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Curriculum Vitae   Anna  Aguilar  Márquez   Demande  de  stage  de  3  mois  

Etat Civil    

26 ans  (24  mai  1987)     Nationalité  espagnole   Célibataire        


Coordonnées   26,  rue  Lecourbe,  75015  Paris  

Formation     -

Actuellement master  2  à  l’École  Nationale  Supérieure  d’Architecture  de  Versailles  (ENSAV).     Équivalent  de  licence  et  master  1  à  l’Escuela  Técnica  Superior  de  Arquitectura  de  Barcelona    (Universitat  Politècnica  de  Catalunya  –  UPC  -­‐    ETSAB).   Diplôme  de  Baccalauréat  scientifique  au  Colegio  Sagrada  Familia  de  Gavá  (Barcelona).    

Expériences professionnelles     -

Workshop au  Brésil  avec  l’école  de  Versailles  et  l’école  de  Rio  de  Janeiro.   Volontaire  en  organisation  et  design  du  matériel  pour  le  congres  IFoU  Conférence  2012  (6th   Conference  of  the  International  Forum  on  Urbanism)  á  l’ETSAB.   2ème  prix  concours  XXII  CONCURSO  IBÉRICO  DE  SOLUCIONES  CONSTRUCTIVAS  PLADUR  2012  á  l’École   T.  S.  d’Architecture  de  Barcelone.   Hôtesse  d’accueil  depuis  2009  jusqu'à  présent.     Stage  dans  le  bureau  d’études  CLIMAVA  sur  l’hôtel  et  bureaux  de  La  Fira  l’Hospitalet  de  Toyo  Ito.   Octobre  2007  -­‐  mai  2008.    Coordinatrice  et  moniteur  pour  enfants  et  adolescents  depuis  2003  jusqu'à  2012  dans  divers  clubs   sportifs  et  écoles.  

Langues -­‐   -­‐   -­‐   -­‐    

Espagnol et  catalan.  Langues  maternelles.   Anglais.  Très  bon  niveau  écrit  et  oral.   Italien.  Très  bon  niveau  écrit  et  oral.   Français.  Bon  niveau  écrit  et  oral.  


Autocad 2D  et  3D.  Très  bon  niveau.   Pack  Adobe  :  Photoshop.  Très  bon  niveau.  Illustrator  et  InDesign.  Bon  niveau.   Sketchup.  Bon  niveau.   Informatique  :  Windows,  pack  Microsoft  Office  et  Mac.  Très  bon  niveau.   Permis  B1.      

Compétences et  aptitudes    

Centres d’intérêt      

Voyages: Brasilia,  Sao  Paulo,  New  York,  Berlin,  London,  Milano,  Oslo,  Stockholm,  Roma,  etc.   Sports  :  football,  fitness,  naviguer.  

2012 contest: 2nd prize of the XXII CONCURSO IBÉRICO DE SOLUCIONES CONSTRUCTIVAS PLADUR® In a team of three students from ETSAB (Mario Bernad, Eric Rubio and myself) from 4th year of architecture, we presented a project for a contest organized by the company PLADUR ® We won the 2nd prize between teams from our university. The project was about how we could deal with a building that was already started to build but not finished. An abandoned framework setteld in Madrid with a programm we needed to define and design.

2012 conference: 6th Conference of the International Forum of Urbanism TOURBANISM It was for me an honour being part of the team for the IFoU in a privileged position working for and with Karin Hofert and Laura Alconero (her assistant). They trusted on me not just for design of the program, plans and help them with the logo... They also let me help them at the organization and the coordination of the rest of volunteers, as they trusted on my 4 years experience working as a hostess at many international congresses in Barcelona.

4th c o u r s e P r o j e c t s

PROJECTES VIII second semester at E.T.S.A.Barcelona.

