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Issue No. 1 · May 2018

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Find exactly what you need to know about the hottest social media platform, and make it your own.

Life in plastic is indeed fantastic. No question on that.

Barbie World

Being a design student is no joke, we have all been there. Don’t worry, we got you. Finding the inspiration you need is easier than it seems.

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the art of insta gram

the art of insta gram

By Ana Reyes & Jordan Dyck

Social media has become a huge part of our lives. Just think about it, who does not spend at least five minutes staring and swiping through an app? Imposible to deny it, right? In times like this is when we care the most about what part of ourselves we show the world, the image you want others to have of yourself. It’s really an art. Capturing a good Instagram photo with your phone is harder than it looks! To help you create an Instagram feed that makes people go “wow” (and get you more Instagram followers), we’ve put together the ultimate guide to taking and editing photos for Instagram – all from your phone! Photographer and popular Instagrammer Jordan Dyck is sharing the best kept secrets in the industry to creating good Instagram photos that you can use right now:

Step 1: Setting up your Phone Before you can even begin to think about composition, lighting, and editing, there are two things you need to know about how to work the camera on your phone in order to take a good Instagram photo.

First, under-expose your shot. Have you ever taken a photo of a bright sky, only to realize later that half of it is over-exposed? Mobile phones tend to blow out portions of your photograph naturally, resulting in over-highlighted areas. But there’s a trick to fix this: under-exposing your shot. It’s better to have a slightly under-exposed photo that you can then brighten with editing, instead of ruining the whole shot with over-exposure. To under-exposure your photo on an iPhone, tap and hold the brightest area of your phone, which locks in the focus and exposure. After you’ve done this, you can move your the camera around to compose the photo you want. Perfect for those product shots in the sunlight!

Keep HDR Off

HDR (High Dynamic Range) is hard to get right and can make a picture look unnatural and overdone. Essentially, the function takes many different exposures of the same photo, and puts them together in one photo so you have tons of details. Keep it simple, less is more when it comes to taking good Instagram photos.

Step 2: Capturing the Shot for a Good Instagram Photo There are two key things you should think about when capturing the perfect shot: composition and lighting. If you get these functions down pat, dream-worthy Instagram photos are definitely in your future.

1. Composition Successful composition relies on one primary goal; finding a way to direct your viewers to the subject of the photo while capturing a story or emotion. When composing a good Instagram photo, there are a few things you should keep in mind in order to take your photo from “good” to “wow.” Rule of Thirds: The Rule of Thirds is considered the golden rule of photography. It’s applied by aligning a subject with literal guidelines and their intersection points made into squares, to allow an image to flow from section to section and create energy and interest. Lucky for you, your phone has an amazing grid tool that does this for you. All you need to do is turn on the “grid” setting in your phone’s settings for your camera. The blogging babes over at A Beautiful Mess nailed it with this picture perfect hot air balloon, which is perfectly centered in the middle of the grid. TIP: If you are in front of a door, stand in the middle of it and distance your grid equally for instant impact. Pay attention to every detail, and vary your subject along these lines or intersections to create interest and variation that’s appealing to your followers.

Create a Signature Having a unique style for your Instagram feed is essential to standing out and finding success on Instagram. When people visit your page, you want them to have an idea of what your work is like and what kind of content they can expect from you. Instead of thinking about each Instagram photo, think ahead and plan out your Instagram feed as a whole. V

Whether it’s a color palette or a style palette, finding and sticking to a theme that works for you will make your Instagram photos really pop. A quick expert tip is to choose a warm, cold, or neutral color palette for your Instagram feed. Neutral is generally minimal and best used for fashion, lifestyle and home brands.

Step 3: Post-Production & Editing Techniques You’ve captured an awesome photo, but how do you turn it into a drool-worthy good Instagram photo? With so many editing apps available, it can be difficult to figure out where to start! Here are some of our favorite instagram photo editing apps, and some helpful tips to get the process started:


An elegant, easy to use app that’s a must for every serious Instagrammer. With beautiful and minimal one-tap presets; we suggest picking a favourite preset and using the adjustable filter strength to a 4-6 to find the perfect style for your brand. If you want to make your feed consistent, sticking with the same filter or pack of filters is an easy way to make all your Instagram photos come together. They have a pretty cool community too.

Snapseed The ultimate fine tuning app; Snapseed is an all-purpose photo editor perfect for image enhancements and corrections. We suggest using this app to crop, rotate, straighten and adjust your perspective before sending it to Instagram. Snapseed also has features you won’t find on other apps; adjust the “ambiance” of your photo for a moodier or softer vibe, or use the brush tool to brighten, darken, or saturate specific parts of your photo. You can also use the handy healing tool to edit out any blemishes or stray people who may have wandered into your shot. And of course, Instagram Instagram’s own photo editing software has improved dramatically over the years and we highly recommend adding it to your editing lineup. Up your “lux” a bit for a quick boost to your photo, then use the in-app software to add some final touches to your brightness, contrast, or temperature. With so many options, it’s easy to overdo it when it comes to photo editing. If you’re a beginner, stick to the golden three: brightness, contrast and saturation. Move between the edited and original versions to make sure you find that perfect fit for your photographs.



There is a good old quote that says Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working, well, we are here to tell you the exact same opposite. Yes, forget everyting you know about getting inspired to create because guess what? You make the rules. Are we crazy? Yeah. Are we right? Maybe. Should you keep reading? Absolutely.

By Ana Alicia Reyes





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Is it really that hard to find?

You see, there are many ways to find that infamous inspirtation, it coulf be books, pictures, articles, people, music, nature, pretty much everything. So how come you are stuck in this never endig cyle of creativity locked brain? It feels like you are broken, and it is so overwhelming, specially when you rely on your ideas to, literally, live.

Model: Anali Reyes Doll: Mattel Glasses: Sasha Dress: Forever 21 Jacket: Levi’s Photography: Sofía Suárez

(it’s fantastic!

Barbie World is a collection of photographs that depict the impact of the insane beauty standards society tries to make woman live up to, while also refering to the unorganic and unhealthy lifestyle many individuals are trying to reach. Thus it can be seen and understood in many ways, the creator aims to create conscience about a problem everyone faces, but not many is willing to talk about.


Every man and woman face an enormous amount of critique everyday, trying to fullfill society’s expectations, trying to look a certain way, doing what everyone else is, imitating the boring rutine that we have tied ourselves to.


By following this paradoxes are just scragging ourselves.


He said: Don’t you feel lonely living in your own little world? She whispered: Don’t you feel powerless living in other people’s world?

angel a.g.


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