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We are proud to feature five exceptional honor students. Front row: Jesse Simonson, Amanda Kershaw and Megan Goddu Back row: Sara Goddu and Adam Leclerc

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President’s Letter


President, Alumni Association Alicia Lenahan ’89




Using the World as a Classroom


Student Profiles: Jesse Simonson, Amanda Kershaw, and Adam Leclerc ’13 Sophomores Share Stories of Vienna


Alumni Profile: Victor Champagne ’86G Bringing a Passion for Learning to the International Arena




Student Profiles: Sara & Megan Goddu ’13 Twin Talents


Alumni Profile: Alice Hibbert Pincus ’72 Making a Difference


Alumni Notes


amc alumni magazine



Dear Friends: As I approach the end of my fourth year as president of this great college, I look forward to what the future holds for Anna Maria. At the same time, I find it beneficial to reflect on the progress that has been made in just the past few years. In September 2007, our Board of Trustees approved

and programs. New recreational and athletic spaces

the College’s new Strategic Plan: Excellence at Anna

have been added to provide more opportunities for all

Maria College. This past Fall, the Board updated this

students. And this coming Fall, we will open St. Anne

Plan and re-dedicated our commitment to excellence

Hall, a new 200-bed, suite style residence hall to

in all that we do. The road to excellence has been

respond to both the ever increasing enrollment and

both challenging and exhilarating. Every initiative that

the necessity for varied housing options for students.

we have undertaken has served as a stepping stone

All the while, we never lost our academic focus,

along this road… the road to becoming the highest

expanding the opportunities for our undergraduate

quality small college in the Sisters of St. Anne and

students, developing our Honor’s Program, launching

Catholic tradition.

new graduate programs, redesigning our nursing

There is an ancient quotation often attributed to Confucius that says, “Excellence can be obtained if you:

programs, and introducing our online degree programs. In the past two years, we have increased our commitment to scholarship and focused on more than others think is wise;

creating opportunities for faculty-student research.

...risk more than others think is safe;

We have also increased our commitment to

...dream more than others think is practical;

international educational experiences as described

...expect more than others think is possible.”

in this issue of the magazine.

With the same spirit modeled by the Foundresses of Anna Maria College…great and inspirational women who had a vision and risked everything to make it a reality…we continue to care more, risk more, dream more and expect more in service to our students. As we come to the close of another academic year and look back on the past several years, so many good things have happened at AMC. As a result of focused recruiting efforts, expanded academic offerings and enhanced visibility as a Catholic higher education institution, our enrollment has increased dramatically. In the past three years, Anna Maria College has recruited the largest freshmen classes in its 64-year history. This momentum shows no signs of slowing down as we continue to increase our traditional and non-traditional student populations on and off campus and online. The face of our campus has changed as well.

As with all educational institutions, the most important asset is our people…our dedicated and talented faculty and staff who provide quality educational experiences inside and outside the classroom. Over the past four years, we have welcomed many new faculty and staff to add to our world class community of scholars and learners and to provide more and varied resources for our students. Yes, Anna Maria College has made great strides in a relatively short time. Much of that credit goes to our dedicated Board of Trustees, a supportive community, and the best alumni/ae in the world. Working together with a common vision, great things are happening at AMC. With your continued support, even greater things are possible in the future. Thank you for all you do for our students. Sincerely,

If you have not visited the College in some time, you may not recognize the campus. Classrooms have been enhanced with technology to serve our


teaching and learning needs. Building renovations

Jack P. Calareso, Ph.D.

have been completed to provide enhanced services

President, Anna Maria College


amc alumni magazine

A message from

Alicia Lenahan ’89

A l u m n i A s s oc i a t i o n Pr e s i d e n t

With Commencement fast approaching, we’ll soon be welcoming the members of the Class of 2011 into the AMC Alumni Association. Although they graduate in uncertain times, there is nothing uncertain about the direction of our alma mater. As you’ll see throughout this publication, AMC is on the move. The new residence hall under construction will help the College continue to grow its undergraduate enrollment, a central component of Vision 2015: Excellence at Anna Maria College. In addition, new academic and co-curricular programs are enhancing the campus experience for all students. I hope you’ll make 2011 the year you reconnect with Anna Maria College. Here are three easy ways to get connected: Friend Us on Facebook: Receive regular updates on the College and interact with the nearly 900 AMC alumni already connected. Find our page at Answer the Call: The alumni office staff are traveling to meet with alumni locally, regionally, and across the country. If they call you for a meeting, I hope you’ll say yes. It’s a great chance to get reconnected and hear about all the changes on campus. Attend an Event: Alumni events take place throughout the year. Check out the calendar on page 5 and make plans to join us. As always, we want to hear your input and suggestions. Please contact Ann Thompson, Director of Alumni Relations at 508-849-3342 or Sincerely,