During the 4th course we developed a project in Barcelona consisting in two buildings, one for the first semester and another for the second. T he scene where we had to design the two buildings was in 22@ district in Barcelona known nowadays for being one of the most modern part of the city.  Old industry is being replaced by new office buildings and facilities.

4th c o u r s e P r o j e c t s

PROJECTES VII first semester at E.T.S.A.Barcelona.

T he first semester was about planning a polyvalent centre having always in mind that on the second semester we had to design a laboratory building with a very defined program. It was interesting and difficult at the same time how to make them ‘talk’ in a good public space while you are just designing the first. For that project I was chose concrete structure inspired by the Brazilian architecture from Reidy.

3rd c o u r s e P r o j e c t s

PROJECTES V first semester at E.T.S.A.Barcelona.

The theme of the 3rd course was about housing. The plot was also in Barcelona but this time in an old neighbourhood called Gràcia not far from the known Cerdà’s grid. One of the facades was in an important old street access to Barcelona by Romans (Via Augusta). The programme was 80 apartments (40 of 110m2 and 40 of 50m2) and its corresponding number of parking lots plus a nursery school.

3rd c o u r s e U r b a n P l a n n i n g

URBANISTICA V first semester at E.T.S.A.Barcelona.

On the first semester of the 3rd year doing Urban planning (4th year of architecture) the first exercise we tried to improve the quality of the Helsinki harbour by making its access easier to pedestrian and cyclist. In order to achieve our goal we changed the itinerary of the tramway and we also restructured the area by new walkway, small private ports and by changing some of the main existing buildings.

3rd c o u r s e U r b a n P l a n n i n g

URBANISTICA V first semester at E.T.S.A.Barcelona.

In this same semester the issue was reorganizing the centre of an old town in the south of Catalonia called Valls. There we proposed three different promenades to arrive to a new centre, close to the old one that had become too small. Those 3 promenades where: The historical: sewing the most important historic buildings in the town as the house of one famous Catalan photographer born there. In his honour some of his photos will drive us through the old centre to the new one. The green belt: facing the river (south part) that was completely forgotten and was just the back of some houses which concluding will be the new centre of the town. The street style: Next to the river (north part) where old abandoned factories are full of graffiti will be replaced by a new promenade. That one was the one according to new ‘street style’ and the need of urban artist to express their selves, the concrete pavement is somewhere they can now practise and share their art. It won’t be just a walk; a new square in front of a school (nowadays with no sidewalk) and some young facilities (a library and a

3rd c o u r s e U r b a n P l a n n i n g

URBANISTICA V second semester at E.T.S.A.Barcelona.

Viladecans is the place where that course takes place. It is a city from the metropolitan area of Barcelona in the South with a lot of factories that little by little are being replaced by housing. In the following sketches we are going to see how this area is where 3 different kind of tissues and how we can deal with them. Variety is the spice of the life, so I tried to adapt the three different realities not avoiding any of them, so we can find factories, shopping, facilities and housing. I am always interested and how pedestrians can move through the city encouraging them to leave their cars and walk, in this case the midstreet is thought just for them.

2nd c o u r s e U r b a n p l a n n i n g URBANISTICA IV first semester at E.T.S.A.Barcelona.

In this case the intervention was pretty big. Settled in the South of Spain, in Seville the South district known as ‘poligono sur’ or also ‘las 3000 viviendas’. It is one of the most dangerous places in the city. Social housing for gipsy people isolated from the city by the train and a wall in one side (W), factories on the other (E), highway (S) and a park (N). It has been forgotten by everybody and it has been the centre of drugs business in the area. During many years even the police was not able to get in. The intervention breaks these barriers and connects the city designing at the same time one main street with tram (very common transport in the place) that links the city and the 2 parks (N-S) and another secondary in the E-W direction. Some more facilities and shopping areas are thought to avoid the emptiness of the place mainly on the two new axes. The huge existing blocks are divided in order to take the control of the big empty spaces there are right now.

Portfolio stage  
Portfolio stage