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Chopped Scripps Network: Food Network

Annabelle Travina February 27, 2013

Annabelle Travina

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Chopped: The Show

Chopped is a reality based cooking show that involves four contestants and three judges. The contestants are asked to prepare an appetizer, entree, and dessert. They are given secret ingredients that must be incorporated into their dishes. Each winner of every show is awarded $10,000. Chopped first debuted in 2009 and is in its 14th season. The most popular demographic for the show is adults 25-54. For the past 14 seasons, we have continuously succeeded in capturing adults 25-54 with an average 5.6 million viewership including 3.2 million in the 25-54 demo. Coming into the 15th season we will continue to raise rating points by focusing on an underserved demographic of 18-24. To accomplish this we have highlighted opportunities in specifically our publicity, media and promotion tactics. Annabelle Travina

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Research Research We have chosen to look at the age group 18-24 because we feel it is an underserved but important demographic. As the years go on, young adults are discovering the importance of good food. In simple terms, young people love to eat. A problem that we have discovered about this age group is that we are targeting young adults in the wrong locations. An increasing interest in cooking is happening within young adults and not many people are utilizing this opportunity to approach them. To attract a younger audience the angle we are using is that Chopped teaches accessibility. Anything can be made into something.

Distribution An important factor to look into when approaching a young adult audience is where would be the most affective location. The first and most logical start will be to approach college campuses and the surrounding areas around college campuses. Since 18-24 is primarily the age of college students, reaching them where they most likely will be is where we will focus most of our marketing. Other ‘younger’ locations will include sport arenas, local gyms, shopping centers etc.

Creative Testing will be essential to figuring out whether our target audience is being reached with the marketing strategy we will be implementing. We will be using focus groups and surveys to research how effective the marketing plan is targeting this demographic. Specifically we will look at how much of an impact the primary target audience is absorbing the information that is given to them.

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Research cont. Publicity The type of places we will be focusing our campaign in will be ‘younger’ magazines and social media sites. According to 2011 MRI reports, large number of respondents who currently attend a college or university read specific magazines such as People, Sports Illustrated and Cosmopolitan. They also read types of publications that fall under news & entertainment, and distributed newspaper. Social media sites that will be beneficial will include Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. These sites will be beneficial in a visual aspect since catching the attention of a younger audience is most affective through visuals.

Media Referencing back to MRI numbers, the prime time for students who attend a college or university who listen to the radio is weekdays from 6am to 10am. Another opportunity to take in media is cable television since MRI also states that the most impressions in this demographic come from cable viewers. The most watched shows for young adults include Lifetime, History Channel, ESPN, Fox News, Food Network, Discovery Channel, CNN, and TNT.

Promotion Looking into the family of Scripps, the television shows within the networks family tend to attract an older audience since the genre of the shows are so specific. We will utilize the family as far as we can but we will be forced to go outside the family to attract the crowd we intend to bring in. Looking at things like sweepstakes, cooking demonstrations with partner companies, and meet and greets with past contestants and future new guest judges will create the buzz we need.

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Food Network is where Chopped is broadcasted for the public. Food network is apart of the Scripps Network family along with the Cooking Channel, HGTV, DIY Network, GAC, and the Travel Channel. Chopped is currently being aired Tuesdays at 10pm/9c. This has been a successful time slot for the show. We are choosing to keep the time as is since it is being played on a primetime slot away from the weekend. Keeping the time slot on a weekday will enable young adult watchers to view the show since they tend to go out on the weekends and will not have time to watch TV then. Since MRI has stated that Food Network is a popular network to watch for young adults, we will send out promos to be aired. Alongside with Food Network we will use the Cooking Channel as well since it is a related channel. Food and travel pair well together so promos will be ran on the Travel Channel as well during food related shows like Bizarre Foods and Man vs. Food. Annabelle Travina

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Creative Advertising A/V Using audio visuals to help emphasize the show is more affective to a younger audience because they want to see and hear what is going on. Since Chopped is a competition, live action shots are more intriguing to the audience than a still picture of what is going on. It will help the audience understand the show better and help differentiate between a regular cooking show and this type of cooking show. Through MRI, it stated that the most popular type of media for young adults is cable television. Using creative advertising within cable shows will create a larger buzz within the young community. We will be showing promos on both network family shows and television shows that are popular to young viewers outside our family. In the promos we will be mentioning upcoming new episodes. We will also promo a sweepstakes that will allow the winner to watch a live screening of Chopped and have the opportunity to dine at one of the judges restaurants. Lastly we will show an array of guest judges for the upcoming episodes. These judges will be people who have a product that attract a younger audience or they themselves are people that young adults will tune in to watch.

