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26 South Audley Street, London W1K 2PD

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Rules and Byelaws

Objects and Administration 1. The name of the club is ‘Harry’s Bar’ (‘the Club’). 2. The objects of the Club are: a)  to provide food and other amenities for ladies and gentlemen of good standing in society and the furtherment of non-political, social and recreative activities. b) the maintenance of a club house (‘the Club Premises’) in London for the use of Members of the Club. 3. The Club is a proprietary club, the proprietor of which is, subject to these Rules, Harry’s Bar (South Audley Street) Limited (hereinafter called ‘the Proprietor’). 4. The Proprietor will provide the Club with Club Premises at 26 South Audley Street, London W1K 2PD (or such other or additional Club Premises as the Proprietor may from time to time specify) and such offices as may be required for the purposes of the Club and such furniture, fittings, and equipment as may reasonably be necessary for carrying on a Club in accordance with its objects and these Rules, and be responsible for the rates and fire insurance of such Club Premises and the depreciation and renewal of the contents thereof. 5.  The General Committee of the Club (‘the General Committee’) shall exercise the powers given to it by these Rules and such other powers of management as it may undertake at the request of the Proprietor. For the avoidance of doubt, any powers given to the General Committee pursuant to these Rules may be exercised by the Proprietor. The General Committee may delegate any of its powers to any another person(s) in its absolute discretion.


6.  The General Committee shall meet as often as may be necessary to ensure the proper conduct of the affairs of the Club. 7. The officers of the Club shall be appointed from time to time by the Proprietor. The officers of the Club shall consist of the Chairman, Secretary and the members of the General Committee. Nothing shall prevent a Member holding more than one office. 8. Any officer of the Club shall be removable at any time by a majority of the General Committee subject to the consent of the Proprietor and any such officer shall vacate his/her office if suspended from Membership or on ceasing Membership for any reason. 9. The appointment and dismissal of all Club servants shall be vested solely in the Proprietor.

Membership 10. Membership of the Club shall consist of the Members (herein called ‘Members’ and ‘Membership’ shall be construed accordingly), life time Members (hereinafter called ‘Lifetime Members’ and ‘Lifetime Membership’ shall be construed accordingly) and temporary Members (hereinafter called ‘Temporary Members’ and ‘Temporary Membership’ shall be construed accordingly). For the avoidance of doubt, unless otherwise stated in these Rules, references in these Rules to ‘Members’ and ‘Membership’ shall include Lifetime/ Temporary Members and Lifetime/Temporary Membership respectively.


11.  Lifetime Membership of the Club will include Lifetime Membership of Annabel’s, 44 Berkeley Square, London W1, Mark’s Club, 46 Charles Street, London W1 and George, 87-88 Mount Street, London W1. Lifetime Membership shall entitle the Lifetime Member (which expression shall include his/her heirs and assigns in accordance with the Rules pertaining to Lifetime Members from time to time) to Lifetime Membership of the Club for such period (not exceeding one hundred years) as the General Committee shall decide. 12.  Any infringement of the Rules may result in immediate termination of Membership. 13. The election of Members shall be in the absolute discretion of the General Committee. 14. Subject to Rules 15 and 16 below, Memberships are nontransferable. 15.  Lifetime Members may not transfer their Lifetime Membership except with the express approval of the General Committee. 16. On the death or bankruptcy of a Lifetime Member his/ her Lifetime Membership will not pass to those entitled to the estate or property of such Lifetime Membership except with the express approval and on such terms as the General Committee shall think fit. 17. No candidate for Membership who has not reached 18 years of age shall be eligible for Membership and no candidate for Lifetime Membership who has not reached 21 years of age shall be eligible for Lifetime Membership.


18. The General Committee has the right to issue Temporary Membership for such period and on such terms as it decides in its absolute discretion. At the discretion of the General Committee Temporary Members shall be eligible for election to full Membership provided always that the number of Temporary Members so admitted shall not be a significant number in proportion to the total membership. 19.  Every candidate for admission as a Member (excluding Temporary Members) shall be proposed by one Member and seconded by another both of whom shall vouch, from their personal knowledge, for the fitness of the candidate. The candidate shall be proposed by his/her name, residence, profession, rank or occupation being entered on the proposal form, which shall be signed by both the proposer and seconder as well as the candidate. 20. Any omission from or inaccuracy in the particulars relating to or the description of any candidate for Membership may render his/her election void or subject to termination at the discretion of the General Committee. 21. Any Member (excluding Temporary Members) who is of the opinion that any candidate who is proposed for election as a Member would not be a desirable Member shall inform the Secretary who shall communicate the objection to the General Committee or sub-committee thereof but to no other person. 22. No rejected candidate shall again be proposed as a Member until the expiration of six months from the date of such rejection.


23. Immediately upon the election of a Member, the Secretary shall give notice to him/her and send him/her a copy of these Rules and he/she shall, subject to due payment of any initial joining fee and any first subscription fees, then become a Member of the Club and be entitled to all the benefits and privileges of Membership and be bound by these Rules. 24. The joining fee and subscription for Members shall be such sums as the General Committee shall from time to time determine. Save in respect of the first subscription fee (in respect of which see Rule 23 above), future subscriptions for Members (but not Lifetime Members) shall be paid: (a) within seven days of notice of renewal in each ensuing year if he/she be in the United Kingdom or within 3 months if abroad; or (b) if alternative payment date(s) are agreed by the General Committee, within 3 days of such date(s). Any subscription for Lifetime Members shall be paid in accordance with the terms of Lifetime Membership. The Membership of any Member not complying with this Rule shall automatically terminate unless the General Committee shall in their absolute discretion decide otherwise. 25. All joining fees and/or subscriptions shall be paid to the Club’s bank account details as directed by the Secretary of the Club. 26. Any joining fee and/or any subscription paid in respect of any Membership is non-refundable.


