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RESI DENTI AL Desi gnofaHousebyt hecanalf orayoung coupl e,aconser t i standanent r epr eneur : Spat i aldi agr ams 3D Model i ng Scal eanddi mensi ons Modelmaki ng Phot ogr aphySt udi o





4 Thehousei sdi vi ded i n t hr eet ypesofzones: Li vi ng( gr ound& 1stf l oor ) Wor ki ng(2nd& 3r df l oor ) Lei sur e(3r d& 4t hf l oor )

Guestr oom TVr oom Ki t chen Li vi ng/di ni ngr oom

Bedr oom Wal ki ncl oset Ensui t ebat hr oom Laundr yr oom

Meet i ngr oom Of f i ce Toi l et Li br ar y

Pi anospace Gal l er y Seat i ngar ea Bar

Ter r asse Pot ager Si desect i on


House by the canal (1)  
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