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The trip of a lifetime!!!! A chance to be Michael Perham Annabelle Park

The boat that I`m going on...

Nantes, France

Manchester, England

Los Angeles, America

Introduction Hi I`m Annabelle, today I`m going to go on new adventure around the world. But instead me and my friends are going to stop at different places around the world! The friends that are coming with me are Maya, Amy and Elina. We are going on a boat called “The sunrise” (It`s mine) We are going to these places around the world. (Listed below…)

Start: Seoul, Korea 1. 2.

Mumbai, India Los Angeles, America


Nantes, France


Manchester ,England

Finish: Seoul ,Korea

To start my journey I`m going to Mumbai in India. I will first have to cross the East China Sea then I will cross the South China Sea. Then the Java Sea then I will head for a river near Malaysia. After the river in Malaysia I will head for the Landcadive Sea. (By that time I`ll be half way there to Mumbai!) Then finally I will cross the Arabian Sea!! Then Mumbai must be on the Left coast somewhere?!Wouldn’t `t it? Reasons I want to go to this place: • The beautiful weather leers me to go there. • I would love to see the beautiful gates!! • I love the scrumptious Indian food they have!

My next destination is visiting my grandparents at Los Angeles, America! To Los Angeles from Mumbai, India would be a long, long way!!I have to first cross the Indian Ocean then the South Atlantic Ocean. After the breathtaking ride at the South Atlantic Ocean I will cross the North Atlantic Ocean, then like when I went to Mumbai I will have to cross a river near Mexico.(I might see Diego!) After the river then I`ll head for the North Pacific Ocean, my last Ocean to cross while I`m going to Los Angeles! Then I`ll have to look Round the Left coast and find it. Reasons why I want to go there: • I want to meet the famous actors at Hollywood!!

I want to get a fake trophy and trick Amy that I`ve won a price at the Universal Studio!

I want to stay at a luxury hotel!!

From Los Angeles to Nantes, France the journey will be quite boring. Because it`s like you`re just rewinding the journey from Mumbai to Los Angeles. Except you have to cross the Bay of Biscay.

Reasons why I want to go there: • I want to see all the exotic sculptors at the city hall. • I would want to see and bring back photos of different castles, and compare them with the traditional Korean castles.

• Some people say that the look of the city is beautiful at night! I want to go look and see if it`s true…

My last destination on my trip is…Manchester!!!The city that had Park Ji-sung for its football team!!I`m going to there and see Mr.Melmoth!!From Nantes, Paris to Manchester short distance so it`ll take not much time. I will just have to cross the Bay of Biscay and the Celtic Sea. However it`ll be hard finding Manchester on the left coast of ENGLAND not Ireland!!!

Reasons why I want to go there:

• I really want to go see their soccer team play!! • I want to see the huge tall buildings. • I really, really want to see the view of Manchester on my hotel room balcony at night!!

• Torch • Raincoat • Tinned food (Ugh!) • Lifejacket • Life tube • Jacket • Drinking Water • Rope • Knife • Extra batteries for torch

• Sleeping bag • First Aid Kit • Money • Passport • Fishing rod • Radio • Walky Talky

My trip around the world  
My trip around the world  

My trip around the world