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Left: The Coronation of King Mittens the Third. 1675. Above: The King Defeating the Evil of the East. 1683.

Left: Portrait of the Arch Chaplain. 1689. Above: Portrait of Sir Thomas; Military Advisor to the King. 1690. .

Above: Sir Thomas and the Grandmaster Discuss Matters of State. 1692.

Above: Marriage of the King to Queen Snowball. 1696.

Above: The Royal Court. 1700.

Above: Portrait of Queen Snowball. 1698.

Left: The Temptation of Prince Fluffy. 1701. Above: Sentencing of Prince Fluffy the Traitor. 1702.

Above: Divine Justice/Death of the Traitor. 1702 Right: The Queen and Her Son; Prince Tibbles the First. 1711.

Above: The King’s Deathbed. 1719.

Above: Prince Tibbles the First, the Future King. 1722.

Feles De Regnum  

Illustrations from the reign of king Mittens the Third from the Fitzgerald dynasty

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