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volume 1: fall 2013

just a glimpse. this is not a collection of trends or best-ofs, but rather a peek of what we find beautiful.

simplicity is the ultimate sophistication - leonardo da vinci meet anna bé: anna bé launched in 2006 and yes, the idea was drafted over a cocktail napkin. when we opened the plan was simple: give brides the experience they deserve and a curated collection of great designs with unparalleled service. we opened with a mix of designers and price points but little did we know that the most frequently used adjective to describe our collection was going to be “different.” your dresses are so different. was different good? was different just a polite way to say that people didn’t like what we provided? heck yeah different is good. for us different meant embracing great design and just saying no to cheap-bling and big pouf. different meant saying yes to color, yes to texture, and yes to varying lengths. in the seven years that we’ve been open, bridal design has come a long way and there are many more great options available that didn’t previously exist. in that change, anna bé has remained true to its core of being more than just a place to buy a designer wedding dress. the anna bé collection includes the names you know (vera wang, monique lhuillier, lela rose) but it also includes the best new designers (tara latour) and stylish favorites (amy kuschel, elizabeth fillmore, augusta jones).

dress designed by watters, bracelet by haute bride

dress designed by anna maier, ring by carla morrison fine jewelry, clutch (on next page) is vintage and stylist’s own

dress designed by hayley paige, ring is stylist’s own

dress designed by tara latour, earrings and rings are carla morrison fine jewelry

dress designed by elizabeth fillmore, necklace by carla morrison fine jewelry

dress designed by paloma blanca, brooch by carla morrison fine jewelry, bracelet by the woods fine jewelry

dress designed by watters, earrings by carla morrison fine jewelry

dress designed by modern trousseau, necklace by the woods fine jewelry, veil by sara gabriel

dress designed by vera wang, earrings by carla morrison fine jewelry, hairpieces by sara gabriel

dress designed by lela rose, ring by todd reed

dress designed by lela rose



dress designed by monique lhuillier

thank you... thank you to the amazing tory lea photography for capturing the essence of anna bĂŠ, for bringing fun to film, and for creating these gorgeous images. to mile high style for completing the looks for our fabulous gowns (if we do say so ourselves) and introducing us to local jewelry designers - the woods fine jewelry and carla morrison fine jewelry. to plum sage flowers for the creative flower bouquets and to matthew morris salon (hair) & the look salon (make-up) for making our girls look absolutely stunning. to artifact uprising for letting us take over your studio for the perfect photoshoot location and for helping us print these style books.

a huge thanks to a local, favorite company of ours, artifact uprising, for helping us print our fall 2013 stylebooks! artifact uprising is an internet-based company that creates tangible products for digital photos. driven by a mission to move stories off your device and into your life, this colorado start-up is known for a product suite that is beautiful in both its minimalistic design and eco-friendly roots. signature products include their instagram-friendly photo books, whose interior pages are printed on 100% recycled paper, beautifully bound hardcover photo books, and their collection of wooden products handcrafted with mountain beetle pine. everyone has a story to tell. tell yours at

anna bé stylebook: fall 2013  

take a peek into our favorite wedding dress trends for this fall

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