Termination of Membership 27. Any Member may terminate his/her Membership by giving to the Secretary a resignation notice in writing to that effect. Every such notice shall unless otherwise expressed be deemed to take effect as from the Monday next following the receipt thereof whereupon he/she shall cease to be a Member. 28. The Proprietor shall have the right to immediately terminate any Membership or to refuse to renew any Membership without having to give a reason for such action. 29. The General Committee shall have the right (but not the obligation) to immediately terminate any Membership without having to give a reason for such action in any of the following circumstances: a) If any Member shall be convicted of an indictable offence or adjudged a bankrupt or make a composition or arrangement with his/her creditors under the provision of any statute, or shall have been cashiered from H.M. Forces or warned off the turf; b) If any Lifetime Member is expelled from the building at either Annabel’s, Mark’s Club or George and/or has his/ her Lifetime Membership cancelled by any of those clubs; c) Breach of Rule 34; d) If any Member interferes with the appointment of Club servants or shall incite any Club servant to leave the employment of the Club;


e)  If the General Committee in its discretion decides a Member should not be permitted to continue as a Member, either of its own volition, or following a Member informing the Secretary that they are of the opinion that the best interests of the Club require that a Member should not be permitted to continue as a Member of the Club; f ) Inappropriate conduct by visitors of the relevant Member; and g) Breach of Rule 42.

30. Upon termination of any Membership: a) No initial joining fee or subscriptions (or any proportion thereof ) shall be returned; b) Any outstanding subscriptions for the current Membership year shall become immediately payable; c) Any outstanding Club charges incurred by such person shall become immediately payable; and d)  With the exception of Membership that has expired through lapse of time (which exception is subject to the absolute discretion of the General Committee), no such person shall ever again be proposed as a candidate for Membership or visit the Club Premises unless it is expressly authorised in writing by the General Committee or a duly authorised officer on their behalf. 31. Any Member shall upon ceasing to be a Member of the Club forfeit all rights in the Club.


Club Premises, Admission, Conduct and Behaviour 32. The supply of intoxicating liquor will be permitted in the Club Premises during the general licensing hours for the district subject to any extension for the time being granted by the Licensing Justices. 33. No person other than a Member of the Club may purchase intoxicating liquor on the Club Premises. 34. Every Member shall before leaving the Club Premises pay charges incurred by him/her except by a special arrangement with the Secretary in which case accounts must be settled within 30 days. Any Member who fails to settle such accounts within 30 days shall at the discretion of the General Committee either have their Membership terminated in accordance with Rule 29 above or have their Membership suspended for a period not exceeding 6 months. 35. The days during which the Club Premises shall be open for the reception of Members are at such times as the General Committee in its discretion may decide. The General Committee may however by arrangement allow Members to hold functions at the Club Premises and on such occasions the hours during which the Club Premises shall be open to Members may be varied. 36. The Club, the Proprietor and General Committee cannot in any circumstances be responsible to Members or visitors for: a) loss or damage to any property of any kind whilst it is in or about the Club Premises; or b) loss or damage to motor cars parked, collected or driven by servants or agents of the Club, or to the contents or accessories of any such motor cars.


37. Subject to the provisions of these Rules, Members shall be permitted to introduce friends as visitors and entertain them, the introducer being responsible for the proper conduct and behaviour of the visitor whilst upon the Premises and their strict observance of the Rules. 38.  The General Committee shall have power by their duly authorised officer to refuse the admission of any visitor if in their opinion it is desirable in the interests of the Club. 39. No visitor shall be permitted to make payment of any kind for any commodities whatsoever. Visitors must leave the Club Premises at the same time or before their host. 40.  Except with the consent of the General Committee no Member shall give the address of the Club Premises in any advertisement or use the Club Premises address for any business purposes whatsoever. 41.  Every Member of the Club shall give an address to the Secretary for the receipt of all notices and in the event of change shall notify the Secretary and all notices posted to such last given address shall be considered as having been duly given on the second day following the day of posting. 42. The use of mobile telephones in the Club is not allowed.


Amendment and Interpretation of the Rules 43.  These Rules may be changed, varied or revoked by the Proprietor and any change, variation or revocation of the Rules shall be deemed to have been brought to the notice of the Members and take immediate effect by posting details of such change on the Club notice board and/or the Club website. 44.  The headings used in these Rules shall not affect the interpretation of the Rules. 45. The General Committee shall be the sole authority for the interpretation of these Rules made thereunder and their decision shall be final and binding on the Members. 46. Subject to Rule 45, the validity, construction and performance of these Rules (and any claim, dispute or matter arising under or in connection with them or their enforceability) and any non-contractual obligations arising out of or in connection with them, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England and Wales. All parties (including all Members) irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales over any claim, dispute or matter arising under or in connection with these Rules or their enforceability or the legal relationships established by these Rules (including non-contractual disputes or claims).


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Harry's Bar Rule Book