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the official magazine of the 3rd NSC of EYP Slovakia

u n i t e d ISSUE III - 15. Dec 2012


editorial. Dear Delegates, So, that was it - the 3rd National Selection Conference of EYP Slovakia. We promised you a lot: Political debates on an academic level, a huge amount of fun with new friends and a lifechanging experience. That is what EYP means to most of us. Still: What you are going to take home from this session, is completely individual. Maybe you were disapointed about the debates. Maybe you did not make new friends. Maybe it does not feel like this session could change your life. And all of that is fine, too. But you may have also catched that glimpse of EYP spirit which makes us travel over miles, fight for long-distance friendships and drink coffee like addicts. And if that is the case: Please do not let you disencourage by not being chosen for the International Session. If you enjoyed the experiences during the last days, there a more than 100 opportunities in every single year to apply for EYP Days, Forums and Sessions all over Europe. With this last issue, we will try to help you fight the one big disease that all EYPers share: The Post European Depression (PED). One of the two most effective measures: The instant application for another Session - and the memories we have been collecting for you over the last days. Have a safe trip home!

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content. | Quo vadis, Europe? .......................................... 4 | Speechless! ......................................................... 5 | Interview with the Vice Presidents ..............6 | We’re going on a photo hunt! ....................... 7

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| Committee Work and GA ............................. 8/9 | Welcome to Coffeeland ................................ 10 | Rankings ............................................................. 11 | EYPly ever after ................................................ 12 | Stay tuned! .......................................................... 13 | The day after tomorrow ................................. 14


| The Gossip Box.................................................. 15



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Quo vadis, Europe? European Union did so much good for the European continent, says Kasia Sokolowska - giving up its vision during recent struggels would negotiate what it already achieved. Europe – one of the world’s seven continents. 50 countries, 10 million square kilometers, over 740 million people. However, even bearing in mind those figures, do we consider Europe as a place of separation and alienation? In public opinion the word “Europe” is more likely associated with community, cohesion and cooperation of European countries in the field of economic or social aspects, as well as with an attempt to overcome any existing cultural barriers.

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On Friday, 12th October, the European Union was celebrating the winning of the Nobel Peace Prize as the emphasis of its contribution into transforming Europe “from a continent of wars to a continent of peace”. This decision provoked a heated debate about the justice and soundness of such a move, taking into consideration the current economic crisis, the recent situation in Greece and the problems that the Eurozone faces.

into conscience the differences between the member states Think of the example of Germany: For this wealthy country, the upcoming idea of sharing its wealth with other countries is nothing to be eager about. An equally tender issue is connected to the policy of multiculturalism promoted by the EU and the increasing numbers of immigrants in Member States: According to Angela Merkel, this is only slowing down the economic development of Germany.

This is the moment when further measures should be taken. But is there any sense in spending more money on subsidies and financial help for member states if this money only ends up as one shot support? The Union requires general reforms because any other steps can only prolong her slow agony. But how should it be done? Once more: reconciliation, understanding, eliminating the differences between Member States and defining a common target which only could lead to Nowadays, most European cooperation and integration? countries are wrestling with The main role of the EU now economic problems, bringing is to overcome the economic

crisis through creating a proEU atmosphere - as a base for building a strong and promising future for Europe. After all, some express the thought that this could be the beginning of the end. Perhaps the role of the EU has ended since the implementation of peace succeeded? Was the Nobel Prize a well-earned award indicating the retirement time? Still, there are some believers left who claim that the EU cannot fall down, because, no matter what: it is one of the most powerful organizations, supporting most of the European countries. The critics are efficiently omitting the fact that genuinely after The First and Second World War, Europe was left in ruins and the EU actually managed to integrate European countries and help them. It has proven his high potential more than once. So, maybe it is time to give it another chance to solve his problems?

How did you feel ...