Alicia Lenahan ’89 President, Anna Maria College Alumni Association

amc alumni magazine



Opening August 2011 St. Anne Hall Anna Maria College proudly announces that its new residence hall, scheduled to open in August 2011, will be named St. Anne Hall. The name recognizes and celebrates the College’s founding and continued sponsorship by the Sisters of St. Anne. The new 200-bed hall will provide AMC students for the first time with a suite-style living and learning environment.

The opening of St. Anne Hall will coincide with the celebration of Anna Maria College’s 65th anniversary. Most of the rooms in the new hall will house upper class students in suites, which contain four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a living room. The construction of this state-of-the-art facility on the College’s 192-acre campus represents a significant development in the history of Anna Maria.  4


amc alumni magazine

Construction progress on the new residence hall, May 2011.



amc alumni calendar




Young Alumni Night at Fenway Boston Red Sox vs. Baltimore Orioles & Pre-Game Reception


Reunion/Homecoming Weekend Make this the year you come home to Paxton and reconnect with your classmates and AMC. All classes ending in 1’s and 6’s are celebrating a reunion year. Even if this isn’t a reunion year for your class, there’s plenty to see and do throughout the weekend!

Our AMC Nights at Fenway always sell out fast. Join other AMC alumni as we cheer on the Sox to victory.


Cape Cod Clam Bake West Barnstable, MA Get together with fellow AMC alumni on Cape Cod for this classic New England tradition.




80s Decade Reunion Calling all alumni who graduated in the 1980s! Join us in Spiritwoods Pub for great food, great friends, and fun. Don’t miss this opportunity to see our guest of honor, Hollie Ingraham!

Boston Red Sox vs. Cleveland Indians & Pre-Game Reception Join us for another great night at Fenway Park and help cheer the Sox on to victory.

april 2012

12-21 Explore Italy with the President of Anna Maria College, Dr. Jack Calareso, and his wife Rose Rome – Venice – Florence – Assisi

Tour Highlights St. Peter’s Basilica The Vatican Museum The Colosseum Roman Forum Trevi Fountain Basilica of St. Francis Accademia Gallery Uffizi Gallery St. Mark’s Basilica

The package will include flights, transfers, hotels, ground transportation, many admission fees, and 10 meals.

For more information call 508-849-3298, e-mail or visit

amc alumni magazine



AMC President Jack Calareso and First Lady Rose Calareso are passionate about the value of international educational experiences. They actively promote study abroad programs, immersion trips to foreign countries, and any type of international travel.

Using the World “The world is a remarkable classroom,” says Mrs.

“We have experienced firsthand the importance of

Calareso. “Students can learn so much in a traditional

students learning from one another and respecting

classroom. But understanding other cultures, traditions

a wide variety of backgrounds and customs in their

and the perspectives of our global community can best

peers. Understanding, respect and cooperation can be

happen through direct experience.”

learned and experienced through building relationships

The Calaresos’ enthusiasm for international education is based on their long careers as educators. President Calareso began his career as a 7th and 8th

from one’s own,” she adds. Dr. and Mrs. Calareso developed their love for

grade teacher and served as a K-12 administrator

international education from personal experience.

before beginning his career as a college professor.

They met as study abroad students in Rome, Italy.

Mrs. Calareso was a classroom teacher at several

“Rose was born and raised in Kansas City and was

grade levels before moving to her current profession

a student at Mundelein College in Chicago,” explains

as a school librarian.

Dr. Calareso. “I was from Boston and studying at

“Our professional experiences have always been in


with people from cultures and backgrounds different

Boston College. We both wanted to experience the

schools and institutions that included students and

art, culture and history of Italy. Without study abroad,

families from other countries,” shares Mrs. Calareso.

our paths would never have crossed.”


amc alumni magazine

Twelve honor students pose with Jack and Rose Calareso in front of a statue that stands in the Austro-American Institute where the students attended classes in Vienna.

as a Classroom

Venice is a favorite haunt of Jack and Rose Calareso. They met in Italy when they were study abroad students in college.

amc alumni magazine



Dr. Jack Calareso and Rose pose in front of Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy.

