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Is Technology Taking Over the World? Volume 1, Issue 1

Written and Published by : Anna De Martino

April 2013

Tablets : The New Portable Laptop Tablets have developed into a new way of computing. Tablets have helped improve technology, communication and even education.

Special points of interest:  Tablets, what are they?  Mobile apps make the world more convenient  iPad vs. Other competitors

Tablets are a combination of the great features laptops and smartphones offer consumers. “It is increasingly clear that tablets are not a new kind of lightweight laptop, but rather a completely new technology.”

 Universities are integrating technology in the classroom

Inside this issue: Tablets : The New Portable Laptop


Which Tablet to Choose?


Teaching With Tab-


Does Technology 2 Improve ProductiviSales Are Driven By 3 Commercials Do You Embrace

What are tablets? Tablets are portable touch-screen devices with Wi-Fi internet connection and thousands of downloadable apps that let you personalize the device and have an individualized experience.


Technology? The Future of Tech- 4 nology

They also help significantly with communication. Tablets allow consumers to communicate easily with friends and loved ones because of apps such as FaceTime and Skype. “Mobile apps continue to push the capabilities of these devices and hundreds of thousands of specialized apps are available to extend the functionality of tablets.” The number of apps available is endless. The apps downloaded can assist a person’s life to become more convenient.

Tablets have allowed consumers to experience numerous possibilities. It is the ultimate tool for sharing content. Tablets have a wide range of functions from playing games to watching videos and even banking.

Which Tablet to Choose? There has been an increase of tablets on the market. Consumers were first introduced to Apple’s iPad in 2010. During that time, the iPad dominated the market and there was no other competition. Now, there are so many alternatives to choose from. Amazon has developed the Kindle Fire, which is quite comparable to the iPad. Both the iPad

and Kindle Fire have similar features. Amazon’s first Kindle was only an e-reader. Unlike tablets, ereaders are designed primarily for reading electronic books also known as e-books. The Nook is another example of an e-reader which now offers a tablet edition. Other top companies such as Samsung, Sony and Microsoft also have unveiled some amazing tablets.

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Is Technology Taking Over the World?

Teaching With Tablets Tablets have helped considerably with education too. “Tablet ownership among college students and college-bound high school students has more than tripled from a year ago.� Many college campuses are integrating tablets into their curriculums. A great example of this is Seton Hall University. As a Seton Hall student, I am able to see the improvement tablets have made throughout the campus. It improves note-taking, allows students to easily access their emails and the blackboard site and helps complete course work.

Apple has developed an app called iTunes U. The app allows students to read and listen to university lectures. It allows access to resources for consumers that are enrolled in a specific course. It also permits consumers to create courses, share content and edit lecture notes. Consumers are allowed to unleash the full potential of iPad in the classroom.

The list of higher education institutions using this type of technology is vast. Medical schools and even Ivy League universities have adopted tablets into coursework.

Does Technology Improve Productivity? People can argue that technology in the classroom does not increase productivity. Many professors are weary of allowing students to use technology. There are numerous times students are using technology for non-educational reasons. Professors constantly see students using Facebook, online chatting with friends, playing games and other distractive material online. I do not think that these kinds of students should deprive other classmates from using technology. As a student, using my laptop for note-taking has assisted me in being more organized. I create folders for each course I am enrolled in. These folders help me stay structured and locate documents quickly.

A recent survey illustrates the effects of tablet computing in the classroom. 60% of college students believe tablets help them study more efficiently. 64% of students believe tablets help them do better in class. 77% of college students believe tablets greatly enhance the learning experience. Tablets provide alternatives to print books. Consumers are able to download textbooks for courses.

These downloaded textbooks allow consumers to customize their reading experience. It is also a less expensive alternative. Many students prefer electronic books over print books because they are more portable and organized. It allows students to virtually highlight text, add comments and bookmark pages.

Volume 1, Issue 1

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Sales Are Driven By Commercials Tablets are uniquely marketed. As a student majoring in marketing, I constantly evaluate advertisements and commercials. Marketing is the basis of sales. Microsoft Surface has experienced an increase in sales due to their advertising. Consumers engage and remember their innovative commercials. Microsoft Surface has features, different from Commercials illustrate keyboard and integrated

some unique other tablets. its snap-on kickstand.

Even through the competition, Apple is the top tablet manufacturer. Each year, Apple releases a new generation of their iPad. Apple recently introduced their iPad mini, which is a smaller version of the iPad.

Apple has strong fan base and advertising. It also has strong brand loyalty. Many consumers that already own an Apple product are more often to buy another. Other competitors of tablets include Kindle, Nook, Samsung Galaxy Tab and many more. The tablet market has grown and newer models are always being introduced. Companies are adding more unique features to differentiate each other. If you look at the picture to the right you can see that: 61% of tablet owners own an iPad, while Kindle is second with 14%. Nook is the lowest selling tablet with 1%.

Do You Embrace Technology? After doing much research, I have derived the conclusion that technology helps improve education.

There is an app for almost everything. An app for daily reminders, e-mail, alarm clock, news and all the social media sites.

Professors and educators should allow students to flourish using tablets and laptops in the classroom.

You have a world of information right at your fingertips and for your disposal.

Technology is changing and evolving daily. Technology has allowed education to cultivate. Education is no longer just a form of learning but an experience.

“People recognize their devices help them keep in contact and be contactable, as well as helping to organize their lives.�

We have a world of endless possibilities and capabilities. We can accomplish so many more tasks because of the development of tablets and apps.

Without technology, where would we get the answers to our everyday questions. I use my cell phone and laptop every single day. I can not go a day without it. Without technology, I would feel lost. Maybe this might have to do with being born in such a technology dependent world. Many of us are digital natives. We learned and interacted with technology at an early age. I fully embrace technology. Do you?

Anna De Martino Senior Marketing Student Stillman School of Business Class of 2013

Seton Hall University 400 South Orange Ave. South Orange, NJ 07022

I am a Seton Hall University student doing an assignment for my Real World Technologies class. My topics of choice are tablets and education. There are few arguments about technology in the classroom. I also viewed how technology is embraced by many people. I have always been interested in technology and this was a great topic to further explore. I also looked at the future of technology. There has been so much development of new devices. Technology helps improve and simplify our lives.



The Future of Technology There already has been development of wearable technology. Google has introduced the Google Glass, which is now in beta testing. The device is a pair of glasses that allows you to see information about your surroundings. Many people are excited about it and are willing to pay the price for this new technology. A date has not been set yet for when it will officially be on the market to buy.

Another exciting technology in development is 3D Printing. A 3D printer builds a tangible model from an electronic file. It builds one layer at a time using an extrusion-like process using plastics and other flexible materials. There already has been a breakthrough with this technology. Right now there is a 3D Printer on the market called MakerBot. It was developed to build everything from toys to robots. There is also a more affordable version called Replicator 2. It is marked at about $2,500. 3D Printing has revolutionized computer printing. Both wearable technology and 3D Printing is definitely a fairly new concept. There will be more technology like this in the future. Maybe one day every home in America will have a 3D printer.

Is Technology Taking Over the World?  

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