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Anna Groman I decided to edit Will’s spread based on the composition of his original spread as well as the colors used. I played on the dominant blue color by superimposing it on some of the background images as well as creating rectangular gradients with the specific blue shade found in all the photographs from the original spread. Both Will and I like clean white backgrounds and playing with geometric shapes, and this had a huge influence on my remix of his work. I wanted to create a kind of flow in the spread because Will’s work was all about time and travel. I changed the size of his images and the order to create a diagonal line in order to show this passing of time and the importance of travel in his work. For this same reason I muted the image of the girl and cut it in half whilst enlarging the more travel based images. I superimposed the image of the road on the one of the bicycle and vice versa to show this same idea of time passing and used the background images as borders. Will edited my work in a similar way in the sense that he played with the layout and opacity of the photographs I had chosen. Because balance is such an important part of his work, Will decided to move the main background image all the way to the left in order to allow the right amount of white space. He then lowered the opacity in the photographs of the couple embracing and moved them so that they were closer together to show the intimacy of the photographs. The image of the people running was lowered so that it appeared darker, so in a way he changed the emphasis of the spread by switching which images were darkest.

Both Will and I decided to change where the images were placed to highlight the ideas behind the spreads as well as the lyrics in the songs used. Our being paired together ended up working very well because our work is quite similar in the way that we like to use white space and because of this we were able to create remixed spreads that still looked like they could have been created by the original composer.

Remix Response  

A response to the remixes we did with our partner.

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