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Agenda •SEO Defination •Examples of popular Search Engines • SEO Off Page • Why is Search Engine marketing important?

• What is a SEO Algorithm? • Steps to developing a good SEO strategy • Ranking factors • Basic tips for optimization

SEO is a technique which helps search engines find and rank your site higher than the millions of other sites in response to a search query. SEO thus helps you get traffic from search engines.

Examples popular Search Engines

 Directory Submission  Social Bookmarking  Blog Commenting  Press Release Submission  Article Submission  Video Submission  Document Sharing  Document Sharing

SEO On Page           

Keyword Research Title Page Meta Description tag Meta Keyword tag Image ALT tags H1 – H6 tags SEO Friendly URL structure Content Keyword density, Keyword Proximity, Keyword Proximity, Term Vactor Site maps, both XML and user facing(HTML) Robots.txt

Steps to developing a good SEO strategy:  Research desirable keywords and search phrases (WordTracker, Overture, Google AdWords)  Identify search phrases to target (should be relevant to business/market, obtainable and profitable)  “Clean” and optimize a website’s HTML code for appropriate keyword density, title tag optimization, internal linking structure, headings and subheadings, etc.  Help in writing copy to appeal to both search engines and actual website visitors  Study competitors (competing websites) and search engines  Implement a quality link building campaign  Add Quality content  Constant monitoring of rankings for targeted search terms

Ranking factors  On-Page Factors (Code & Content)      

Title tags <title> #3 Header tags <h1> #5 ALT image tags #4 Content, Content, Content (Body text) <body> #1 Hyperlink text #6 Keyword frequency & density #2

 Off-Page Factors  

Link Popularity (“votes” for your site) – adds credibility #2 Anchor text #1

Pay Per Click

 PPC ads appear as “sponsored listings”  Companies bid on price they are willing to pay “per

   

click” Typically have very good tracking tools and statistics Ability to control ad text Can set budgets and spending limits Google AdWords and Overture are the two leaders

PPC vs. “Organic” SEO Pay-Per-Click • results in 1-2 days • easier for a novice or one little knowledge of SEO • ability to turn on and off at any moment • generally more costly per visitor and per conversion • fewer impressions and exposure • easier to compete in highly competitive market space (but it will cost you) • Ability to generate exposure on related sites (AdSense) • ability to target “local” markets • better for short-term and high-margin campaigns

“Organic” SEO • results take 2 weeks to 4 months • requires ongoing learning and experience to achieve results • very difficult to control flow of traffic • generally more cost-effective, does not penalize for more traffic • SERPs are more popular than sponsored ads • very difficult to compete in highly competitive market space • ability to generate exposure on related websites and directories • more difficult to target local markets • better for long-term and lower margin campaigns

SEO Company in India- KG Tech ď&#x201A;&#x2014; KG Tech(the registered SEO company in India), which started as a

freelancing services to help retailers sell products online in 2008, has grown into a complete digital branding services providing solutions on SEO, SEM, SMO & related business requirements. It was not a plan, but consistent growth of search engines and social medias, launch of new marketing platforms every year or two, shift of customer base to online and growing demands of businesses to create a reputable brand online has all brought us to where we are today, ofcourse with our efforts and the trust that our customers have on us. We are extremely client-friendly company working on customized solutions for every project. For More Information visit: SEO Company in India call us: +917845920090 , +914424350693



Seo company in india  
Seo company in india  

KG Tech(the registered SEO company in India) provides services in SEO, PPC, Social Media, Web designing, development and more for clients ar...