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The EC Journey 1905

Chiswick House School is founded


Chiswick House is acquired


The European Centre of English Language Studies is founded


The European Centre of English Language Studies is rebranded as EC


EC Brighton opens


EC Cambridge opens


EC London opens


EC Cape Town opens


EC Boston opens


EC San Diego opens


EC New York opens


EC San Francisco opens EC acquires 50% of Expanish in Buenos Aires


EC Bristol opens EC acquires Language Studies Canada and rebrands them EC Montreal EC Toronto EC Vancouver


EC Los Angeles opens EC Miami opens


EC Covent Garden 30+ opens EC Oxford opens


EC Manchester opens EC NY at SUNY Fredonia opens

Welcome to EC 2004

Thank you for choosing a career with EC. An excing journey lies ahead.

Since opening in 1991, EC has grown from one small school in Malta to a dynamic, internaonal organisaon with schools in the best locaons around the world. We know that our success is down to the fact that we love what we do.

We are a team of people who are genuinely inspired and energised by our work. Our journey connues to present us with excing challenges, opportunies and rewards as we work towards our Primary Purpose – that of helping students succeed in a global community.

Every year we help thousands of students reach their goals and realise their dreams. We are delighted that you are joining us on this adventure, to make a dierence in the lives of students from all corners of the globe.

Our team is at the heart of everything we do, and we are proud to have created an environment that will nurture your talent, explore your ideas and recognise your achievements. Together, we turn challenges into new opportunies to help us achieve more.

We dream big and we work hard. We want you to dream big too, and realise your own ambions with us. Welcome to EC.

We Are EC 2004

Our Primary Purpose Helping students succeed in a global community

These four core values are at the heart of everything we do. We Love What We Do We are passionate about our work, and the posive impact it has on the lives of our students.

We Go the Extra Mile We strive to exceed expectaons in everything we do.

We Deliver What We Promise We always act with honesty and integrity, to earn the trust of those we work with, and through genuine commitment to our purpose.

We Have a Can-do Mindset We embrace challenges and turn them into new opportunies. We believe that if you dream big, work hard and are true to yourself and others, anything is possible.

Mike Xuereb CEO “ The first few weeks of your journey with EC are the most important ones. Be very curious - make sure you meet a lot of people and ask the right questions. If you get a good understanding of the vision of the company, where your role fits into the big picture and how you can leave a positive impact... you’re going to succeed and have a great time.”

Andrew Mangion Execu%ve Chairman “ Our organisation has grown thanks to the hard work and dedication of our people. It has always inspired me to see our people developing, growing and achieving things that they did not believe they were capable of doing before joining us. This adventure has helped all of us at EC discover new horizons and I hope that you will love the experience as much as we have.�

Our People Staff from over 40 different countries...


...and what they say about EC There is great support from the top

The people are great and everyone is

down. I love how responsive students are

such a professional. I respect the leaders

and I have a lot of fun teaching

of the organisa on and believe that EC will

It is a large company but feels small

grow into something really fantas c

since the leadership of the organisa on

The company is modern and ambi ous.

actually cares about staff as individuals

We have lovely, helpful colleagues, great

At EC we provide a valuable service to

looking offices, modern IT equipment

students and have a real impact

and the flexibility to travel to other EC

on their lives

loca ons and work from there

There is a strong sense of family here.

We provide a valuable service to

Colleagues and managers all show

students, making an impact on

support and go beyond the call of duty to

their lives. A hard-working but fun

cater for each other’s personal and

environment providing interes ng and

professional needs

exci ng challenges

The company cares, not only for its

The teachers chosen to work at EC are

employees but also for the community and

a good reflec on of the people in charge

the environment as well. This place

of recrui ng as we are all so different yet

totally ROCKS!!!

work so well together. I personally like

It is great to be part of an organisa on

to be part of an organisa on which is

with so many bright and interes ng

growing. Changes are constant here and

people. There is a real commitment to

a/empts are always being made to make

training staff enabling them to improve in

our lives easier, add value or give

the areas they feel they need

a be/er service

The teachers make a great team and

We work well as a team in our

care about each other. Everyone tries to

department. We also have fun social

make it a fun place to work

events that help us bond

There is a posi ve feeling that is felt by

The company values its staff and the

many or our students and we really make

people aspect of the business. People are

a difference to their lives. We also have a

given the freedom and support to excel.

great informal atmosphere that makes for

The team spirit is excellent yet not forced

a great working environment

on its employees

What We Do

Product Development

EC Travel Guide From the skyscrapers of New York to the spires of Cambridge’s famous university, from the wide open spaces of Vancouver to the quaint village streets of Malta, from the tranquillity atop Table Mountain to the hustle and bustle of London, global mobility is actively encouraged at EC. The opportunity to work in one of its exciting destinations isn’t just a dream, but a reality.

EC NEW YORK AT SUNY FREDONIA • 3 CLASSROOMS • ADULT PROGRAMMES EC's first on-campus school gives you the unique opportunity to combine English language learning with an allAmerican university lifestyle

EC Cares We have an enthusiastic network of CSR champions at each EC location and a clear message that EC cares. We aim to give something back to the communi%es in which we live and work by focusing our eorts on Sustainability, Educa%on and the Community.

Our schools highlight

As part of our

We promote corporate

and address social and

academic programme,

social responsibility by

environmental issues

we include a focus

reducing consumption,

through community

on social, cultural,

utilising renewable

engagement projects

economic and

energy and recycling

and local fund-raising.

environmental issues,


through skills-based lessons in class or oneoff lectures.

What’s On Seasons


High Season Opera%ons

Regional Centre Director mee%ngs

Mid June to Mid September November to February [Cape Town]

Annually, all Centre Directors meet With the Directors of Operaons to discuss

High Season-Admissions

various topics.

Mid April to Mid July

This is a great opportunity for peer groups

Sales Team in Market

to bond and share best pracces.

September to May

Annual Senior Management Conference


This conference normally happens in Quarter 2 and involves senior

Christmas shutdown All schools are closed on 25th, 26th December and 1st January Public Holidays All schools/offices follow regional holidays

managers from Head Office funcons and the various Centres. Regional Academic Mee%ngs With the dynamic nature of our programmes, the Academic Directors meet twice annually

Social & Team Ac%vi%es

to discuss academic topics.

All centres usually have a social acvity

Sales Conference

pre Christmas and also just before or aAer the high season. Other events are organised throughout the year. These include CSR acvies, team building events, student pares and many other fun get togethers

Sales conference – Half way through the sales season the regional managers and directors of the sales teams meet to discuss sales-related topics, strategy and take part in training.

Good Luck!

This is just the start of your journey. You have embarked on an exci ng adventure where you will grow and share successes and triumphs with the rest of the EC family. Your success will ul%mately form an integral part of achieving our primary purpose to help students succeed in a global community.

Should you have any queries please contact the HR Team at

Destination EC Brochure  

Document to start the onboarding process for new EC staff