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MPDSD14 DAVÉUS, ANNA # 6455916

[projects] #1 NEIGHBOURHOOD – 1st year #2 SITE LAYOUT AND DESIGN – 2nd year #3 ARCHITECTURE AND PUBLIC SPACES – 3rd year



possibilities The chosen area is dominated by topography and vegetation. This, in combination with a height difference of twelve meters creates a sense of calmness and peacefulness while also giving the visitor a feeling of mystique and secretiveness. The area is located on a hill about 150 meters from the lake which creates possibilities as well as boundaries.


concept & vision



The vision is inspired by nature, both the terrain and vegetation, with modern, architect-designed villas and semi-detached houses scattered along a dirt road that winds up along the hill. The feeling that is mediated aims to be warm, dramatic and a little mysterious. It is to feel exciting while travelling up the winding road, not knowing what’s next to come. By preserving the vegetation and adapting the built structure as well as green structure and traffic to the topography, an interesting residential area will be created that will preserve the sense of calmness and mystique while beeing shaped by nature. The houses are placed deep into the woods along the bumpy dirt road to engender effectfull, private spaces along the otherwise public road. All houses have roof top terraces creating private spaces among the tree tops while at the same time forming a light and airy oasis in the middle of the dense forrest. On top of the hill there is a common green area establishing a public space where the residents can interact.



relation to surroundings Considering the residential area’s adaptation to topography and the vegetation, the relation to the surroundings is good. By creating modern villas and semi-detached houses in wooden materials the houses and street network will blend in well with the existing nature. The chosen materials are used in order to make the current look and feel of the area interact with the new plan. The reason for the plan to suggest a dirt road is that there is a desire to combine nature’s own materials with the new materials, which by using asphalt can be experienced as harsh. From above the area will maintain its soft and organic impression but looking deeper, one discovers how the forrest’s soft and public space sometimes is interrupted by the harder impression of the villas’ and semi-detached houses’ private spatality





from Queen’s University Belfast


today The current figure ground map shows a poor level of permeability with limited pedestrian access to surrounding areas. It has large amounts of open space which are currently being used for car parking, missing out on its full potential.



concept - revitalise this vital part of the city centre - bring people into the area - renegerate, renew and restore - mixing the old with the new - promoting mixed use development - make the area safer and more enjoyable

tomorrow The planned figure ground map shows an improved level of permeability where pedestrians can easily access the sur­rounding areas. This will cut journey times and help increase footfall through the new retail areas and public spaces.


from Queen’s University Belfast




open space and landscape The concept aims to introduce a new, vibrant and more sustainable public realm. There will be the addition of green rooftops to help offset emissions from new builds. More lighting, street furniture and plants will be introduced to improve the public realm. Pedestrianising North Street will also help create a safer area for the public to roam about in and ex­ plore. It also helps improve the permeability and access. The site will attract both the young and old, bringing vitality back into the area.


#3 ARCHITECTURE & PUBLIC SPACES LOCATION: Amiralitetsparken, Karlskrona main features


The pyramid is the main entrance to the performance center thus creating a link between the park and the underground theater activity. The pyramid also accommodates a cafĂŠ with a terrace facing south-west and a mezzanine floor giving visitors the opportunity to relax with a great outlook over the park. From the center of the pyramid you get a view of the underground foyer via the atrium, which also provides light for the downstairs area and allows visitors to communicate over several levels. The underground floor has a second entrance from the south, via the tunnel where visitors also can access the downstairs bar/cafĂŠ. This area hosts all necessities for the theater activity including a wardrode, toilets, storage areas, administration offices, dressing rooms, two studios that can be merged into one, and the main function: a black box.





#3 ARCHITECTURE & PUBLIC SPACES LOCATION: Amiralitetsparken, Karlskrona

vision The vision seeks to create a new, exciting dimenson of the park by establishing a performance center with mostly underground activity. A pompous glass pyramid rises above ground to create an attraction to the area. Scattered around the park are miniature pyramids functioning as light transmissions to the underground level as well as giving the visitors a chance to glance at what’s going on downstairs. Allowing the pyramid to be the only visible object above ground will create a mystique and an interest of knowing what’s hiding underneath. The height of the pyramid will make it visible from the main square (Stortorget), especially after dusk when it lights up the area, hoping to create a strong attraction to the park, both day and night.





