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All You Need To Know About the Settings and Features of Trend Micro Trend Micro is among the top global security software companies in the world. This company is a well-known leader of antivirus and security software that are created for internet content and cloud computing protection. It offers various kinds of virus and threat scanning services. They ensure PC or mobile safety by running regular realtime scans in its background.

Trend Micro Features Lots of features are provided in Trend Micro support Canada such as different scanning preferences, privacy settings, computer health checkup, parental controls, etc. It also includes specifications like reclassification and exception lists. Let us see them one by one:

Scanning Types And Preferences Running a PC scan- to run regular scans on your PC for threats and virus. 2. Scheduling a PC scan- to schedule your PC scan for a particular time and then let the Software manage the whole thing. 3. Scan preferences- to mark the PC files that must be scanned and cleaned according to you. 4. Scan types- to apply different sorts of PC scan, depending upon the requirements. 5. Scan responses- to find out the responses obtained in scan results. 1.

PC privacy settings and health checkup Contact Trend Micro Support Canada offers technologies to prevent illegal acts like phishing protect users against scamming. The software offers privacy settings like privacy scanner, prevention of data theft and social network security. This way, users can ensure the privacy of their personal information, identify menaces and threats and keep the sensitive data safe. Health checkup features are also available in Trend Micro support to help the users in fixing PC security vulnerabilities, decreasing startup time, data cleanup and retrieving disk space. It also optimizes PC performance through routine health checkup and offers to make improvements whenever necessary.

Apart from all this, Trend Micro offers settings for PC backgrounds, log generation, security reports and password as well. Further settings include protection from spam, web threats and menacing emails. If you have any doubts regarding Trend Micro, contact Trend Micro support Number Canada 1-844-856-1333 and get all of your queries answered satisfactorily.

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All You Need To Know About the Settings and Features of Trend-Micro