My Love” is a heritage-led regeneration project dedicated to preserving architecturally significant buildings in Yerevan and putting them to use to improve the life experience of disabled children, young people and disadvantaged families. Continued on page 2


On January 20, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin II left for Moscow to participate in the 2009 award ceremony of the International Fund of Unity of Orthodox Peoples. The award named after Patriarch Alexiy II and given “For eminent activities in strengthening Orthodox people’s unity, establishment and development of Christian values among the population” has been delivered since 2000. It marks state, political, public and religious figures from different countries and their substantial contribution into strengthening spiritual and cultural unity of Orthodox peoples, reinforcing economic and political ties between the countries that were historically shaped in the context of Eastern Christian tradition. On January 21, during the award ceremony in the Councils hall of the Christ the Savior Cathedral of Moscow, Holy Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Kiril I, who is also the President of the Board of Trustees of the Fund, handed in the prestigious award to His Holiness Karekin II and the President of the Russian Fed- His Holiness Karekin II receives the award from Holy Patriarch of Russian Orthodox Church Kiril I eration Dmitry Medvedev. Continued on page 2

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“YEREVAN, MY LOVE”... (see page 1) The fundraising will support the reconstruction of four buildings: two of them in Yerevan’s Kond district

and two in the centre. Once completed and fully furnished with facilities and equipment, one of the Kond buildings will be used to house a nursery for deaf and mute children from deprived families and the other will serve as a centre for single mothers with children. The other two buildings in the centre will become a music school for national instruments for deprived children and youth. The school will be run by world famous master duduk player Djivan Gasparyan, who was an orphan himself and grew up under the care and tutelage of musicians and artists of his time. Members of the royal family, dignitaries, world renowned political, cultural and civic leaders, and senior executives of global corporation, including Areva, HSBC, Barclay’s Bank, Merrill Lynch, Elettronica, attended this unique charity event. A high level delegation from Armenia was headed by President Serge Sargsyan and His Holiness Catholicos Garegin II of All Armenians, the Mayor of Yerevan and Armenia’s Foreign Minister. The Prince of Wales underlined, “It is an occasion to strengthen further the strong ties between the United Kingdom and Armenia. This is why I am so delighted to be giving this dinner to support the charity, “Yerevan, My Love”, which will help with the redevelopment and revitalization of some of the oldest parts of the city in a way that preserves and continues traditional Armenian architecture and craftsmanship. Perhaps this approach will also provide an example and model to be adopted elsewhere in Armenia”. He expressed his admiration for Armenia as the oldest Christian nation in the world and “for its vast and unique architectural heritage”. The dinner was held in the vast historic Waterloo Chamber. Donors of this fundraising event (in support of first project of “Yerevan, My Love”) Main sponsor and benefactor Dr. & Mrs Armen Sarkissian and family; benefactors: Mr & Mrs Sergey Ambartsumyan (Russia), Mr & Mrs Enzo Benigni (Italy), Mr & Mrs Haig Didizian (UK), Mr & Mrs Samvel Karapetyan (Russia), Ms Louise Manoogian Simone (USA), Mr & Mrs Vatche Manoukian (UK), Mr & Mrs. Joseph Oughourlian (USA), Mr & Mrs Samir Traboulsi (UK), Mr & Mrs Ruben Vardanyan (Russia); Corporate benefactors: ArmRusGasprom (CEO Karen Karapetyan); Energoproekt (CEOs Gagik Zakharyan & Evgeny Bobylev); ENI (CEO Paolo Scaroni), HSBC (Chairman Stephen Green), ITERA (CEO Igor V. Makarov); Patron: Areva (CEO Anne Lauvergeon); Mr Eduardo Eurnekian (Argentina), Wafic Said (UK); Sponsors: and VimpelCom (CEO Boris Nemsic); Mr & Mrs Carl Bazarian (USA), Mr & Mrs David Bezhuashvili (Georgia), Mr Pierre Fattouch (Lebanon), Mr & Mrs Ray Irani (Occidental Petroleum, USA), Mr & Mrs Berge Setrakian (AGBU), Mr & Mrs Igor Tsukanov (Russia), Mr & Mrs Davit Varagyan (Kazakhstan), and Mr Gagik Zakaryan (Russia); Supporters: Mr & Mrs Bedo Eghiayan (UK) and Mr & Mrs Assadour Guzelian (UK).

