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Neutrogena products have been around a long time and they are tried and trusted and often recommended by dermatologists, I have reseached hundreds of products for this site and theirs usually feature somewhere in top products lists, this is not by coincidence. They also have a similar lotion called Neutrogena Healthy Defense Oil-Free Sunblock Lotion, SPF 45, 4 Ounce (Pack of 2) (US only). Z-Silc Sunblock SPF 30 (3.5 oz) is arguably the sunblock product for those with acne, but unfortunately the price will put it out of reach of most people, it is recommended by dermatoligists, is non-greasy and has no perfume or smell and it goes without saying it will not clog up the pores. The next item comes from a Japanese company, Shisheido, who perhaps are not that well known in the West, but in places like Hong Kong where Chinese ladies have an obsession about good skin they are massively popular and have their own stores, additionally their clients pay monthly subscriptions for their products and services. Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Cream SPF 55 *PA+++ (for face) is a very high factor cream for the face, due in no small measure to the large presence of Zinc oxide, it is non-oily and dries to a pleasing semi-matte finish, it is also hypoallergenic and should not cause any problems for sensitive skin. There is also a lotion available for the whole body Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion N SPF 60 PA +++ 3.3 oz Once again Shisheido products are by no means cheap, but if you have acne then you want to give your skin the best protection it can get. Vanicream Sunscreen SPF 35 – 4 oz is another sunscreen sometimes recommended by skincare professionals, it is good for sensitive skin and comes in different types some of which is medicated with octinoxate, it is quite thick on application but is soon absorbed, this one is reasonable priced and works well for most of the people that have used it. Eltamd UV Clear SPF 46, 48-Gram 1.7 oz. Eltamd is an excellent product for sensitive skin and acne, it is non-comedogenic and has no fragrance it is non-greasy or oily and it has a high protection factor, it is quite expensive, so it would not be viable to use it all over the body, but for the face, neck and other exposed areas it would be fine. Eltamd is only available in the USA at the time of writing. Skinceuticals Sheer Physical Uv Defense SPF 50 Broad-spectrum Sunscreen Fluid, 1.7-Ounce If you have sensitive skin or acne, then this may be a product you should have on your list to try, it is expensive but this is a thin lotion so a little will go a long way, despite the expense many people swear by this product, has a high SPF, dries to an excellent matte finish, is non-comedogenic, but is not very waterproof, so it will need to be reapplied after such activities. Excellent all round reviews on this item. Hawaiian Tropic Faces Oil Free Sunblock, SPF 30, 4-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 3) This is one of the cheapest sunblocks for sensitive skin, it is Water resistant, non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic,and contains no oils or perfumes, and for the price it comes in four ounce bottles so you get fairly good value for money as well as medium factor protection. This product is particularly suitable for people oily skins and it absorbs very well, excellent reviews all round for, if it works for you then Hawaiian Tropic Faces will be a keeper. La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid for Face, 1.7-Ounce Bottle this one is not specifically for acne but is very light and a very good sunscreen for sensitive skin and is also suitable for more oily skin types too. Non-greasy formula, does not leave skin looking shiny, not one to use if you are going swimming, and be careful about getting it on clothing as it may stain.

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