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Anna Baker Portfolio

Water , Authors own, (2017)


The following portfolio provides an overview of my BSc (Hons) Landscape Architecture design work.

Sunrise water colour

1. Year 3 work



Year 2 work



Year 1 work


4. Sketches

Sunset , Authors own, (2018)


Year 3

Design Dissertation, Barking Riverside - Masterplan Barking Riverside is a large scale SuDS strategy, focusing on wetland restoration and the redevelopment of a brownfield power station site. The strategy uses pre-existing flora and fauna, alongside bioremediation and phytoremediation techniques.


Barking Riverside - Interim Plan Client requirements were to remediate the site, maintain rare species, support flood protection and expand the riverside green corridor.

Detailed Area (Section Elevation)

Construction Detail Raised Walkway

Elevated Platform

The texture rendering elements have been informed by the work of Gustafson Porter & Bowman at Battersea Power Station and La Villee de Sports.

Section Elevation


Barking Riverside Planting Plan


Re-thinking Repton - Public Landscapes This work was recently exhibited at the RHS Lindley Library, The design seeks to demonstrate how Repton’s style can be applied to modern day design.

Enhancing the Barking Riverside Cafe


Year 2

Research and Representation 3D AutoCAD and Photoshop


Materials, Methods and Technology Topographical Model and Site Plan


Reservoir site at Writtle University College, Chelmsford. - The brief was to create a model of the current reservoir gradient, which would inform a design for a new building with a platform and paths leading down to the reservoir. The scheme includes viewing platforms and ramps.

Dynamic Site – The Salvation Army, Hadleigh Farm

An ecologically sensitive masterplan, within the Salvation Army’s training centre, at Hadleigh farm. The masterplan seeks to address environmental issues, promote farm economy and encourage visitor engagement. The design uses both photoshop and hand rendering. Section A explores brush tools within Photoshop.


Year 1 Context, Meaning and Form – “Journey up a tree”

The conceptual mood board of ancient woodland- This gave rise to the idea of elevating through a tree. A person ascends from the root system, up vascular bundle of the trunk and finally emerges at to the crown.


AutoCAD 2D garden plan and section with conceptual oak fountain.



Selection of abstract work and fine art pieces including a water colour portrait of “Gertrude�, Golden Crested Legbar chicken, abstract pastel and ink drawings and representations of Kandinsky's works.


Sketches - Biofuel Landscape: Biofuel crops have become part of the local vernacular in East Markham, Nottinghamshire. Landscapes of Salix and Miscanthus are in juxtaposition to nearby coal fired power stations along the Trent Valley.


Design Portfolio - Anna Baker  
Design Portfolio - Anna Baker