HIS HOLINESS KAREKIN II AWARDED THE PRIZE OF ... (see page 1) Famous film director Emir Kusturica (Serbia) and

St. Vladimir Orthodox Theological Seminary (USA) also received prizes from Patriarch Kiril I and President of the Fund V. Alekseev. In his speech His Holiness Karekin II expressed gratitude to the Fund’s Board of Trustees headed by Patriarch Kiril, and characterized the prize as another proof of the friendly relations between the two peoples, churches and states. “Blessed is the brotherhood between our Churches, and blessed is the friendship between our peoples, and common are the interests of our states. The lasting friendship of Armenians and Russians has been tested by joint struggles and joint creations, and verified by strong spiritual, cultural, political and economic ties, intellectual and scientific achievements, indisputable and growing cooperation. The geographiHis Holiness Karekin II with Russian President Dmitry cal position has never hindered the friendship between our Medvedev, Patriarch of Russian Orthodox Church Kiril I, countries”, said Catholicos Karekin II. Emphasizing the imporEmir Kusturica and V. Alekseev tance of joint efforts towards strengthening of our states, the improvement of life conditions and meeting the challenges faced by our nations, His Holiness added, “May the love of God always accompany our peoples, our state officials, our Churches, so that the Lord is glorified with our lives and deeds, and may our Homelands develop and our friendship become stronger”. The All-Armenian Catholicos transferred the financial award to the fund of the Russian Orthodox Church currently being built in Yerevan. His Holiness also participated in the holy liturgy served by Patriarch Kiril I in the Church of the Deposition of the Virgin’s Robe in Kremlin, after which the Spiritual Leaders made official statements. Page 2



AGBU DONATES $50,000 TO HAITI EARTHQUAKE VICTIMS AND APPEALS TO MEMBERS & FRIENDS TO SUPPORT RELIEF EFFORTS In the wake of the 7.0 magnitude earthquake which struck Haiti on January 12, 2010, AGBU joins with citizens, organizations and nations around the world in calling for everyone to come together and help the Caribbean nation recover from the devastating natural disaster. The world's largest Armenian nonprofit organization has already donated $50,000 directly to Haiti earthquake victims. Recently, the International Red Cross has estimated that upwards of 250,000 have died and hundreds of thousands are now homeless in what is the most dire humanitarian crisis in the Americas. Charitable organizations the world over are rushing to provide emergency care, shelter, food and counseling to those affected by the earthquake. While it may be impossible to grasp the human tragedy facing the people of Haiti as they rebuild their lives, Armenians remember the devastation inflicted on Armenia during the 1988 Gyumri earthquake. Just as the world rushed to help Armenia in its time of need, Armenians join the world community to ensure that Haiti does not face this tragedy alone. In order to coordinate the efforts within the Armenian community and since Fund for Armenian Relief (FAR) has already initiated a campaign, we are encouraging you to make your donation directly to FAR. Please mail your tax-deductible donation through Fund for Armenian Relief (630 Second Avenue, New York, NY 10016) preferably no later than Friday, January 22. You can also donate money online using the secure FAR Donation Page on the FAR website ( Please designate the money to "HAITI" in the comment line.