Throughout their married lives, the Calaresos have

Along with Dr. Paul Russell, a life-long traveler and a

traveled regularly and have taken their children on

great supporter of international education, Dr. Calareso

international trips as well. “We always wanted our

worked with the College to help make this program

children to understand that it’s a vast and interesting

possible for our students. The goal was to establish

world and that there is so much to be learned and

an AMC study abroad program as a permanent part

appreciated beyond the U.S.,” Mrs. Calareso states.

of the curriculum and to strongly encourage students

“We encouraged our own three children to read

to participate in this program or any similar program

and study about other countries, and to become

of interest.

knowledgeable about world history, art and music.

“Ideally, students should select a part of the world

The authentic experience of living and traveling

that interests them for their study abroad. The most

in other countries contributes invaluably to global

important thing is to expand one’s knowledge about

understanding and appreciation.”

and appreciation of our world community,” says

As a college president, Dr. Calareso has actively

Mrs. Calareso. She continues, “Living abroad, so

promoted international travel for students and

far away from familiar surroundings, can also

members of the college community. He and his wife

contribute to self-discovery and a greater focusing

have led many tours for alumni, employees, students

on one’s personal goals in life.”

and friends of the college. But his greatest interest is

“One of the greatest challenges we face is helping

in assuring that students have the opportunity to study

our students move beyond their comfort zone and to

abroad. “Short trips provide a wonderful experience

engage in the global community,” adds Dr. Calareso.

and are valuable learning experiences,” comments

“We need to help them see and understand the

Dr. Calareso. “But study abroad allows for an

world beyond central Massachusetts and the United

immersion experience that only extended time can

States. We need to help them appreciate cultures

provide. During a semester or a year abroad, students

and traditions that have existed centuries longer

come to understand and appreciate at a deeper level

than our entire history as a country. We need to help

the people, the places and the personality of another

them develop a respect for people of different faiths,

country. They are better able to appreciate and respect

traditions and world views.”

the differences as well as the similarities between countries and peoples,” he adds. At AMC, President Calareso was instrumental in establishing the study abroad program in Vienna.



amc alumni magazine

The President and Mrs. Calareso will be returning to Italy this Spring. They both agree that they, too, still have a great deal to learn!

Sophomores Share Stories of Vienna

Learn how study abroad impacted the lives of three AMC sophomore honor students as they recount memorable moments of their trip to Vienna.

amc alumni magazine



student profiles Jesse Simonson, Amanda Kershaw, and Adam Leclerc ’13


Jesse is already creating his own network overseas.

Jesse Simonson heard about

He made a connection with students from Madrid and

AMC growing up in Leicester,

hopes to visit them in the future. “Europe is the cradle of

MA. He became convinced

society and a great place to learn and grow,” he adds.

that the College was the right fit for him when he toured the


campus and saw all of the

When Amanda Kershaw was

changes. “The new vision

growing up in Granby, MA,

being led by Dr. Calareso is doing great things for

she never imagined herself

Anna Maria,” states Jesse. “The new residence hall,

living for three months in

parking lot and field are making a real difference for

a strange city with people


she had only known for one

Jesse is a sophomore majoring in criminal justice

year. In fact, she never really

and psychology. He plays on the golf team with a

planned on going to school very far from home and

seven handicap. When first approached about the

had her sights set on Springfield College. “When

study abroad opportunity, he figured it would be a

I toured Anna Maria, I realized how ‘at home’ I felt

great vacation. He never imagined that the trip would

on campus. I am a bit of a bookworm so the small

turn into one of the best experiences of his life. “The

campus coupled with the opportunity to participate

trip abroad has really helped shape my life,” shares

in the Honors Program definitely made AMC the right

Jesse. “Learning about other cultures and seeing how

choice for me,” she states.

you react to different situations has a tremendous impact on how you view the world.” Along with the other students, Jesse studied

Amanda enjoyed the Honors Program but was nervous about starting her sophomore year in a different country. “I had never left New England before

German before and during the trip. “I was pleased

except to visit Florida,” she shares. “The flight, the

that my German improved so that I could actually

foreign language, everything about the trip seemed

use snippets of the language to communicate,” he

intimidating to me. I think I was the last one to join in,”


she explains.

