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Search Engines & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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What is SEO Industry Research SEO Process Technical aspects of SEO Social Media - MySpace Optimization Measuring SEO success SEO Tools

What is SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )? • The process of improving web pages so they rank higher in search engines for your targeted keywords. Internal Link Structure Link Popularity / Relevance Key Factors Crawlability / Optimized Code Content Relevance

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) What is Search Engine Optimization? • Using various techniques to improve a web site's ranking in the search engines and thereby attract more visitors. • Search engine robots/ spiders like Goggle bot are crawling the net (Indexing) will use Meta tags to find web pages with relevant content on the internet and display results of user search queries.

Basic Tips & Optimization Techniques •Research keywords related to your business •Identify competitors, utilize benchmarking techniques and identify level of competition •Utilize descriptive title tags for each page •Ensure that your text is HTML-text and not image text •Use text links when ever possible •Use appropriate keywords in your content and internal hyperlinks (don’t overdo!) •Obtain inbound links from related websites •Monitor your search engine rankings and more importantly your website traffic statistics and sales/leads produced •Educate yourself about search engine marketing

Industry Research – Who gets the clicks? Organic Clicks vs Paid Clicks The vast majority of clicks -- roughly 60 percent, go to organic listings SEO Company in India.

Industry Research: Organic SEO is the most popular form of SEM

Organic SEO is the most popular form of SEM, with almost three-quarters of advertisers using this local seo method, with paid placement a very close second at 71%

Industry Research & The case for SEO

Reasons to conduct SEO • The majority of clicks are going to Organic listings. • SEO is the most popular form of SEM. • SEO provides a high ROI. • Many people don’t go past the 1st page in the Search results. • Users trust the Natural results to be more relevant to their Search query.

SEO Process Step 1: Discuss Business objectives. Step 2: Conduct initial keyword analysis. Step 3: Identify the keyword/landing page combinations. Step 4: Interim Client Approval for Keyword/Landing Pages. Step 5: Baseline Ranking & Traffic reports. Step 6: On-site & Off-site optimization. Step 7: Detailed Recommendation documents. Step 8: Implementation. Step 9: Monitoring and Optimizing: We provide monthly reporting and optimization recommendations. The reporting is compared to the baseline (or previous month’s results) to identify trends and help guide additional adjustments.

Technical SEO 1. Comprehensive Website Analysis 2. Keyword Research and Analysis. 3. Baseline Ranking report. 4. Competitive analysis in Search Engines. 5. Content Analysis & SEO Copywriting. 6. Analysis of URL structure & information architecture. 7. Analysis of internal linking. 8. Analysis of source code and page layout. 9. Code validation. 10.Search Engine Saturation. 11.Link Popularity Analysis. 12.Link Relevancy & Co-Citation Analysis (Topical Relevancy).

SEO Company in India- KG Tech • KG Tech(the registered SEO company in India), which started as a freelancing services to help retailers sell products online in 2008, has grown into a complete digital branding services providing solutions on SEO, SEM, SMO & related business requirements. It was not a plan, but consistent growth of search engines and social medias, launch of new marketing platforms every year or two, shift of customer base to online and growing demands of businesses to create a reputable brand online has all brought us to where we are today, ofcourse with our efforts and the trust that our customers have on us. We are extremely clientfriendly company working on customized solutions for every project. For More Information visit: SEO Company in India call us: +917845920090 , +914424350693



SEO Tutorial - SEO Company in India  
SEO Tutorial - SEO Company in India  

KG Tech(the registered SEO company in India), which started as a freelancing services to help retailers sell products online in 2008, has gr...