The terrible earthquake in Haiti took the lives of more than 250,000 people

“ARMENIACA” - THE PROJECT OF PRESERVATION OF ARMENIAN MONUMENTAL HERITAGE The “Armeniaca” project is the result of cooperation of three European partners: the Armenian General Benevolent Union’s District of France (France), Center of Study and Documentation of Armenian Culture (CSDAC) (Italy), and Inside Europe (Belgium) organizations and one partner from Armenia - the Research on Armenian Architecture (RAA). The project is aimed at the digitization of the archives on the Armenian monumental heritage and the creation of a common database. It started on November 1, 2009 and will end on October 31, 2011. The majority of the activities will take place in Armenia. Within the framework of the program the RAA is responsible for the coordination of integration and indexation of four European collections - Jean-Michel and Nicole Thierry, Gabriel Terneuil, Adriano Alpago Novello and Paolo Cuneo with the RAA collection in the new database developed by Hovhannes Kizoghyan. The four European collections mentioned above digitized and indexed in English will be put at RAA’s disposal by UGAB and CSDAC in files which are compatible with the new developed software. RAA will have the charge of unifying all data and index the archives in Armenian. The program will help preserve the archives of Armenian monumental heritage, improve the archives of the RAA, assemble and expand the data through constant online operations, as well as contribute to the exchange of knowledge and experience with highly qualified international researchers, artists, students, architectures and other specialists.

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AGBU YP YEREVAN STEERING COMMITTEE AND AGBU YEREVAN SCOUT COUNCIL MET WITH AGBU CENTRAL BOARD MEMBER VASKEN YACOUBIAN On Friday, February 19, the members of the Steering Committee of the AGBU Young Professionals Yerevan and the AGBU Yerevan Scout Council met with AGBU Central Board member Vasken Yacoubian. The meeting took place at the AGBU Armenian Representation with the participation of AGBU Armenian Representation Director Ashot Ghazarian and Deputy Director Hovig Eordekian. During the meeting the AGBU YP Yerevan members presented a summary of their activities of the last year. New ideas and upcoming programs were also discussed. They also talked about the possibilities of expanding the YP rows and the fields of their activities, especially in the regions of Armenia. AGBU Yerevan Scout Council members presented the process of development of the scout movement in the Youth Centers and their activities towards spreading scout principles and knowledge among the younger generation. AGBU Central Board member Vasken Yacoubian emphasized the importance of activating the works on both fronts, strengthening the ties between the two youth structures and organizing joint events.

AGBU YP Yerevan and AGBU Yerevan Scout members meet with AGBU Central Board member Vasken Yacoubian

AGBU YEREVAN SCOUTS’ NEW YEAR PARTY AND VISIT TO YERABLUR The members of the AGBU Scout movement of Yerevan held a festive New Year party at the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin and AGBU Arabkir Youth Center in Yerevan. The event was organized by the AGBU Scout leaders for the younger generation of the AGBU Scout movement of Yerevan. The happy atmosphere reigned at the Youth Center from early morning until late in the evening with a lot of dancing, singing, interesting games and food. The peak of the event was the arrival of Santa Claus, who brought Christmas presents to the children. They were endlessly happy to receive the gifts that they had asked for in their letters to the Santa.

New Year party of the AGBU Yerevan Scouts

Yerevan Scout Council Head Karen Tirarian congratulated everyone on the New Year and Christmas holidays, wishing them success and new achievements in the coming 2010.

VISIT TO YERABLUR On January 28, 2010, on the occasion of the RA National Army Day, the members of the AGBU Yerevan Scout movement headed by the AGBU Yerevan Scout Council visited the Yerablur pantheon to honor the memory of all our heroes, who helped build our victories at the cost of their lives. Filled with enormous feeling of pride and happiness the AGBU Yerevan Scouts laid a wreath at the memorial consisting of 21 columns near the chapel in Yerablur. They marched together with the Guards of Honor, united as one, with a strong feeling of duty, consciousness and pride. The AGBU Yerevan Scout movement was established in 2008. It already has more than 100 members, who hold weekly meetings at the Arabkir Youth Center of AGBU and Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin. A new branch of the AGBU Yerevan Scouts will be established in the Nor Nork Youth Center very soon.