Jesse points to Dr. Paul Russell for making the

Apprehensive at first, Amanda believes that the

experience more than anyone expected. “He played

trip provided her with the opportunity to gain a better

a vital role in our ability to adapt to this foreign culture

perspective on other cultures and society as a whole.

and our integration into a society quite different from

“The entire experience has given me more confidence,

our own,” says Jesse. “He taught us so much about

self esteem and a different outlook on life. If I can go

the informal expectations of Austrian society and

to a strange place and survive for three months, I can

social interactions, which really helped us fit in.”

do anything,” she quips.



amc alumni magazine

Honors Program Anna Maria College offers an Honors Program designed to provide special interdisciplinary courses

Once she made the voyage abroad, Amanda didn’t stop at

and seminars with high academic standards for

Vienna. She took a train to Rome for a long weekend. “It was

highly motivated scholastic achievers. Dr. Paul Albert

amazing to wake up in Rome right across from the Colosseum.

Russell, Professor of History, is the Program’s full-

I was in awe as the history of this city and the world came alive

time advisor. The AMC Honors Program features a unique

around me,” she shares. Now back in the States, Amanda has changed her major from business to early childhood education. “The trip to Vienna helped me to become more centered in my life. I wouldn’t have traded the experience for anything.”

curriculum guided by the following themes: • Globalization and its Challenge to Maintaining Community and World Peace • The Western Academic Tradition and its Means for Seeking Truth

Adam AMC sophomore Adam Leclerc likes taking risks. As a business major, he enjoys learning how to double one’s income through deliberate investment strategies and a willingness to take risks.

• Social Engagement in Pursuit of Justice • Leadership as the Integration of Learning and Social Action Special benefits include membership in the AMC Honors Organization, which hosts special events,

Adam grew up in Leominster, MA

dinners, concerts, lectures and tours, and preferential

and chose Anna Maria because of its

selection for on-campus housing after freshman year.

proximity to home and small campus. His interest in the College was piqued even more when he found out that he had been

Study Abroad

accepted to the Honors Program. “I knew that I wanted to attend

Since the College’s inception, AMC students have

AMC but when I learned about the Honors Program and the

explored the world through study abroad programs

opportunity to study abroad, I became much more enthusiastic

designed to enhance their academic experience

about my choice,” shares Adam.

and broaden their life experience. Students have

For Adam, the recent trip to Vienna was his first opportunity to travel abroad. “I have always wanted to travel and experience life beyond Massachusetts,” he explains. “The Honors Program made this happen for me.” According to Adam, the time he spent in Vienna “changed me.” He took a risk and found that the experience of living amongst people from a different culture was an education in itself. “In addition to meeting Austrians, we met students from all over Europe, who provided us with insights into other cultures and other ways of living. It really broadened my perspective,” comments Adam. Studying abroad also helped Adam form strong bonds with his fellow AMC students. “There was no library near by so we had to rely on one another and the Internet to complete our

participated in year-long, semester-long and summer programs in Europe, Asia and North America. In the 1990s, under the direction of Dr. Paul Russell, the College launched focused study abroad opportunities, which included excursions designed to immerse students in other cultures for short periods of time. In 1991, twenty-two students went to Berlin to pilot this new approach and sparked subsequent excursions in 1994 and 1999. Similar trips to European cities like Paris and Rome were conducted in 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2009. Dr. Carl Moxey also used the short-term excursion experience with trips like the one he planned for biology students to study the Rain Forest in Puerto Rico in 2009. In addition to these focused trips, traditional

coursework,” he adds. Adam particularly enjoyed the Core Class

study abroad programs have continued. In 2010,

he took with Professor James Bidwell, who taught the class

Emily Vincent spent a semester of her junior year

remotely from Paxton, in real time, to students both at AMC and

studying at the University of Suffolk, Madrid, Spain

in Vienna.

and Jacqueline Lampkins spent a semester at the

Adam hopes to travel more in the future, perhaps to places like

University of New Castle, New Castle, Australia.

