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Content Benefits for the future FlowFact Performer Real Estate CRM creates „more values“ Web Transfer and synchronizing ...and the users like it! Who is FlowFact? Made by FlowFact

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3 | Benefits for the future

Benefits for the future

FlowFact Performer Real Estate CRM Multi-dimensionally networked value-added chains, professionalized customers, who take over control and the constantly increasing complexity of the management processes – these are only some challenges which the real estate industry has to face currently. The information management thus plays a central role. FlowFact Performer Real Estate CRM links and controls all important departments and thus forms the basis for more success, turnover and customer satisfaction.

Benefits for the future


Integration to add or complete something – to become a part of an entity The integration of CRM (Customer Relationship Management)-Systems trims office organization, document management and process-oriented organization equally. Due to professional data management – a contact is linked with telephone numbers, properties, mails etc. – the focus is set to profitable and permanent customer relationships.

Collaborare work together The collaborative CRM works on different levels. The digital linking of real estate specialists, customers and co-workers enables a direct market access. Mobile applications complement the approach and allow user and customer to enter into relationship with each other. Interfaces for networks such as Facebook or Twitter as well as the complete integration of the Web-2.0-Approach facilitate the collaborative-CRM.

5 | FlowFact Performer Real Estate CRM creates „more values“

Office Management

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Office Management Organized and transparent

Intelligent linkings save valuable time

The daily management of schedules, inquiries, inbox and outbox as well as other office organization is managed professionally. A few clicks and intuitively traceable functions save time and ensure optimum clarity in the office. A calling party, who is saved in the database, appears directly on the screen along with photo and further information. The user has the current overview about the last calls, e-mails and other communication.

The yellow Post-it-Note forwarding the messages is replaced by the „internal message“ activity. This internal message is linked with a contact and a property so that each co-worker can reach the current status on the basis of customer history. Customers and business partners feel promptly and competently wellsupported due to this transparency in information. E-Mail inquiries are handled in a short period of time since they are saved by a mouse-click as a new contact together with their individual search profile. The sales agent finds the inquiry in his to-do-list and can handle this either from the office or while travelling.

Schedules and resources can be triggered in a well-arranged single or group calendar, so that appointment arrangements with co-workers can be realized without effort.

FlowFact Performer Real Estate CRM creates „more values“ | 6

Office Management

7 | FlowFact Performer Real Estate CRM creates „more values“

Office Management

Office Management, function overview

Contact management All contacts are stored in a database. Related contacts are saved in a tree-structure with unlimited contact persons in hierarchy. The photo of the contact person makes the communication easy. The last activities as well as the type of business relation can be viewed immediately.

Document management and archiving Every type of document is created, edited, saved and archived later on by a mouse-click in the customer and/or property history. The use of readymade templates saves time, enables serial letters and serial E-Mails and takes care of quality in communication.

Client management The Office-Team can create and send automated letters, faxes and E-Mails with its sender data by order of their co-worker.

Time management The calendar of each employee is visible with just a quick glance. It can be organized easily, at what time and which conference room needs to be prepared or followed up. To organize a group-meeting with according resources (projector, conference room etc.) is child`s play. The appointment can be viewed by all immediately on their smartphone or iPhone. Appointment invitations sent via Outlook are entered in the calendar per click.

FlowFact Performer Real Estate CRM creates „more values“ | 8

Office Management

Alarm functions An alarm reminds of appointments, incoming E-Mails or further personally defined events.

Customer-, property- and project history Every communication with attachments, appointments, contracts etc. is saved in chronological order as activity in FlowFact and can be invoked at any time. The virtual folder „Project“ is used for clarity. To-Do List Appointments, E-mails, internal messages, memos, inbox and a lot more are displayed in the To-Do List for personal organization and as internal communication instrument.

List and label printing For your daily business, important labels and lists can be printed from the data saved in FlowFact by a mouse-click.


Automatic ZIP codes The postal ZIP code will be inserted automatically by adding any kind of address data.