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AGBU Yerevan Scouts paid tribute to our heroes at Yerablur



AGBU LAUNCHES MOSCOW SUMMER INTERN PROGRAM APPLICATIONS NOW AVAILABLE AGBU is currently accepting applications for its newly created 2010 Moscow Summer Intern Program. Already home to the largest community in the worldwide Armenian diaspora, Moscow will be the location of AGBU's newest summer intern program, which joins the organization's successful programs in New York and Yerevan. The first Moscow Summer Intern Program is scheduled to begin on June 26, 2010, and it will continue for five weeks, concluding on July 31. The program will offer students of Armenian descent from around the world a once-in-a-lifetime professional experience in a global hub of trade, commerce, diplomacy and innovation. Participating students will experience the exhilaration of the Russian capital, which is home to hundreds of international corporations and leading organizations. They will stay at the dormitories of the internationally renowned Moscow State University with the best and brightest Armenian students from around the world. They will be immersed in the thrill of modern Russia and discover a world of opportunity they could only dream of. Like its sister programs in New York and Yerevan, students participating in the Moscow program will explore the Armenian character of the city and meet local Russian Armenians who are a driving force in the revitalization of this former capital of the Soviet Union. In addition to local outings, educational seminars and cultural workshops, participants will travel to St. Petersburg to explore the cultural riches of czarist Russia. Among the treasures they will encounter during their trip to Russia's second city will be the famed Hermitage Museum and St. Catherine's Armenian Apostolic Church. Moscow is the location of AGBU’s newest summer intern program

Students are not required to know Russian to participate as they will be placed in English-language work environments. For more information, please visit,, or email,

Yerevan Summer Intern Program 2010 This summer, for the third year running, promising Armenian undergraduate and graduate students from around the world will be selected to participate in a five-week AGBU Yerevan Summer Intern Program. Program While in Armenia, students will intern at major companies and organizations, and participate in educational, cultural and social activities in both Armenia and Karabakh.

Send in your application and join them

YSIP 2010 For applications and additional information please visit: or write to Page 5



AGBU YOUNG PROFESSIONALS OF GREATER NEW YORK AND LOS ANGELES MAKE A DONATION TO THE AUA The AGBU YP Groups of the world have embraced various fundraising projects that they subsidize and support annually. In 2009, the AGBU Young Professionals of Greater New York (YPGNY) and Los Angeles (YPLA) continued their tradition of supporting one of these key fundraising projects by donating ACM Digital Library subscription to the American University of Armenia (AUA) in Yerevan. Dr. Barry Levine, Director of AUA Computer and Information Science Program states, “ACM is the flagship computing organization supporting research and educational activities on an international scale. It is essential for our program, faculty, and students to have access to the latest publications to support their research and educational efforts. To this end, we are indebted to YPLA and YPGNY for their continuing financial support to-wards the costs of institutional membership in ACM, including the Digital Library subscription." To date, AGBU YP contributions to this cause total over $10,000. In appreciation of the generosity the AGBU YPs were recognized by AUA with an inscription of the organization’s name on the marble AUA Honor Wall, joining the longstanding list of donors.

Thanks to the donation of AGBU YPGNY and YPLA the students at AUA can access the ACM Digital Library

Satenik Avakian, AUA Library Director, says, “In the long-term history of nations, the wealth of intellectual products is more consequential and significant than material wealth. An informed and knowledgeable society is what most nations are striving for and we as a University have an important role to play in the development of such a society. ACM Digital Library advances education through initiatives that address the changing needs of students and professionals in computing and information technologies. It is so important that the library provides computer-based databases that allow students to conduct much of their research without setting foot in the library.” There is no doubt that this cooperative effort is of tremendous value to the AUA. AUA President Dr. Haroutune Armenian adds, “Your very important contribution provides a valuable technical resource for our Computer and Information Science (CIS) students and others in the community. In so doing, you are assisting the University in providing American accredited graduate education in Armenia. The thoughtfulness of the AGBU YPs is helping to transform the lives of our students, shape their communities and advance the development and well being of Armenia.”