... when waking up this morning? u n i t e d 5

Bad boys, bad boys! Friendship, support, Gangsta-style – That is how Weronika Myck, the President of the Session, describes her Vice-Presidents with three words. Vaclav Huk had the opportunity to get to know Dominic and Hrvoje in an interview. 1) When did you meet each other and what was your first impression of the each other? Domini it was Zagreb, the International Session in Zagreb 2011. Hrvoje: We came across each other at a farewell party. My first impression of Dominic was that I did not like this teacher. Dominic : I was there as a teacher of one of the Swiss delegations. They were chosen just five weeks before the session and needed somebody to go there with them, so I signed up for it. 2) Tell us some more about each other! Dominic: Hrvoje always knows where to find the biggest Chevap (a grilled dish of a minced meat) . The best one and really tasty.

u Hrvoje: I think that Dominic cansee well. Once we were drivn not ing a car and he was not able to distinguish the difference bethe fresh snow and the i tween road. Anyway, smoking in the car t with Dominic is quite cool. What does the preparation of e 3)members of the board before the d session include? Hrvoje: A couple of Skype meetings, about 100 emails…


Dominic: Preparation of officials training, editing

topic overviews and dealing with stuff that needs to be prepared for chairs and delegates before the session starts.

dered a a coffee and waited. After a while, when nobody was coming, I called another board member and she told me that she was in a train somewhere completely 4) How is the cooperation with different and that the meeting was Weronika going? tomorrow. Dominic: Super awesome, every- Hrvoje: Don’t even ask me about body loves Weronika it! Hrvoje: Really good.I will tell you one fact about her: Weronika’s advantage is that she can stay in lounges at the airports while we have to freeze in a car. It happened when we were picking her up and waiting for her to come. We envy her.

6) Let’s move to something more serious. What do you do in your “real” life? Hrvoje: I study Economics and I plan to study abroad in the future. Concerning my work I am a director of a small company which sells furniture.

5) What is the most awkward EYP moment that ever hap- Dominic: My field of study are pened to you? Eastern European Studies. I study several languages, culture and Dominic: Being 24 hours early history, too. To earn my living, I for an EYP Swiss board meeting. run a ticket business for the local I came to the meeting place, or- football club. 7) Has the EYP helped you in your professional carrier?

Dominic: Definitely. I have learnt how to deal with annoying people. It is one of the very important skills for the professional life. Hrvoje: The EYP has helped me a lot. It has taught me how to act professionally - as well as how to establish a good and efficient communication. I found my experiences very useful during job interviews, too.



We’re going on a photo hunt!

And we’re not scared. Netiher of ice, nor of Organisers, nor of... Luke’s bold head.

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Committe General u n i t e d 8

ee Work & Assembly u n i t e d 9

Welcome to Coffeeland! «Tell me how many coffees have you had and I will tell you how many hours have you slept!» Kasia Sokolowska analyses one of the most basic EYP-rituals: the coffee break. And Luke... is making fun about it.

Wh the y was EYP He h er ill? cou ad a gh-e e.

No doubts about it: Every EYP session is different. Still, there are certain elements that never change – for example constant lack of sleep, followed by serious brain’s functions disorder. There is no better solution than a cup of hot coffee. Or maybe two. Or actually more than ten would be great. Among EYPers, you can meet two different types of coffee drinkers – heavy and sessional ones. The first group is rather easily recognizable. Most of the time, they do not leave the house without having two strong espresso instead of the breakfast in the morning. A word to the wise: Don’t talk to them before giving them their cofThere is this fee. man who has a bunch The second group is a little bit more unusual. Sesof American dollars and is throwing them in the air at night sional coffee drinkers, from the very moment when the session starts, are basically dreaming about coffee time. So a random guy comes up break. Sometimes it even seems as if they would only and asks: “Why are you doing it apply to sessions just to enjoy this particular part of mate?”. The man just looks at the EYP. Actually, when you think of it, in most cases him, looks at his dollars in the teambuilding or committee work is more like the break air and says: “Look, it is from the coffee, so why do we still call the coffee break a Starbucks!”. “coffee break”? As a proof that sessional drinkers do really exist, it is worth mentioning our lovely editor Anna Staab, who did not drink coffee since her last session in January – and now we have the whole press room covered with mugs! Not only officials are suffering from the sudden overwhelming need of caffeine though. We asked some of you, too, how they managed to keep the balance between not sleeping at all and working in the committee rooms all day long. The answers were highly expectable. The people that had an average EYP amount of sleep drunk more or less 4 cups of coffee during a na guy i ding A i day. In CRIM committee it went to extreme: Over 80% of the is dec g a hat p o h s whole group slept less than 4 hours. No wonder that in this buyin hesitatn e e committee, the coffee demand was visibly higher than in the betw rs. He is shop e e s h t u o o others. or tr a while s nd asks: a r ing fo nt comes cap or a a t e assis ld you lik ? “Wou chino