9 | FlowFact Performer Real Estate CRM creates „more values“

Sales Target-oriented and successful FlowFact Performer Real Estate CRM qualifies intelligently, if a prospective purchaser belongs to the A, B or C category and how much of the valuable sales time is estimated to be invested. With this information, the sales agent can focus on the most promising contacts to generate relevant sales. The collection and provision of the customer and prospective purchaser data for the day-to-day business is done via entry mask, which automatically links all necessary data records such as contacts and properties. Important information to form relationship level - from total search profile till financial status („Financing cleared“ or „waiting for payment of the inheritance“) – is available per click. Intelligent search mechanisms in bi-directional ways for properties and prospective buyers allow specific results. The sales agent is able to use these results to concentrate on the important topics. Reportings help the sales agent to decide whether further contact with a prospective buyer is worth the effort. The current offers are shown in the to-do-list for lead processing.

Real estates of all type – if actively marketed, archived or taken to competetive observation – are saved in FlowFact Performer Real Estate CRM in a centralized database. This enables the data to be published in brochures, property marketing websites, on facebook, in contracts or other correspondences at all times. The database will always provide high-quality and up-to-date information. By integrating interfaces to other software like accounting, appraisal and many more, it is possible to import data and avoid multiple entries of identical data.

FlowFact Performer Real Estate CRM creates „more values“ | 10


Preparing and following up appointments

Confirming appointments

Follow-up sent offers and invoices

Preparing property documents

Executing inspections and appointments Creating and reviewing contracts Listing properties

Composing and replying E-Mails

Preparing for appointments at official departments

Creating and dispatching brochures and flyers

More productivity in less time

Specific linking for banks and saving banks

Simplified workflows and business processes manage sales activities and automatize the processing of queries:

Because of the tight coupling of existing customer relationships among different departments in banks and savings banks, it is possible to provide financial products and real estate offers for the customers. Linking departments and using a centralized database enables the financial adviser to suggest real estate investments in addition to other financial products. His co-worker in the real estate department can access all information about the prospective purchaser and is able to select a matching property more easily. In exchange, the financial advisor is always able to check the current status of the negotiations and can offer mortgaging accordingly.

Example 1: Integrated appointment management Incoming E-mail, meeting request, appointment entry in the calendar, appointment confirmation including route map, resubmission 24 hours prior to appointment including required documents. Example 2: Query processing in minutes Creating contacts and profiles by a mouse-click – creating brochures for requested properties as well as selecting additional matching properties and sending this per E-Mail – organising resubmission in two days.

11 | FlowFact Performer Real Estate CRM creates „more values“



mobile CRM

Enthusiastic customers and more effectivity by mobile CRM Productivity and customer satisfaction can be easily increased by using FlowFact Performer Real Estate CRM in mobile devices. The synchronization service allows to access contacts, E-Mails and To-Do`s from a mobile device. Due to the constant replication, the sales agents are always up-to-date. For instance, if an appointment is postponed, the waiting time can be used for processing the contents of the To-Do-List.

All real estate documents are always accessible. At all times access to your FlowFact contacts and real estate data. Your office is always up-to-date due to current data synchronization. Productive collaboration of sales and field work.

The viewing appointments are prepared on the go. The sales agent views the customer history on his iPhone. If the prospect customer does not like the presented property, further properties can be shown on the iPhone/iPad.

Efficient utilization of travelling and waiting time. Better customer service through property presentations on iPhone or iPad. Enthusiasm of the prospective purchasers through quick response time.

FlowFact Performer Real Estate CRM creates „more values“ | 12

Access to functions



Windows Mobile



Own managed contacts Own appointments E-Mails Tasks/Reminders Customer history To-Do list All properties

(+Pictures, Maps, ... )

All contacts File attachments (e.g. invoices)

Individual search options FAQ on mobile device

Time-saving in property management Mobile property management means an enormous time saving. Here is one example: Regardless of which one-time or periodical reminders are pending, a short comment “Resubmission in 2 weeks, please note ...” in the iPhone is enough to let FlowFact show you exactly this information after 14 days. These periodic reminders are useful in each imaginable situations, no matter whether it refers to monthly invoice clearances, on-going air-conditioner maintenance or also the participation registration in a specific exhibition.