The AGBU Armenian Virtual College is pleased to announce the opening of its enrollment period for Spring Term 2010. The enrollment period starts on March 5 and the deadline for submitting applications is March 21. The classes of Spring Term 2010 start on April 5. The 9-week term offers the students courses in Eastern Armenian, Western Armenian, Armenian History and Introduction to Armenian Architecture in six languages including Armenian (Eastern and Western), Russian, English, French and Spanish. About 160 students from 25 countries participated in Winter Term 2010. The majority of the students are from the United States of America. The winter term also registered a tangible growth in the number of students from Russia making it the third most active country with 13% of participation. For enrollment, please visit, create your log-in and submit your enrollment application. For more details, please contact:

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THIRD ROUND OF THE 4TH REPUBLICAN INTERSCHOOL CHESS TOURNAMENT The third round of the AGBU-sponsored 4th republican interschool chess tournament will be held from March 25 to April 15, 2010. Thanks to AGBU’s donation the winners of the third round will receive chess clocks. The 4th republican chess tournament started in the fall of 2009 and will end in May 2010. Government representatives from all 10 regions of Armenia come to the AGBU Yerevan office these days to sign the trilateral contracts and receive the chess sets for regional and village schools. Within the framework of the 4th republican tournament, thanks to AGBU’s sponsorship, the schools of RA regions and Yerevan have received about 2300 chess sets. The winners of the finals, like the previous years, will receive computers from the AGBU. For the third consecutive year the AGBU is sponsoring the ReGovernment representatives from regions visit the AGBU publican Interschool Chess Championship. This project is the Yerevan office to sign the contracts and receive the chess sets initiative of the Armenian Chess Federation under the auspices of the RA Ministry of Education and Science. AGBU enjoys the status of Vice President of the Championship's organizing committee. The aim of the national championship is to promote a love of chess among schoolchildren and identify talented young people who can grow to be future champions in the sport, helping to continue Armenia's role as a major player in world chess competitions.

THE NEW YEAR GIFT OF THE AGBU AND HOLY ETCHMIADZIN YOUTH CENTERS Like every year, this year too, the students and the teachers of the AGBU and Holy See of St. Etchmiadzin Youth Centers of Yerevan, Vanadzor, Etchmiadzin and Ashtarak had prepared unforgettable series of events on the occasion of New Year and Christmas holidays for their peers, who are deprived of family warmth or have difficulties of moving because of health problems. Every year all the children present in these events receive gifts from His Holiness Karekin II, Catholicos of All-Armenians. Festive concerts and performances with fairy-tale heroes, singing and dancing, humor and games were staged for parentless and handicapped children at the Children’s Republican Rehabilitation Center, Mary Izmirian orphanage, as well as all the Youth Centers. The events were hosted by the children’s Passage from the New Year concert of Youth Center students favorites - the Santa Claus and the Snow White - who gave the children unforgettable moments of happiness, hope and true spiritual delight. Indescribably happy were the children and the guests at the Vanadzor Youth Center since for the first time their event took place in the new building of the Center. Father Nersess Ghalayan from St. Mary (Holy Mother of God) Church of the Diocese of Gougark extended a word of blessing to all those present. The most memorable evening of the series was the January 12 concert at “Aram Khachatrian” Hall with the participation of 350 students of Yerevan and Etchmiadzin Youth Centers. Thrice during that day a performance called “The Secret of Love” was staged for a total of 4500 guests. RA President’s wife Mrs. Rita Sarkissian was the honorable guest of the e-vent. The three leading characters of the performance impersonated three Christian virtues - wisdom, love of nation and apostolic church, opposite the fourth character - Mammon. As the author of the idea Reverend Father Komitas Hovnanian, Director of the Youth Centers, said, “Giving these children happiness, love and attention was not the only purpose of the-se events. We wanted to pass on to them Christian commandments. Today, people have become so materialistic that they have lost their moral image. The characters of these performance make these children think about the true spiritual values of life”. The director of the performance Aida Andreasian, Education Deputy Director of the Youth Centers, emphasized that the success of such performances mainly depend upon organizational issues. She also underlined the efforts and invaluable role of the pedagogues in solving these issues and ensuring the ideal performance of the children on stage. The New Year started for the Youth Center students with unique enthusiasm, goodwill and expectations for the best.

