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TIFFANY & Co. Tiffany & co, the queen of jewellery. It is famous for silverwork and diamond around the world. Tiffany was founded in 1937. As the beginning, it is famous for silver tableware. In 1851 launched 925 silver ornaments that made it more famous. Tiffany is symbol design of United States. With love, beauty, romantic and dreams as the theme, as long as reputation for nearly two centuries. From these points of view, tiffany is a beautiful dream in every girl’s heart, as well as tiffany blue has become a unique colour. Follow the human history, as the beginning; the most people may be used shells and other plants materials. For many centuries metal, often combined with gemstones, has been the normal material for jewellery. Nowadays, jewellery industry of technology has been very diverse. Meanwhile, jewellery has been dramatically related to the fashion. However, the limits edition products with high price and it is indeed gorgeous appear to jewellery world more and more, such as tiffany &co. This article will focus on tiffany & co and analysis the status, structure of products and the competitive in jewellery market.


Lagorce (2008) point out tiffany is probably highest know for selling diamond engagement rings it derives a important percentage of sales from it silver jewellery collection. Moreover, tiffany engagement rings have became a status symbol of their own, usually worn by so-called ‘park avenue princesses’ in U.S. Therefore, Tiffany’s market position is famous all over the world. Meanwhile, high price also is one respective of its market. According to the history of Tiffany & co. Tiffany first gained international identification at the 1867 Paris world’s fair, which was the first American company to employ the British silver standard (92%pure). Mainly through the trials of Charles Lewis Tiffany, the U.S government adopted this standard. By 1870 tiffany & co had become the America’s premier silversmith and purveyor of jewels and timepieces .At the turn of the 20th century the company had more than one thousand employees and branches in London, Pairs, and Geneva ( Tiffany & co,2014 ).The reason why Tiffany & co can stand as a symbol of luxury and have a high selling price is a combination of long history of marketing fine jewelries, many rewards and honors received and its advances technologies.

Since 1878, the signature Tiffany blue color has distinguished the catalogues covers, as well as the famous tiffany blue box, an icon style and sophistication (tiffany & co, 2014 ). This famous ring was named the tiffany setting. To this day, it is the most sought- after symbol of true love. The main products of tiffany are jewellery and sliver tableware. Love is the idea of design, such as rings of tiffany could completely approve this point. As mentioned before, tiffany is a dream for girls, there are several reasons that why tiffany can be attractive. Frist of all, the blue box of Tiffany symbolizes the beginning of dream.

Sometimes we could be puzzled, due to the reason why wen cannot find a right place to lay up the view jewellery, which is luxurious, noble, sexy and classical. As me a consumer of tiffany, the blue box also symbolize, noble, sexy and classical, it is not a simple box, the box is like jewel case that is indispensible for every women, if you by a diamond ring of tiffany, but the package is not the blue box, you might be very upset. There must be high classic jewellery placed in the attractive box.

4CS CUT Tiffany has done this, the products and package have been well fused, and the most famous ring of tiffany is engagement rings. Tiffany diamonds are cut to maximize brilliance. Others are cut to maximize carat weight. This difference is legendary. Tiffany uses harsh diamond standards beyond the oversimplified 4CS. Gifted tiffany designers draw on over 175 years of a rich design heritage and creativity to inspire today’s masterpieces- engagement ring designs that are utterly captivating. Master tiffany craftsmen bring their passion for perfection to each detail, ensuring the inside of your ring is as beautiful as the outside. It was Charles Lewis tiffany who introduced the engagement ting it known today. Every tiffany offers a unique protection: a tiffany diamond certificate that is backed by our full lifetime warranty. Tiffany stands behind your ring with the exceptional customer service that it has offered since 1837. Tiffany ring must meet our founder’s promise: to create a timeless symbol that is worthy of true love. Tiffany is committed to obtaining gemstones and precious metals in ways that are socially and environmentally responsible. (Tiffany &co, 2014).

communication and promotion Tiffany & co advertising also are famous, When the Christmas comes for every year, tiffany designer will use they creativity and imaginative to design shop windows, Christmas tree and every Fantastic things. For example, in 2013 Christmas day, tiffany’s carriage loaded up with tiffany gift boxes on the street of London. This image likes the dream of every child about Christmas, which likes the dream of every girl about diamond. Expect the Christmas dream, tiffany have another promote themes is love, every Christmas advertisement story around the love. Therefore, screen is gorgeous, warm and classic. Family is significant point for tiffany Christmas promotion. Tiffany provides an opportunity to dad to show the love for mom and kids. We can see the happiness smile in every faces.

VS. Tiffany & co has larger range of products (pricewise) compared to Cartier. To me, Cartier provides a more elegant, sophisticated look while Tiffany is more Contemporary and clean in their design. Tiffany is definitely better known and popular in general, but just keep in mind that Tiffany also makes a lot of more modestly priced items while Cartier usually only markets the most high end items. Some people think that Cartier is more classic extravagance .the other people think that tiffany is partial to luxury fashion. Another a lot of different point, such as tiffany theme color is blue, and Cartier is red. When the jewelry appraisal, Cartier uses GIA (Gemological institute of America) was the first organization of diamond authentication. However, tiffany authenticates diamond by it selves. In fact, some people think this two brand there are not differences. But both brand all have the noble temperament.