u n i t e d


Rankings! Wouldn’t it be fascinating to discover what all the Delegates truly think of this Session’s Officials team? Well this is the moment you have been waiting for. Thanks to a survey the Press Team has orchestrated we can now acknowledge how high potential is conveyed through high percentage.

u n i t e d 11

EYP Days One day sessions you can apply to as a delegate and get involved in EYP actions on a local level. Although it is a very short session, the officials team is usually international. So this is also a good way to get in touch with the diversity the EU has to offer, right in front of your door. National Selection Conferences In most of the National Committees, they are taking place once a year. The purpose of the session, except for meeting all the EYP friends and having fun, is to choose a delegation that will get the opportunity to take part in one of the upcoming International Sessions.

Stay tuned!

Did you enjoy the 3rd National Selection Conference of EYP Slovakia and would like to continue this adventure? Nothing simpler than that. The EYP involves well over 20,000 young people at more than 100 regional, national and international events through 35 national organisations every year. If you want to do more you can easily find EYP Days, Forums and Sessions everywhere you want.

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Forums They are like small International Sessions, on a more national level. You meet international delegates, but since a Forum only last about 5 days, committee work is not as extensive as at an International Session.

International Sessions They are the biggest EYP events. Three times a year, about 300 delegates from all over Europe come together for ten days to have fun, work hard and have the time of their lives.

EYPly ever after. Eva Puschautz takes you on a journey through the magic empire of EYP! Once upon a time in a little village somewhere in Europe, a young girl decided to apply to a session of the European Youth Parliament. Motivated to travel, meet new people and to learn more about Europe, she wrote her application. A little time later, a cat was sitting in front of her door. That would not have been something surprising – but this cat was a special one. It suddenly started to talk, told her that its name was Garfield and that she was accepted to the session. A few weeks later, the day had come. The young girl left for her first EYP session. She was expecting a few strange things, but what happened when she arrived felt like a miracle. The organiser welcoming her was nobody less than Snowwhite. The next surprise was the girls’ roommate: It was Cinderella, who had decided that being only rich, pretty and married way too young was not all life should offer. That is why she joined the EYP: She wanted to meet many different people from all over

the world and to have her say in EU matters. They did not have a lot of time to chat though, because it was the hour for teambuilding. This ritual brought the first big shock: While screaming the “funky chicken” for the first time, the little girl doubted a little that her coming had been a good idea. But when Asterix and Obelix introduced the second game and started peeling a banana, the pleasure of participating quickly came back. The people guiding the committees, also called chairs, were gathering their delegates and went to do more odd games. The young girl’s chair was the Beast from “The Beauty and the Beast”. After learning all the names, passing oranges and coins, feeling like a drunken bottle and discussing why Abigail is the worst person in history, the Beast turned a little more into Lord Voldemort. Suddenly he was talking about work. No funny games anymore. The topic was interesting, but discussing it for hours was

really exhausting. Thank god for Peter Pan: That boy who did not want to grow up brought some entertainment in the group. But after two days of hard work, the time to present the resolution had finally come. During General Assembly, while Papa Smurf tried to keep everything under control, the strangest discussions took place: Winnie the Pooh was very passionate about the future of bees in Europe, the Tooth Fairy was fighting for better dental care and Shrek criticised the discrimination of the colour green. Luckily, the vice-presidents Gandalf and John Smith there were to support the presidential work of Papa Smurf. When in the end “Imagine” was playing, the young girl knew that coming here was the right idea and she lived happily ever after, attending many more EYP sessions.