Print The type of print we will be using is mainly magazine print and online print. The magazines, as mentioned in distribution, will be material that attracts young adult readers. Fashion, travel, and sports are the types of magazines that most attracts the 18-24 demographic according to MRI. The online prints will be showcased in the social media sites, also discussed in distribution. Using photography social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram will help visualize what the chefs create on the show. The things that we would like to see in the prints for Chopped will include pictures of past dishes made and future dishes that can be made. Prints of future dishes that could be made will include three very random foods set up in an equation format ending in a question mark ( ____+_____+_____= ? ). This image will have the viewers wondering what kind of dishes could be made forcing them to want to tune in and find out. Other print ideas include images of the potential special guest speaker and action shots of the chefs cooking.

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Creative Advertising Ideas



Chocolate dipped sardines?



Spam cappuccino?



Rainbow gnocchi?

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Publicity Campaign Strategy Our angle for the marketing plan is to embrace the idea young adults love to eat and enjoy food. The demographic for age 18-24 are more adventurous in trying new things. Therefore Chopped is a show they can watch and get ideas for future foods they may try. Chopped is a very creative show that uses both exotic foods that are less known and mixes very popular foods that young adults eat. The show demonstrates accessibility to creating new foods. The show exemplifies that any combination of food can create some sort of dish. Since 18-24 tend to be college students they will see that they can create anything with the use of items in their very own pantry.

Materials To get our message across, we will use pictures of food that have already been made in the past and post them on both Pinterest and Instagram since both sites generate a young crowd. We will have a short description of what the food is and have Chopped attach to the picture as well. Twitter will be used as well with photographs of food. We will follow college students, young professionals, and future guest judges so they can retweet the type of food we create on the show.

Events We will be hosting a Chopped premiere viewing party for the 15th season. The kick off show will included a college cooking party at a selected college or university. It will be an enter to win contest by simply entering online or through the Food Network mobile app. They can also enter to win by going on Twitter or Instagram and retweeting or reposting the contest. The party will include catered food by Food Network, cooking demonstrations from past Chopped winners, and a live broadcast of the entire event during the season premiere.

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Publicity Cont. (Other Ideas) The use of guest judges will bring in mo re interest of the 18-24 demographic. The guest jud ges will include well known athletes, pop cultura l figures, and people who have an association wit h a certain product. For example a designer of a we ll known brand. People will tune in to initially wa tch the guest judge and then they will see what Chopped has to offer.

t with grocery For retail promos we will connec ods. The stores Trader Joe’s and Whole Fo a younger shoppers at these stores tend to be our sweepstakes demographic. We will promote ty and to see a for both the premier viewing par opped at these live screening of an episode of Ch le Foods will be locations. Trader Joe’s and Who . recognized with both sweepstakes

The premiere of se ason 15 will be a co llege special. We have worked with the pr oducer and created a special C hopped episode th at will include students fr om various culinar y institutes to compete for schola rship money that w ill be used towards furthering their studies in the culinary field. We will prom ote and publicize th e special at various college ca mpuses.

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Promotions Family The Scripps Network family includes the Food Network, HGTV, DIY Network, the Cooking Channel, GAC, and the Travel Channel. The family contains much older demographic shows which is part of our challenge to overcome. One of the challenges we face is only having very specific genre channels. This is a challenge because it brings in only a specific audience instead of a general audience. An opportunity we can use from the family is connecting travel and food. We will have promo spots on both the Food Network and the Cooking Channel. Alongside we will run promos on the Travel Channel as well.