13 | FlowFact Performer Real Estate CRM creates „more values“

Sales, function overview

Sales and revenue planning Sales planning is generated from the forecasts, the commission expected and the invoice receipts. Market segmenting Market offers are visualized by integrating the FlowFact Geo-Analyzer. It is obvious, which properties are mostly marketed or managed or are best sold. Prospective purchaser management The search profiles with all hard and soft criteria are saved. Transform inquiries to search profile Incoming inquiries from your website can be stored as contact with according search profile including inquiry details. Property management All data of residential and commercial property are saved in one place and forwarded to all those places where the data is required: e.g. in brochures, contracts, your own homepage, real estate marketing websites or for mortgaging. Price history overview The offer price can be modified during the marketing phase. This history is easy to understand. Well-arranged customer and property history Every communication with attachments, appointments, agreements, lease periods, commission agreements, evidences etc. is saved in chronological order as activity in FlowFact and can be invoked at any time. Process management Recurring sales activities are integrated as business process.

FlowFact Performer Real Estate CRM creates „more values“ | 14


Sales Reports The sales activities are displayed well-arranged. Customer Reports At any given time, it is possible to create automated marketing reports simultaneously for all clients which can be forwarded by E-Mail or postal letter. Lead qualification A-, B- or C- category prospective buyers can be identified from the edited leads. Portal, Homepage and Facebook linking The current properties can be published in more than 80 real estate portals, Facebook and the own homepage by a mouse-click without manual multiple entries. Selection functions Automatic search function: Which properties suits to which prospective purchaser and vice versa. Mobile working Working while travelling – like in office – through linking to Smartphone, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry.

Property-Tracking The sales activities for the client as well as management activities for the tenant can be invoked online on the homepage.


15 | FlowFact Performer Real Estate CRM creates „more values“

Marketing Confident and professionally In addition to the brand communication, the lead generation is the main task of the marketing. FlowFact Performer Real Estate CRM gears the Sales and Marketing areas together, so that they can work optimally adjusted with each other. The CRM-Software creates, upgrades and updates constantly search profiles of the customers and business partners. This data collection causes less loss while generating leads and increases positive feedback. The most varied functions are available to ensure that the address database remains clean and up-to-date. The import of new leads from Excel or other programs saves time while preparing new marketing campaigns. Moreover, these are generated in a few minutes. The dispatch of newletters to the correct target group as well as the generation of individual or bulk mails is quick and easily convertible: Selecting target group addresses Generating, dispatching personlized HTML-E-Mails and storing it in the customer history, Forwarding addresses for sales processing and reporting as a next step

The internal and public appearance of each company is always done ideally in the Corporate Design to position the own brand and the most important is to develop trust. Thus the FlowFact-Functionalities provide the base of professional Corporate Design for every communication channel.

Transparent cost management Marketing-Budget plans show the expenses for marketing in correlation with the real estate marketing. It shows which costs are incurred during the marketing and which budget was ultimately used. A marketing budget plan is created for every newly acquired property. A view on „rev counter“ or „fuel gauge“ reveals, whether the advertising efforts for a specific property are according to the expectations. If the budget for a property is exceeded, the display clearly warns by descending it in the red area. Simplified workflows, e.g. help to prepare and follow-up special events and to organize the time management for the marketing department efficently.

FlowFact Performer Real Estate CRM creates „more values“ | 16


Social Media Marketing Generating leads via Facebook? FlowFact Performer Real Estate CRM clearly simplifies the Social Media Marketing. Due to an interface, real estate offers are transferred directly to Facebook by a single mouseclick. The optimum utilization of Facebook as sales channel is done on three levels. Level 1: Transferring properties via interface to Facebook and posting in the distributor with the aim that one of my contact will search and purchase or will know anybody who is searching and will purchase. Level 2: I have the property and one of my agent co-workers has the suitable customer for it. Level 3: One of my contacts changes and sells his property - and has firmly kept me in his memory as capable salesman due to my marketing strategy.


17 | FlowFact Performer Real Estate CRM creates „more values“

Marketing, function overview

Sales documents generation Brochures in the form of print out or in HTML-Format, Flyer or other sales documents are generated by a mouse-click. A campaign from the address selection up to the dispatch takes just a few minutes. Templates for modern communication A design package with templates for brochures and correspondence letter are available for each user. Geo-Analyzer Extensive map material is available for FlowFact users to display the property location by interfacet to Microsoft MapPoint. Addressing target groups in a personalized way Whether form letter or E-Mail campaign: The documents are personalized with name, search requests, agreement dates etc. in few minutes. Newsletter A newsletter to a small or large distribution list is easily generated, personalized, sent and stored as note in the customer history. Social Media Marketing An interface is available to generate lead for acquiring property and for the joint business to transfer the properties to the Facebook-Fan page.