Cartier Honeymoon VS. Tiffany Bezet

VS Cartier Tiffany

To sum up, tiffany has become symbol of diamond, also became the identification of true love and every girl’s dream. Moreover, tiffany fashion jewelry styles have attracted more and more people to buy. When the charismas coming, tiffany became the first choice of family gift. More and more stores are open around the world. Tiffany blue has been become a fashion color.




There is a dream in every girl’s heart, which is about Tiffany, like everybody has dream. The long history background of Tiffany, exquisite package for its products and noble design of Tiffany that every girls want to have a diamond ring or necklace of their own, meanwhile, Tiffany blue is a noble color series that attract them to follow their dream. Tiffany stands for fashion, classic and eternal. Every year, the advertisement for Christmas day attracts people’s eyes. Love from girls and boys then become to families with fathers, mothers and children, everyone wants this trend of change. Owning to the way of promotion, the engagement rings have become the main product of Tiffany, therefore, people choose products of Tiffany for gift to their families. The service of Tiffany is also nearly perfect, from select, purchase to after-sales service as well as email consumer service. People could contact with Tiffany about the insufficient through email (Tiffany & co, 2014). However, Tiffany is the queen of diamond, one the first brand of luxury, the high price could not be afforded by every girl. In this essay will consider to new concept for products, concept of visual marketing, and new package design.

NEW PROFUCT IDEA . As we know, the style of Tiffany products is fashion and classic, and the price is also high, but how to make the dream from every girl becomes not only just a dream, that design different styles of products for the people in different generations, in order to they can afford it, and products could also suit for them. As a 19 years girl, I exactly want a jewelry of Tiffany, because in my mind, I think diamond is made for women, meanwhile, women could not resist some stuffs of ‘bling-bling’, we aspire beauty, temperament and fashion, but I as a student could not afford such a high price, that is same to other girls who aspire the same thing. For instance, in Mothers’ Day, we want to buy a gift for mothers, but if we want to buy Tiffany as the gift that we do not have enough money to afford it. What is more, in Valentine’s Day boys want to buy a ring for their girlfriend, but unfortunately, also because of the high price, they could not buy it. Therefore, how could make these unfortunate things to be true, I suggest that Tiffany could establish new styles of product in every season as a promotion strategy. For example, in Christmas Day, Tiffany could establish Christmas edition, that provides personal special limited edition for Christmas present. These style of products fuse novelty, fashion but without loss classic, price could set up at around £200-£300, people could buy it by using pocket money or the money saved from buying clothes. Moreover, Tiffany could launch a Couple Edition in Valentine’s Day, couples could choose a diamond then cut it into two pieces and inlay them two rings, but these two rings could be matched together, that is the Valentine’s special edition, which provides a romantic chance for young couple. The price for these two rings is also about £200-£300. In addition, consumers need to prove they are under 25 years old, that will not low the status of Tiffany in jeweler market, in order to balance the quantity of sales and costs. For those people older than 25 years old, they could also buy products, which are suitable for them. That satisfied those young people who are seeking for beauty, fashion but without loss of classic.

VISUAL MERCHANDISING If this strategy could be implemented, then we need a concept for visual marketing. These advertisements for these products could be seen by people in this generation, we promote it not only in magazines or on a board of roadside, but also put them in places where these people will be. Firstly, there need a place to advertise it on official website, then find a female star in the same generation or just gave a birth to a baby to represent these products, the word for representation is ‘let your children hear the voice in their heart when they are young.’ The next is that we put these advertisements to ‘Youtube’ or some website with high click-through rate. Young people will see these advertisements through magazines or Internet. This promotion strategy will implement throughout the world. There will be different designs for different regions, such as in China; there will be Chinese elements in these products. If people like these products they will buy it then their friends, their friends of friends might also like it that is another kind of advertisement.

NEW PACKAGING DESIGN . Novelty products need to be put in package, which is suitable for them, the blue box of Tiffany is the beginning of dream, and the bowknot is temperament of young girls. Therefore, we will change the box that is a penetration for it, there will be different topics in different days. For instance, in Christmas Day, there will be a small Christmas tree on the box where is beside of the bowknot, it is tridimensional, that could provide a feeling to consumers that consumers are priority in Tiffany. Moreover, in Valentine’s Day, we make a mini chocolate on the box, which is eatable. Alternatively, we can give some small gift to consumers such as nail enamel of Tiffany blue, a small jewel case. That all represent the priority of Tiffany is consumers. In fact, everyone is young or was young, everyone has dream. Maybe your dream is not only Tiffany, but there is a small power to achieve a third of your dream. I just want to make Tiffany blue famous, everyone own it, let everyone understand what is love and what is eternal. Although it could not be measured by diamond, this ring just for you that is a power which could help you to achieve a bigger dream in the future.

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