u n i t e d 13

The day after tomorrow of «Sign h an muc how sion can Ses EYP to you» – mean istian Chr

You get a feeling that the apocalypse is looming? Do not worry, it is not about the 21st of December 2012: It is just the normal condition after an EYP session. We call it “PED” - Post EYP Depression. Luke Thomas is advising you how to deal with it. «PE inte D mean boo nsive F s k a next activity cefor t two he w Hrv eeks» – oje

u n i t e d 14

It is that sinking feeling; the Magda (Juror) very rightly the livelitype that conspicuously says, “you shouldn’t be de- ness of an wears away at you for days pressed as the end of a Ses- EYP Seson end, just to let you know sion is the start of your jour- sion. Even that it hurts. It is contagious. ney.” Think not of PED as the ostensiWithin days it can spread leaving EYP behind you, bly innocuous across the horizons but rather a new parts of our daily routine are of Europe. But opportunity to redefined as exhilarating ex«It should be is it permabecome more periences by EYP. Take nursclassified as an ofnent, or is it involved. This ery rhymes and sing-alongs ficial disease. The EU a temporary is where the for example; the majority of should fund an instituoccurrence? alumni plat- European teenagers would tion of scientists to find Post EYP forms EYP mock us for singing out ‘Bear a cure for this terrible Depression provides can Hunt’ or ‘Peel Banana’ at the illness» - Anna (PED); what is and should be top of our voices, but not us. it all about? utilised to maxi- Not EYP. G ro u n d b r e a k i n g mum effect. All Del- There is one more way to scientific research sugegates at any Session can al- combat PED. One very simgests that PED first came to leviate the burden of PED by ple way that shouldn’t be light in 1988 after the first signing up to the EYP Alumni neglected. What is more imInternational Session of the website (see bottom of arti- portant than anything else is EYP in Fontainebleau, cle for link). Through this that you stay in touch France. Participants website EYPers with one aneb t o at the Session re- can apply for fuother. Don’t «N «It is not just t not abou ep d a l turned back to their ture Sessions, let the exfrom missing EYP, it ing g ble to sle l a a homes only to be thus extend periences is from missing the fun being Withdraw fee, . f infected with an and diversify you have again s from co – that comes with EYP. We m » o n untreatable contheir EYP shared t u symp Bull and f miss the alteration from our dition, with symp- careers. over the Red Naomi normal lives. It is a withtoms including; loss It can be inlast few drawal symptom, not a and longing, intense credibly difdays disindisease» - Tobias boredom, despair and ficult for PED tegrate into loneliness. To this day, there sufferers to acmere memois only one treatment known climatise back to ries. Capture to mankind. Overcoming normal life. The generic them. Continue them. PED can be achieved solely regularity and predictability Facebook, Skype, EYP Sesthrough swiftly attending an- of our daily lives is made all sions; stay in touch. Never be other Session subsequent the more unbearable when a stranger. That is how you to leaving an EYP event. As viewed comparatively with fight off PED.

«Everybody in CRIM has been laying on each other» «Tobias loves sexy games – Sex is always on his mind»

«Two weeks ago, everybody started to prepare for the session»

«Two people have made snowangels just in a swimsuit!» «CRIM is going to start a singing band»

The Gossip Box We heard people whispering... you want to know what about?

«Free alcohol for dinner tonight!»

«Our beloved Session President Weronika Myck was drowning something (or someone?) in her bathroom yesterday morning!» «It turned out that all delegates here are victims of Zombie infection»

«I heard sweeping footsteps in the night; it might be haunted here…»

credits. «united»

was brought to you by

Eva Puschautz (AT)

Luke Thomas (UK)



Kat Sokolowska (PL)

Václav Huk (CZ)



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Describe EYP with one word!

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United - Issue III  

«united» is the official magazine of the 3rd National Selection Conference of EYP Slovakia in Bratislava.

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