FlowFact Performer Real Estate CRM creates „more values“ | 18


Event management Extensive functions have been integrated, which are required for planning various kinds of events, such as presentations, exhibition, execution and so on. Contact qualification and search functions Persons, who are in contact with the companies, are qualified in such a way that they are always accessible at any time for features or detailed records. Homepage Get a homepage and synchronize all specified property data from FlowFact to your innovative new website. Integrated video generation A marketing video from the saved images of a property is generated automatically for rapid marketing. Budget controlling Marketing-Budget plans show the marketing tasks in coherance with the real estate marketing. Database-Marketing To avoid „inactive records“, specific functions are available to ensure address data quality.


19 | FlowFact Performer Real Estate CRM creates „more values“

Service Keen and customer-oriented

Customer retention made easy

Enthusiastic and satisfied customers readily recomend the company services in future and reapproach for new projects. Pre-requisite is that all data should be transparent and available from the beginning of the business relationship till current date. This includes contract contents, agreements added later, chronological recording of the entire communication per Mail, Fax or letter and a lot more. The linking of all available information online and offline about real estate, customer or both together ensures the professional processing by different coworkers.

Relationships disadvantage those who do not have it. Because of that fact, FlowFact Performer Real Estate CRM provides instruments for customer retention, to develop and maintain trust – such as the property-tracking, through which the sales and management activities for client and tenant can be accessed online. All activities – sent brochures, phone calls and E-Mails – will be linked with the according property automatically not only in the software but also on the homepage of the broker/property manager. The customer logs in to a password-protected area and has an overview of his property regarding marketing activities and stored documents.

This pertains to the systematic tenant and client support for the property management. Thus, processes of marketing, management and personal support are integrated in the FlowFact Performer Real Estate CRM. Overall, these are defined as processes with the „FlowFact Process Management“ and standards are fromed, where recurring, back-to-back activities are required. Due to this, employees feel more confident at daily work, costs are reduced, the service quality is increased and more time is there for valuable contact with the customer. Marketing success and reduced vacancies are also to proximate consequences in a difficult marketing environment.

Some real estate companies move a step further and favour the collaborative CRM (collaborative-CRM). The customer himself maintains his profile online and can carry out most of the interaction with the marketer or manager. Thus, the customer in future becomes more selfconfident, independent and autonomous and processes become ultimately more transparent.

FlowFact Performer Real Estate CRM creates „more values“ | 20


Service, function overview





l Es




Contract management The responsible person saves agreements in digital form. With a glance, the important data can be viewed on triggering the address. Complaint management Possible incidents are shown in time. In case of a complaint, business processes ensure that the case is processed promptly and completely. Sage-Linking An interface between FlowFact CRM and the supply management software Sage ensures that the payment transactions can be understood using the customer history. Reportings and sales statistics are generated from both data sources. Customer history All information about the customer from first contact, any communication and internal processing and can be tracked even for years. Segmentation Which business relationships are profitable and for which ones the costs must be kept low, can be simply derived from the transparent data collection. Business Process Management Recurring tasks are mapped in an automated business process. This ensures that nothing is forgotten and the service quality is improved.

Company Management

21 | FlowFact Performer Real Estate CRM creates „more values“

Company Management Evaluate and control

Correctly informed at the right time

What are the actual yielding brokering businesses and how is the employee productivity? From what time onwards is a customer relationship profitable and what parameters determines the customer value?

FlowFact for property management shows incoming complaints and the overall status of the discrepancy processing including possible escalation points in order to be able to act directly.

The FlowFact Performer Real Estate CRM gives valuable and effective controlling instruments for the company‘s management. It deals with cockpits, Excel reporting (property lists, purchase price lists, query lists, project overview, address distribution and much more) and Business Intelligence evaluations, whose data is compiled from the most varied systems. The controlling instruments allow individual perspectives regarding individual employees, the department and the customers, regarding sales areas and the company objectives. Status reports of on-going activities can also be called on a daily basis for property communication. Therefore, if the costs for marketing of specific properties go off the radar, then it can be intervened in advance.

