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ynamic Mentor Program – Piano Phase

Business Direction / Recruitment and Market Orientation Team Goals / Matching Mentors and Metrics Personal Motivation / Meetings with Mentors (online, face to face and/or telephone) Supportive Professional Community / Technology and Performance Monitoring Integrated Management / Accelerating Community Goals __ Case Studies / Driving Innovation with Connected Services Technology and Technical Support / Strategy Quality Products / IT VC Consistency and Customer Engagement / Infrastructure Coaching Teams, Support and Development / Branding Business Psychology for Personal and Leadership Development / Marketing and Finance __ Customer Relationship Management / Morbidity Testing and Time Saving Assessment and Implementation of New Ideas / Advanced Management Program Creating Ambitious New Ventures / Brand Management Developing Entrepreneurial Management Practices / Leadership & Innovation Corporate Strategy / Managing Supportive Environments that foster Innovation Preparing for the Economic, Political and Social Challenges You May Encounter / Social Analytics __ Data and Direct Marketing / Choices Scaling Fast-Growth Companies in Global Markets / Cross-channel Solutions Building Strategic Frameworks to Manage Growth in a Vibrant Corporate Culture / Marketing and Sales Honing Leadership Skills to Operate Competitively in a Global Marketplace / Formal Management Venture Capital and Market Enterprise / Piano Phase by Steve Reich __

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