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ESO 2nd A & 2nd B March 2013


UNITED STATES Last summer I went to the Unites States. I spent there 40 days with my mum, my dad and my sister. The first week we went to the South Beach Hotel, in Miami. We saw the best street I have ever seen in my life, Ocean Drive! The hotel was really big and I had a room with a jacuzzi only for me! It was really fun, because at night, when my parent were sleeping, my sister and I went to the beach. We were one hour playing and at 4 o'clock we went to the hotel and run to our beds. The next week we went to Atlanta and we saw the biggest granite rock in the Stone Mountain Park. I went to Cincinnati and Washington D.C., too. But the best was our last days, in New York. It was amazing and we went to a lot of famous places: Brooklyn Heights, Central Park, Statue of Libery, Chinatown, Times Square, Empire State... My favourite one was the Statue of Libery. It was the best experience of my life!

CĂŠsar Montero


My Holiday in Chicago Last summer I went on holiday to Chicago with my idol Dylan O'Brien and my boyfriend Jace . We stayed there for five days and four nights. The weather was a bit hot and sunny. Every day was windy and Chicago is called the “ Windy city” for that reason. Our hotel was very nice and quite, every day when I woke up I only heard the sound of the wind. We visited a lot of places. We visited The Field Museum of Natural History and the Sears Tower which is the tallest building in Chicago. We took a walk in Millenium Park while I was eating an ice cream, then we visited the artworks, they were amazing! To went to one place to another we used the Chicago L, a rapid transit elevatator, it was so cool! The third night we went to a restaurant like the other days. This restaurant was close to the Chicago theatherand later we saw a show. The last day we went to Navy Pier,a long pier on the Chicago shoreline of Lake Michigan. Now there are attractions and one of them is the Ferris Wheel, and in the film Divergent, the pier and Ferris wheel are shown abandoned and decayed in a future Chicago. The people in Chicago were very friendly. The people honest, intrepid, intelligent and charismatic like in Divegent book. The food was very tasty and cheap, we ate a lot of meat. The hotel and the trip were a little bit expensive but not too much. I really love Chicago and I hope to come back again.

Paula Monzón 3

HOLIDAY IN THE SNOW Last week my friends and I went to Llívia. We were there for two days. The weather was nice, it was sunny. The hotel was small but it was beautiful. The food in the hotel was good, it was delicious. The people were very nice and friendly. Every day, at 5 o’clock, I got up, and at 6 o’clock I went to catch the bus with my friends. At half past nine, we arrived at the ski resort and we went to skiing. When we finished the skiing class, at 4 o’clock, we went to the hotel, we a shower and we went visit the town. At nine o’clock we arrived at the hotel and had dinner. When we finished dinner, we went to the room and we talked and watched TV. At four o’clock we went to sleep. The holiday was very funny and nice. Alexia Romero Hernando 2nd ESO B

My holiday I went to Germay with my friends Link and Pit. We were there for three weeks, and we went in winter. The winter in Germany is very cold because it is cloudy, and sometimes is sunny. We stayed at the Youth hostel Hylia, it was comfortable. The first day we went to play in the snow, the next day we went to visit monuments, shopping and we went to visit a friend of Pit, his friend Viridi, she is very friendly! Most of people in Germany are friendly, too. The city was beautiful, and the food was good. That trip wasn’t very expensive. The youth hostel was cheap and the airline tickets weren’t expensive. IT WAS A GREAT TRIP!!


Paula Olivera Prieto

MY LAST HOLIDAY I went on holiday to Milan last June with my sister. We went to Milan by plane. We stayed for two weeks in a hotel. During the day we walked around the city. We saw all the famous places like The Duomo and the theatre La Scala. One day we went to Pissa, and we saw the Pisa Tower, Coliseum... We went shopping and bought souvenirs. At nigth we went to restaurant and had fantastic pizza, salad and pana cota. The food was delicious. It was a fantastic trip. I had a really nice time! Coliseum.

Theatre La Scala.