The “FlowFact Portal page” or the “Intranet” serves as a controlling and information instrument. Every employee is greeted at the start of FlowFact with this portal page and gets an immediate overview of all important company and department information as well as his own success report.Thus he benefits of saving time by looking at the compressed overview via the portal page.

FlowFact Performer Real Estate CRM creates „more values“ | 22

Company Management

Company management, function overview

Management - Cockpit

Evaluation and report variations With only a few mouse clicks, various reports about the marketing activities that take place around a real estate can be created. Budget controlling Tracking at all times how much actual commission revenue was generated minus the marketing and sales cost. Commission display The commission display gives an overview as to what extent the previously defined sales targets have been met or exceeded. Sales statistics Sales statistics are generated from the forecasts, the commission expected and the invoice receipts. Overview of the employee activities The marketing activities for a month and monthly sales allows conclusions as to what extent the activities are rewarding. Employee-Intranet (Portal page) The FlowFact portal page is a communication channel via which the most important company information is transported.


with FlowFact

23 | FlowFact Performer Real Estate CRM creates „more values“

without FlowFact

Administration Customizable and networked FlowFact Performer Real Estate CRM is an integration platform for mails, contacts, schedules, properties and communication which is different from the usual personal information managers (PIM) such as Thunderbird, Lotus Organizer, Google Mail or Microsoft Outlook. In a classical PIM, every user organises his personal data himself without sharing it with others. No other person in the company has access to the data even if the data is technically stored in the network or in the cloud. Usually the applications cover, at least, the areas of personal address, schedules, tasks and mails. On the contrary, FlowFact Performer Real Estate CRM follows a completely different strategy, namely that the entire customer information is stored in a central database. All information is networked automatically with each other and is available to all users in the standard workflow “on the fly”. Authorizations can be issued at user-level and group-level automatically. FlowFact Performer Real Estate CRM can be integrated as leading system in the company or as an individual solution for the real estate department. Data exchange with present software solutions like SAP can be handled by using an interface. Every user can work with his usual PIM and E-mail software as he is used to do. All advantages

of the centralized database as common “operating system” of the company will retain. FlowFact technology is based on standards like IMAP, openImmo, ActiveSync and Rest-Services. So, FlowFact users are well-equipped if trends and requirements are changing. The trend leaves a homogeneous IT-environment and leads to a refreshing innovation-promoting diversity.

FlowFact Performer Real Estate CRM creates „more values“ | 24


Administration, function overview

Integration in all IT-Structures FlowFact Performer Real Estate CRM is an open system which can be integrated in existing IT environments. Individual Issuing of Rights Individual rights can be issued and withdrawn at every level. Database customization Customizations are possible at every time. Administrator certifications simplify the database customization. Individual Customizing The requirements of a company can be implemented to FlowFact CRM but it will not affect the ability to update the software. Multilingualism and language options FlowFact Performer Real Estate CRM can be deployed in the following languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Slovakian and Thai. In case of the multilingual version, the user can set the language in which he would like to work with FlowFact and in which he would like to communicate (e.g. Thai-speaking employee can send brochure in English) Interface Connection to other Software Solutions Interfaces to Sage, ELO, SAP, MS Exchange, Outlook and other trade-specific solutions are present for easy data exchange. E-Mail-Integration FlowFact has a separate E-Mail-Client. If FlowFact is deployed as an isolated application, then there is an interface for Outlook. Integration of various communication channels Integration of Fax, Telephony (CTI) and Voicemail are standard. Office und PDF-Integration Products of Microsoft and Free-PDF are integrated. User administration Administrator can view, change and add user profiles in FlowFact. In addition, available user-profiles can be copied and added to existing useraccounts. Client management In an organizational entity with more than 1 company, you can use the client management of FlowFact to handle the processing for users who are working for both companies.

25 | Success made easy

Success made easy With little initial investment, you can now rent FlowFact for a monthly fee and start immediately! Rent - Use - Profit FlowFact is also available as purchase variant.

zzz Web Transfer and synchronizing| 26

Web Transfer & synchronizing Inquiry download

Property data upload

Your computer and your website hand-inhand Successful marketing requires modern workflows. Successful Marketing starts at your own homepage. FlowFact offers to synchronize all your properties to your own homepage. Do not input all data again manually. Just click and your properties will be displayed in the same high-quality layout of your company design. No need to upload manually, no need to create different picture sizes. FlowFact does it all for you. As soon as a detail of a property changes, it will be updated on your website. Professional look, professional handling, successful marketing of your properties.