Types of promotions As stated in publicity we will be having a premiere party to bring in the 18-24 demographic. We will have Food Network cater the event with sponsorship from Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. Their name will be attached to the event. We will be promoting our sweepstakes to see a live screening of Chopped on set and to dine at one of the judges renowned restaurants. We will also be promoting the college student challenge which will involve culinary students competing with each other for scholarship money. Smaller events will include screenings of season 15 premiere at various campuses and or surrounding areas of campuses. Also we will have tastings of past Chopped dishes sampled at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods using their groceries food to help promote their product as well as ours.

Promos We will be using 10, 15, 20, and 30 second promo spots on Food Network, the Cooking Channel, and the Travel Channel. The Promos will include bottom thirds to introduce upcoming new episodes. The 30 second spot will introduce both our sweepstakes to see a live taping of Chopped and upcoming guest judges that will be coming to future shows. The shorter promo spots will showcase when the new episodes will be airing. Annabelle Travina

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Media Budget Since our challenge is to reach an underserved demographic of 18-24, we will be using a larger budget to accomplish this goal. The Scripps Network family tends to attract an older viewership so we will have to go outside our family’s programming to reach out to the younger crowd. Going outside our family we will need to purchase more media time than what we usually would buy. Food is a growing topic within young adults so rising to this opportunity to attract them to Chopped will benefit Scripps Network in the long run. The family was helpful supportive to raise our budget to where we need it to be which is $600,000. More than half of the budget will be used in paid media time. The rest of the budget will be allocated to mainly promotion and publicity.

Radio We will be using radio spot promos for Chopped. According to MRI, the most tuned in time for respondents who are attending colleges or universities is weekdays from 6am to 10am. Our radio promos will state, “Tune in every Tuesday evening 10p/9c for new episodes for Food Network’s Chopped. What will be in the basket tonight?” Once we decide which guest judges we will have for the show we will mention them in the radio spots. Those promos will state, “Tune in tonight at 10p/9c to see ______ as a special guest judge for Food Networks hit show Chopped.

Print The media space we will be purchasing for print will include magazines and daily newspapers distributed throughout college campuses and surrounding areas of college campuses. Magazine publications will include People, Sports Illustrated, Cosmopolitan, and GQ. According to MRI these are the most read magazines for the 18-24 demographic. We will be purchasing full colored half sheets in the magazine. The prints will include pictures of guest judges appearing on the show and advertisements of various foods that could be seen on the show (refer to creative advertising idea print). For the newspapers that are distributed throughout college campuses, we will be advertising for the sweepstakes to host the kick off premiere party at their school. It will be a simple entry contest that they can do by going on directly onto the site or to one of the social media sites connected with Chopped (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram).

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Outdoor There will be outdoor advertising around college campuses and on bus, train, and taxi. The 30 sheets will be posted around places like gyms, shopping centers, parks, and schools. The 30 sheets will have images of the Chopped logo and to tune in on Tuesday nights at 10p/9c. The advertisements for transportation will include various faces of guest judges that will be on the show. The outdoor campaign will run throughout summer and early fall for the incoming school session.

Digital The digital campaign will include social media sites such as Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. On the social media sites we will have pictures of past and futures dishes of Chopped. Blogs will be incorporated into the digital campaign as well. Reddit will be used to create buzz within already established food communities. Our team will integrate with blog users of reddit to offer cooking advice, tips, and suggestions. Along side social media and blogs, mobile apps will be used for interactive watching with the show. Users of the app will be able to rate the meal during commercial breaks and predict who will be sent home. The app will also include recipes of the dishes that were aired on the show. Biographies of contestants and judges will be on the app as well.

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Chopped mixes intricate cooking with out of the box creativity. Adults 18-24 will be lured into watching the show simply by how unique the food and dishes are from Chopped. Through this marketing strategy we will be successful in creating a new and younger viewership for the show. We will create buzz worthy news in the young adult community through the use of print, radio, cable, promotion and social media. Chopped will be entering its fourth year on air. It is time to broaden the successful demographic of 25-54 to 18-54. Chopped is a show any age will enjoy to watch.

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Food Network's Chopped Marketing Plan  
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