By Luisa Trivi単o Montero 2nd ESO A

My Holiday Last summer I went on holiday to Amsterdam with my mum, dad and sister. We were there for one week. The weather was sunny and very hot. We stayed at Amsterdam hotel. The hotel was big and had 20 floors. The food of the hotel was good, but the food of city was better and cheaper. We walked, saw museums, we went around underground every day. We visited football stadiums and we went to a lot of shops. Shops in Amsterdam aren't expensive and the people were friendly and polite. The journey was very fun and I enjoyed it a lot. It was a great trip!


By Javier L贸pez 2nd ESO B

My holiday Last holiday I went to London. I went with my family, my father, my mother and my sister. We were there for four days. We went there last summer. We visited the City of London, the London Eye, Tower Bridge and Palace of Westminster. It was wonderful and exciting. We stayed at The Goring Hotel, it is a fantastic hotel of five stars, and we stayed in a suite. The hotel was very comfortable. The weather was cool but sunny. The people were very nice and friendly. The food was very nice. I tasted fish and chips, and the British Breakfast, it was delicious! The stay was very expensive, but I loved! It was a great trip!


By: Alba Mingorance 2nd A

MY HOLIDAY IN BERLIN For my holiday I went to Germany, Berlin. I went to Berlin with my parents and a friend. His name is Dalton. We stayed in Berlin for one month. I went in summer. Berlin is awesome! We say the Berlin Wall and the Brandenburg Gate. We stayed at Regent Berlin. It was good and comfortable but expensive. The people were very nice but serious. The weather was warm and sunny, a very good weather. The food was simple, good and not very expensive. I love Germany! It’s an incredible country! By: Raul Vacas 2A


My Holiday I went to Paris, I visited the city and the Eiffel Tower. It was August. I stayed one week. The weather was sunny and hot, the hotel was very big and famous. Every day I walked around the city and went to shopping centers. The food was very good. The people were very friendly and nice. It was great. A Paris is a beautiful and the Eiffel Tower is amazing. I like French omelet!

RubĂŠn Duarte GarcĂ­a 2A

CANADA Last year I went on a summer holiday to Stratford in Canada. I went with my younger sister and my mother. I spent a month in Canada. The weather 9

was very very good with a lot sun! The hotel was wonderful and fantastic, and the food was delicious, the typical food in Canada is Smoked Meat Sandwich: Smoked meat is usually served in sandwiches among others. The people were very friendly. And some things were expensive and some not. I saw many historic monuments for example: The Parliament of Canada is in Ottawa, the tower CN in Toronto, the Aqueduct in Brooks, the Parliament of British Columbia in Victoria. I had a great time!! Ana Moya Lopez 2nd ESO - B

My holiday Last summer in my holiday, I went to Sevilla (Montellano) with my family. I was there for 2 weeks. The weather was hot. I didn’t go to the hotel, I went my grandmother’s house. I was relaxed because I was having fun! The people of Sevilla (Montellano) were very friendly. The holiday wasn’t expensive. I love Montellano! By Joel 2nd B



August 2013, I went to Torrelobatón in Valladolid. I went with my parents, my

sister, my grandparents and my uncle. We went by car. We were there for two weeks. We didn’t stay at a hotel we were in a house we have there. We visited the family (my grandmother’s sister, my father’s cousin…). The people were nice and friendly. We visited a castle. We went to Salamanca and Segovia. It was very hot but it was nice and relaxing. After that my parents, my sister and I went to Madrid. We went to Warner Bros, it was expensive but incredible! Valladolid Salamanca Segovia Warner Bros 11

By Ainara 2nd ESO B

MY HOLIDAY Last summer I went with my family to Mallorca for two weeks. We visited several villages of the island. It was very hot and sunny, I went to the beach every day and I visited Palma de Mallorca, Sineu, Valldemossa and La Serra de Tramuntana. The food of the restaurant was delicious. We had lunch and dinner in several restaurants as Sa Pamboleria, Cani do Porto‌ The people of the restaurants and shops were very friendly and polite. I was in a nice apartment. It was expensive because the hotels in summer are expensive. The Balears islands are a fantastic paradise. And that was my holiday!