27 | ...and the users like it!

...and the users like it! Flexible and Customizable Companies are fond of FlowFact Performer Real Estate CRM as it is an open software and can be customized at company and user level flexibly. If the company structures change due to increased customer requests and rising real estate prices, then the workflows that are becoming increasingly complex, are mapped individually in the software. Rohrer Immobilien has integrated the communication channel “internetâ€? in the entire customer management. An individual customizing between the homepage and FlowFact Performer Real Estate CRM enables the interested party to access the detailed brochure online. At the same time the proof submission takes place in the software for the property and for the contact. Corvin Tolle, Managing Director Partner of Rohrer Immobilen GmbH Strategis AG has developed an online reporting using FlowFact Performer Real Estate CRM, which allows the access to marketing and rental management as well as dialog with tenant without spending much time. Asset Managers analyse portfolios quickly, identifiy efficient value drivers and make precise decisions on this basis. Sascha NĂśske, Chairman of the board at Strategis AG

Who is FlowFact? | 28

Who is FlowFact?

The CRM - trend of tomorrow Technology: Technology: Collaborative (collaborare = work together) customer relationship management renewed with functions like property tracking has been an important part of FlowFact for a long time already and plays an important role as CRM-Trend of the future. The aim is to keep the owner up to date with the information about his property via internet. Tracking contents can be e.g. information about dispatched brochures or inspection dates for a specific property. The collaborative-CRM will go a step ahead in future. The customer himself maintains his profile online and can carry out from here most of the interaction with the marketer. Thus, the customer becomes more self-confident in the future, more independent and more autonomous. Processes will become more transparent. The Alpha and Omega will still remain the interpersonal relationship. History: For twenty-five years, the FlowFact CRM solution has been developed and designed to help small and medium sized companies (SME) to organize their structures effectively and develop successful customer relationships. It focuses on creating benefits for the customer. The success of FlowFact CRM is based on its high quality of the solutions, the many years of experience and the developer`s enthusiasm to provide a very sophisticated solution.

Asia: osite network (Thailand) Co., Ltd is established since January 2010 in Bangkok by Managing Director Hilmar Omran. osite network is an IT company with more than 10 years experience. Over the years, our specialists acquired detailed knowledge in different fields of industry. Hosting Solutions Software development & implementation IT consulting osite network (Thailand) Co., Ltd. distributes FlowFact CRM exclusively in Asia. From the very beginning osite network was established as successful FlowFact business and developing partner.

29 | Made by FlowFact

listing process

Made by FlowFact

Consulting & Projects


The software adjusts itself to the conditions of the respective company and not vice versa. Different divisions and branches – the real estate division of a bank, the commercial brokers, property management or business development company– have individual needs. All business processes and standards of a company are registered by the Consulting-Team along with the client and mapped in the software.

The FlowFact Academy provides trainings, training seminars and certifications about the topics FlowFact, real estate sales and CRM. The skills and abilities are broadened and certified through these offers. The FlowFactExperts certify administrators. These administrators thus obtain the capability to enhance the FlowFact-Architecture flexibly and cost-effectively and to implement special requirements. Moreover, the participants are able to extend and exchange knowledge with each other.

The Consulting-Team is the consultant and partner, when it comes to import databases, realise customizing projects or conducting employee trainings. The requirement for consulting increases with the development of the company – here, the consultants of FlowFact offer knowledge transfer in different workshops for corporate management, marketing as well as for optimizing sales and organization processes. Databases, which accept extreme capacities in the course of time and are in Terabyte-range, are managed with support of consultants and transferred to Blobarchive.

Partner network FlowFact is collaborating with strong and innovative partners from the real estate industry. Skills are bundled through cooperations, which are advantageous for each customer in the real estate industry. This partner network consists of leading organizations and experts, who develop and implement ideas and targets together.

FlowFact Real Estate CRM - Success for you and your customers 1 The real estate software that contributes most to the company‘s success. 2 The real estate software with the highest customer recommendation index(NPS). 3 The most popular Real Estate CRM in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

osite network (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

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FlwoFact Performer Real Estate CRM 2012