China and Japan so he can learn about their business systems

In 2010/2011, junior Kadeem Brown travelled to


Beijing, China for his study abroad experience.

amc alumni magazine



5 10

1 4

11 6

2 9





from the Blogs

The first week in Vienna


By Greg Ballassi

Sept. 7, 2010: The power of Europe on a young

A Trip to the Vienna Zoo

person’s soul is irresistible, and Vienna has only

September 21, 2010: After a full week of classes, and

intensified her grip on our hearts. One week ago

homework up to our ears, a trip to the Vienna Zoo was

today, ten of my fellow Honors Program students

in order. After walking right through a sloth’s pen and

and I accompanied Dr. Paul Russell for a semester


abroad in Austria and each day has seen us

By Amanda Kershaw

exiting at the penguins, we headed past the cheetahs and hippos to the exit as our day came to a close. As a

grow. Life for us is, simply put, forever changed

personal fan of the Giant Panda, I was ecstatic to find a

for the better. Our first week started off with the

black and white bear chomping down on bamboo shoots

acclimation phase. Dr. Russell took us to our school,

as we left the park. To be able to see such exciting

the Austro-American Institute, founded in 1926,

and eccentric species all in one clean, affordable, and

where we met the director and his colleagues.

peaceful location was absolutely the highlight of my first two weeks in this city.


3 By Dan Freeman

September 23, 2010: All I can say is “wow.” This week was a particularly profound one on the other side of the Atlantic. And of course, where to begin! The big event this week certainly has to be our attendance at a special Mass, followed by a reception. The occasion was the 54th General Conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency and among the attended were Archbishop Peter Stephan Zurbriggen, a Swiss man and the apostolic nuncio to Austria and numerous generals and international diplomats from United Nation countries.


A Trip to Heeresgeschichtliches Museum

Another good week in Vienna

By William Krug

By Adam Gamble

September 27, 2010: This past Wednesday, for our “Nazis in Vienna”


October 7, 2010: This past week we did

history class, we found ourselves walking through the enormous

much more than just attend classes and do

Heeresgeschichtliches Museum [Military Museum] filled with Austria’s

homework; we had a chance to visit one of

past. From the Medieval Era to the somewhat recent Afghanistan war,

the apartments that Mozart actually lived

this museum had it all. Within the first few minutes of entering the

in. He lived many places during his life,

museum, we stumbled upon an old car that at first look seemed nothing

but this was one place that was still intact,

more than just an antique. But as our class looked closer we came across the fact that this car was none other than the car that Archduke Franz-Ferdinand and his wife, Sophie, were assassinated in, thus triggering the beginning of World War I.



and was turned into a museum dedicated to his life. We traveled here with our professor, Frau Dr. Anton, for our music history class. Not only did we get to visit this museum, but we also were able to visit

Action Packed Week

Schönbrunn Palace here in Vienna with

By Lauren Kiritsy

Dr. Russell for our history class.

October 12, 2010: This has been an action-packed week. Lauren Sawyer and I had the pleasure of preparing an American breakfast for the other


The Week with President Calareso

students from Britain, Spain, Poland & Italy who occupy the other apartments in the building. Our

visited us here in Vienna. They took us out to dinner twice,

new friends bashfully asked us to prepare “American

visited our school and apartments, and even sat in during our

Pancakes” for them Sunday morning. We prepped the

Music History class. It was interesting realizing how much

meal and made around fifty pancakes expecting that

German we have actually learned when they asked us vocabulary

our friends would be able to consume the majority, but since their consumption was limited, we had to

By Lauren Sawyer

October 20, 2010: This week President and Mrs. Calareso


serve the rest to the Anna Maria students.

questions and we were able to answer. Our European Union teacher was sick that week, so we had more time than we usually would to show them around the City, having lunch at a restaurant we frequent very close to our school.

Final Weeks in October

By Elise Stanmyer

December 3, 2010: On October 23rd I celebrated my 20th birthday in Vienna. I requested that our weekly dinner occur in an Italian restaurant. On Halloween night we all got dressed up and had a little


party with some of our other international friends in the apartment building. After celebrating for a while, we decided to go out to a special party for international students held on a boat on the Danube. It was a lot of fun to see how all the other international students interpreted Halloween. We learned that in other countries they have similar holidays for which they dress up, such as Carnival in Italy.

Also pictured above are 9 Amanda Winn, 10 Jesse Simonson and 11 Adam Leclerc. amc alumni magazine



alumni profile

Victor Champagne ’86G

The effect of drag on the acceleration of a particle.