By Ariadna Sestayo MĂĄrquez 2nd ESO B

My holiday I went to Alcazar de San Juan for Halloween. I went by car with my family to celebrate Halloween. Alcazar de San 12

Juan is in Castilla la Mancha. I slept and had dinner at my uncle’s house. Alcazar de San Juan is very beautiful. By Marc Cervelló 2A

MY HOLIDAY I went to New York in March 2012 with my parents. We flew to New York by plane. We stayed for one week in a beautiful hotel, the Roosevelt hotel. During the stay we walked around the city and we visited Time’s Square. We saw all the famous places like Empire States or Rocker Feller. We took a lot of different photos. The other days we went to different places like Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Harlem, Manhattan and State Island. 13

By Evelia Galiรกn 2nd ESO B

MY HOLIDAY Last summer I went on holiday to Cadiz (Castellar de la frontera) I went with mi family. I was there for two weks. I went to mu aunt's house. I did many things: I rode a horse, I went to the beach and I slept a lot. The food wasvery ood and I love the food of my aunt. The people of castellar de la frontera and almoraimawerevery friendly. The holiday in cadiz wasn't expensive. My holiday wasvery fun. By: Laura Comino 2nd B


MY HOLIDAY Last holIday I went to Paris with my parents. We went in summer, we were there for one week, the weather was hot and rainy. We stayed at Royal hotel, it is a beautiful hotel, it has got three swimming pool, one spa and two Jacuzzis. The food in the hotel was delicious and cheap, but in the restaurants was expensive but delicious. The people were very nice and polite, but some people were stupid. The shops were expensive with a lot of products. I bought two souvenirs, a Eiffel Tower keyboard and French flag. We visited the Louvre museum, we saw “The Mona Lisa”, a very famous picture. But the ticket was very expensive. Also we visited the Eiffel Tower, is very tall and it is golden. The entrance was very expensive, but the experience was very good. Paris is a fantastic city. I recommend you to go to Paris.

By: Adrià Esteban 2nd ESO B.


My last holiday I went to Ecuador last November . I was there for a month. It was summer and it was not cold. I was with my family. The food was good and not so expensive. My family was very happy. I went to the beach and to the pool. The pool is called Limonal .

Ecuador beach Ecuador pool Andrea Velessaca - 2ndA

Writing On my holidays I went to a hotel in Tortosa with my parents and my sister. I was there for one week. The weather was nice. The hotel was big and beautiful, my sister and I went to the pool every day and the people were friendly and nice, the hotel wasn’t so expensive. We went to a town called Tortosa, and to “Delta de l’Ebre”. The beaches were nice and there was a castle on the mountain and also a long river near the castle. 16

By Andrea Ruiz 2nd ESO A

MY HOLIDAY I went on holiday to Tarragona. In this city there is a coliseun and very important buidings. I went with my parents and cosins in summer. We were there for a month. The weather was hot in the summer.I didn’t stay at hotel, I stayed at my house in Tarragona. I went swimming pool every day. The food was delicious. The people were friendly because they are nice. It was expensive but I had fun. By: Víctor Poyato 2nd ESO B


MY HOLIDAY I went to Granada with my family for one week in summer . The weather was hot and sunny. The food was delicious .I sleep at my grandma's house. The people were friendly. I visited the Alhambra and my family! The trip was fantastic! By Josep Cuesta 2nd A 18

MY HOLIDAY One month ago, I went on holiday with my father to Ecuador. When we arrived my grandmother and uncle waited for us at the airport. Right after, we went to my grandmother’s house, that day was raining because it was winter. We went to walk around the country , after that we went to visit the Galapagos island, where there are very high mountains and animals of all type. We also saw a village called Ambato. There were many monuments, some of the most important are Atocha and Ficoa, there are also many parties as the flowers and fruits. The food was bad because we ate soup and meat every day. The people were very friendly and nice. It was an amazing trip!!!


Heidi Toasa 2nd B


My last holiday!!  
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