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AGBU EUROPE IN LONDON MEETINGS WITH BARONESS CAROLINE COX, RA AMBASSADOR TO UK VAHE GABRIELIAN AND ACCC REPRESENTATIVES The AGBU Europe Board’s first meeting of 2010 was held on January 23 at London’s "Armenian House” - a symbolic place that brings together the entire Armenian community.

She has continuously supported the Karabakh cause, visited the region for seventy times and knows very well its strategic, political and economic issues.

In his speech AGBU Europe Chairman Alexis Govciyan “Artsakh is everything for the Armenian people so said, "The United Kingdom plays an important role in the we all must unite“, Alexis Govciyan, Chairman of European Union on both political and economic levels. Its AGBU Europe, concluded his speech. position in favor of Turkey and Azerbaijan should be changed and a balanced During this meeting the policy must be established, AGBU Europe campaign for taking into account ArmeNagorno Karabakh was disnia’s role in the region. This cussed, the main purpose of powerful European country which is to force the Euroshould be more interested pean Union to establish conin the recognition of the Artact with the authorities of menian genocide and Nagorno Karabakh and to should support the historical provide humanitarian and truth. The recent action of economic assistance to Kathe Parliament members rabakh. This initiative was from Northern Ireland and welcomed with enthusiasm Scotland towards the recogby Caroline Cox, who has nition of the Armenian genoexpressed desire to coopercide is a very important ate with AGBU Europe to step. We should work even counterbalance the strong more actively with the ArAGBU Europe Board held its first meeting of 2010 in London Azeri propaganda. menian community in London on various Armenian issues and coordinate our efforts”. MEETING WITH ACCC REPRESENTATIVES The issue of the Armenian Genocide recognition by the UK During the days in London, AGBU Europe leaders met with was widely discussed during the meeting with the members various individuals and organizations including RA Ambas- of the Armenian Community and Church Council of Great sador to UK Vahe Gabrielian, Baroness Caroline Cox, Bi- Britain and its Chairman Ara Palamoudian. The British Arshop Nathan Hovhannisian, members of the Armenian menian community has some difficulties to get this recogniCommunity & Church Council of Great Britain, and AGBU tion especially because of the strong relations between the Young Professionals of London. The main purpose of these UK and Turkey. To foster the activities in this field a commeetings was to present the goals and the mission of mittee for the Armenian Genocide recognition campaign AGBU Europe, exchange views on important issues and was established in London. explore opportunities for partnership and collaboration. The focus of the meeting between the AGBU Europe Board members and the Ambassador of the RA to UK Vahe GabMEETING WITH BARONESS COX Baroness Caroline Cox is a member of the British House of rielyan was the aggressive policy of Azerbaijan and Turkey, with a special emphasis on the activities of a London-based Lords and avid crusader for the Armenians of Karabakh. organization called the "European Azerbaijan society".

Please be advised that in the event of any full or partial reference or citation of the texts above AGBU Armenia Newsletter must be mentioned. All rights reserved. Established in 1906, AGBU ( is the world's largest non-profit Armenian organization. Headquartered in New York City with an annual budget of $36 million, AGBU preserves and promotes the Armenian identity and heritage through educational, cultural and humanitarian programs, annually touching the lives of some 400,000 Armenians on six continents.

ARMENIAN GENERAL BENEVOLENT UNION NEW YORK 55 East 59th Street, New York, NY 10022-1112 Phone: 212 319 6383 Fax: 212 319 6507 E-mail: Website:


YEREVAN 9 Alex Manoogian Street, Yerevan, Armenia Phone: (374 10) 51-22-51 Fax: (374 10) 51-22-52 E-mail: Website: Page 8

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