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Trixie Mattel Tour Posters Anna Dixon – ILLU100-02 – Mohamed Danawi Assignment 3: Advertising

Trixie Mattel: Now with Moving Parts Tour 2018 Trixie Mattel is a drag queen persona played by Brian Firkus. Trixie was recent featured on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars and was crowned winner. Her current tour features singing, dancing, and comedy. Firkus’ persona Trixie Mattel was inspired by Barbie, specifically from the 90’s.

CurrentDrag Tour Posters

Voss Events

Dragged Up

Drag Fans

Trixie’s Current Advertising -Inconsistent style and composition -Nothing to help explain the origin of the tour’s name and her inspiration -No visual reference to the cities that the tour will visit

New Advertising


90’s Barbie Book Illustrations

-Circular frame -Color and style -Posing

References 90’s Barbie Packaging

-Fonts -Accessories


Trixie Mattel Photography

-Outfits -Posing -Scenery

First Drafts

First Mock Ups

Critiques -Needs to be more saturated -Add blue to the Houston poster -Change background color -Fix the text at the bottom (level and space)

Final Designs

Final Mock Ups

Illu assignment 3 process  
Illu assignment 3 process