[LETTER OF MOTIVATION] Hi, My name is Anna DavĂŠus, I am 24 years old and currently studying my final semester of the bachelors programme in Spatial Planning at Blekinge Institute of Technology. I have always had a great interest in urban form, the community, architecture and design so it came as no surprise when I realised that I wanted to go to university to study Spatial Planning. In high school my major was social sciences and I think this is where I truly understood my interest in and passion for the society and the built environment. I am applying to the master programs of Design for Sustainable Development MPDSD14 starting in September 2014. My number one interest has always been architecture; the different ways in which it influences a city, its community and built form and how it, at the same time, can be influenced by exactly these aspects. My career ambition is to work alongside other architects, landscapers, urban planners and engineers in order to create a strong cooperation and an exchange in knowledge, experience and interests to be able to reach the best solutions for our society. I want to study at Chalmers because of the outstanding educational system, focus on gathering relevant work experience, and the excellent facilities. From speaking with students and professors from your university and other universities I am confident of my decision. With many distinguished professors, I know I will gain professional knowledge at the forefront of discovery. I am confident that I will bring a high level of energy and enthusiasm to your program and I am sure to meet your expectations, both because of my academic and interpersonal skills as well as the experience gained from my internship at the Stockholm City Planning office and my presidency of the Architecture Students organisation at BTH. I will enrich the program by enabling fellow students and professors to benefit from my ambitious and open nature. Furthermore, my international educational background will add more diversity to your program. Thank you for considering my application


Anna DavĂŠus


WORK EXPERIENCE 2013 STOCKHOLMS STADS STADSBYGGNADSKONTOR (CITY PLANNING OFFICE OF STOCKHOLM Internship focused on zoning. 2012- RECEPTIONIST – FRISKIS & SVETTIS KARLSKRONA/RONNEBY Working extra hours in the reception of a gym during university studies. Tasks involve managing the reception, taking care of the members, handeling cash, stock and certain economic aspects as well as answering the phone and emails. SUMMERS OF 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 - ENIRO 118118 KRISTIANSTAD Summer job as a search specialist. Work involved taking phone calls from customers and offering them information such as people’s phone numbers and addresses, street directions and opening hours. 2011 GILLBLADS LADIES DEPARTMENT STORE, GOTHENBURG Working extra hours in a clothing store during psychology studies. Work involved everything from managing the cashier to packing orders for the web shop. 2009-2010 BARTENDER/WAITRESS - DR HOLMS HOTEL IN GEILO, NORWAY Seasonal work as a bartender and waitress in one of Norway’s most famous hotels. Service-minded work that involved serving customer after their wishes. 2009- 2010 BARTENDER - GRANDS SCHLAGER BAR IN KRISTIANSTAD Working extra hours as a bartender in one of the nightclubs in the city. Service-minded work that involved taking orders from customers and serving them after their requests. 2007-2009 RECEPTIONIST - KRISTIANSTAD LAW FIRM My main job was to attend the front desk, taking calls from clients and performing some secretary work.


2013 – Environmental Planning, Queens Univeristy Belfast (exchange semester) 2011- Spatial planning, BTH Karlskrona (ongoing, 180 ECTS) 2011- Basic Psychology, University of Gothenburg, 30 ECTS 2011- Diploma in yacht master qualifications 2010- Basic Law, University of Lund, 15 ECTS 2008 – Bartender diploma, 6 weeks, alternating academic and practical work, Barevents i Kristianstad AB 2008 – Spinning instructor diploma step 1 & 2, within the organisation of Friskis & Svettis 2006–2009 High school: Major in social sciences with a focus on global studies, Söderportgymnasiet in Kristianstad

LINGUISTICS Swedish – native language English – Speak and understand very well since I’ve been an exchange student in Australia and studied in Belfast Spanish – Speak and understand German – Speak and understand partially

OTHER - President of ArkitektStudenterna BTH 2013-2014 (the Architecture Students Association at BTH) - Student representative of the Swedish association of Architects Blekinge/Kalmar 2011-2014 - During my last year of high school I was president of the Studentcommitte, a group of students with the purpose of making the other students’ last year of high school as fun and festive as possible. - Drivers license - Diploma in yacht master qualifications - Spinning instructor at Friskis & Svettis since 2008


åängavägen 26, 29150 kristianstad

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