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Squeezy Pants   By  Anna  Mills  

Squeezy Pants A green python (Squeezy Pants) -#1 main character -Makes a friend -Is dumb -Is weird -Boy -14 years old -Funny

-Narrator talking (for Squeezy pants) Crab (all) -A red crab (Crab Shirt) -#2 main character -Makes a friend -Is smart -Is nice -Boy -12 years old -Serious -Crab’s point of view -Talking or writing

New friends -Nice -Kind -Funny

Squeezy Pants was bored. There was nothing to do where he lived. He had to do something, so he got up and slithered out the door. It was hot out side, and the sun was burning his jade scales off. Then he remembered he lived right next to the beach. How could I have forgot that? He wondered, putting on some sunscreen. Then he started to slither across the road. Luckily it was a green light so he got past easily. Soon he got to the beach. He heard lots of screaming noises. When he looked nobody was there. He went more out. Then something red came into his sight. He went closer. There he met his first friend, well not only friend but best friend. He never had a friend before so Crab was special. Not only was Crab his first best friend but also Crab had a similar last name. Squeezy PANTS and Crab SHIRT. They played all day and all night but they didn't know it was so late at night. Then they started to realize it was dark. He yawned and they both went home. Squeezy Pants was about to go to sleep when the T.V went on. The heard a strange noise came from the T.V. He peeked at the clock; it was 2:38 in the morning! Then he looked at the man watching T.V. He had a blue face and was fast asleep and his big purple mouth wide open snoring loudly. “There is a fire! A fire at the beach house!” The T.V said. Squeezy Pants thought for a moment, then he shouted, “Crab was there!” he slithered out the door and went to a fire shop. When he went in everyone started to scream and they all ran out the door. He took the mask and started to slither out the door. Then he started to feel bad that he was stealing so he went out and got an apple and put it on the counter. That’s good enough, he thought. Then he hurried to the beach; there was no fire, only a dark, quiet beach. He went back to the fire shop and put his mask back where it was when he got it, so people don't think he was ever there. He took the apple back and munched on it on his way home. When he got home he went to the box next to the windowsill where he lived. He soon fell fast asleep with his mouth wide open and snoring softly.

Squeezy Pants   By  Anna  Mills   Crab woke up. It was 12:00 PM. He remembered Squeezy Pants. He wanted to meet up with him again. So he wrote in the sand, “Dear Squeezy Pants, I was wondering if you could come to Burger King on Friday (tomorrow) so we could hang out more. See ya! From, Crab Shirt P.S. We can also buy a burger

Squeezy pants went to the beach and saw the note that Crab wrote him he read the note like this…(he is not a good reader) “I was wondering if you could come to Burger Queen on Friday (tomato) so we could hang out more. See ya!” Friday came fast and Squeezy Pants was on his way to Burger King. When he got to Burger King he saw Crab next to the trashcan holding a half eaten hamburger. He was disappointed. He was hungry too and Crab was not nice enough to give him some so he decided to order his own food. There was something on the list that he couldn’t read then finally he got it. It was called Crab. He decided to not buy anything he was hungry though so he ate Crab Shirt up. Crab was furious!

“I don't know why you ate me up but I don't care, I will pinch and pinch till I get out”

Now that hurt Squeezy Pants so he started to yell very loudly. Now that the people noticed him they ran away but Squeezy Pants was use to that. That's when Squeezy Pants started to feel sick. He opened his mouth and barfed Crab Shirt out, along with a bunch of mushed up potatoes. “Aww…that was my breakfast!” He moaned. Then he got up and slithered to the beach and eating some food. Mean wile… Crab had yucky sticky stuff all over him. He was grossed out. Then he fainted. When he awoke he was on the other side of the beach because two mean boys came along put him on the side walk he would have to crawl across the street him self. Crab

didn’t know that though so he started to crawl across the street and suddenly a car came by and hit him. He was knocked out so soon enough another car came by without noticing Crab and squashed him. Well that was the end of him. Mean wile…

Squeezy Pants making NEW, BETTER friends. Their names were Crab Shirt (twin), Crab Socks, Crab Hat and Crab glove. He never fought with them, ever and they met with each other every day and if somebody didn't come they wouldn’t do the meeting the next day but the next day after that they would start again.

Squeezy Pants  

a story i wrote

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