Bringing a Passion for Learning to the International Arena Anna Maria College alumnus, Victor Champagne ’86G was recently honored at the Pentagon in the “Hall of Heroes” for his extraordinary research achievements. An international expert in Supersonic Particle Deposition or “Cold Spray.” Vic is a dynamic entrepreneur who has never forgotten his educational roots at AMC. Vic received a BS in mechanical engineering at Central New England College and continued his studies in materials science at other institutions, including WPI, MIT, and Lehigh University. For over 25 years he has worked for the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, the leading materials research facility in the world. Early in his career, Vic stood out from his colleagues when he exploited Cold Spray technology from Russia and expanded this unique technology to the next level. Cold Spray research had focused primarily on the gas dynamics of the process and overlooked the materials science aspects, where Vic has been concentrating his efforts. In layman’s terms, Cold Spray is a process in which tiny, micron-sized particles are injected into a heated, high-pressure gas stream and are then forced through a rocket nozzle, which accelerates them to supersonic velocities. When these particles exit the rocket nozzle, they are impacted against a surface, which causes them to consolidate and form a solid, dense material, without melting. “This is one of the unique aspects of Cold Spray,” explains Vic. “You can form very dense wear and corrosion resistant coatings or you can produce parts out of materials not possible before this technology came into being. Cold spray allows the formation of novel high strength materials unachievable with conventional processing,” he continues. As a research scientist, Vic’s work in Cold Spray technology has led to many advances for the U.S. Department of Defense, as well as for other commercial industries. “Cold Spray is considered a dual technology because of its various applications outside of the defense

amc alumni magazine



“Our global marketplace demands that we become life-long learners.” The Cold Spray Process Gas Control Module N2 or

Electric Heater Substrate

He gas

Particle Stream

Powder Feeder

Supersonic Nozzle Deposit

industry. Currently, it is helping to build the

Maria’s MBA helped me learn about objectives and

economic base in this country in the automotive

deadlines, how to deal effectively with personnel

industry, electronics and aerospace, just to name

issues, and how to be a good communicator. We

a few,” shares Vic. “This dual usage has meant that

also learned to write proposals and to understand

I have had to wear many hats throughout

finances. Without these skills, I would not have

my career.”

been able to have achieved so much,” he adds.

In addition to being a research scientist, Vic is a

of the mind has spiraled him to the top of his

technologies and to bring them into practice. He

profession. In addition to being the editor of

recognized early in his career that just excelling in a

the first comprehensive reference book on the

particular technology is not enough.

subject of Cold Spray technology, he has received several top awards from the Army, including the

become life-long learners,” states Vic. “For

prestigious U.S. Army Research and Development

example, scientists, lawyers, doctors and the like

Achievement Award. He has also helped develop

must become educated outside the technical

cold spray technology as part of a NATO treaty

part of their professions and learn to deal with

with the United Kingdom and Australia and he

the tangible aspects of growing a business. To

will soon be out again on the circuit as a keynote

stay ahead of the competitive curve, we need to

speaker in Japan and Australia.

be diversified in our knowledge base beyond a particular area of expertise.” Vic believes his studies at AMC prepared him

Vic continues to share his passion for learning with graduate students at both WPI and Penn State as a Ph.D. advisor and research associate.

to stay on top of the power curve. He chose the

He also hopes to formally teach one day and to

College’s MBA program over others because

help students to think globally, not just locally; and

of its flexible schedule and practical approach

to not confine themselves to one area but to make

to education. “We learned from experts in the

education a life-long pursuit.

field, not just from textbooks,” Vic shares. “Anna


Vic’s personal conviction regarding the pursuit

program manager, working to implement emerging

“Our global marketplace demands that we


Cold Spray is a process in which tiny, micron-sized particles are injected into a heated, high-pressure gas stream and are then forced through a rocket nozzle, which accelerates them to supersonic velocities. When these particles exit the rocket nozzle, they are impacted against a surface, which causes them to consolidate and form a solid, dense material, without melting.

amc alumni magazine

Ann Biggins ’57 Memorial Fund Thomas J. Biggins has decided to honor his late wife, Ann Mooney Biggins ’57, with a $30,000 permanent endowment fund to support the Mondor-Eagan Library at Anna Maria College. The Ann Biggins ’57 Memorial Fund will memorialize Ann’s passion for AMC and her many years of service as a librarian in Worcester and Shrewsbury, MA.

April 12–21, 2012

Ann was one of three Mooney sisters who attended AMC. Edith Mooney LaVigne ’63 and Margaret Mooney Layden ’60 are her surviving sisters. Ann was an active and dedicated Anna Maria alumna for more than 50 years and worked for a time as its Director of Alumni Relations. She was a generous supporter of the College and was also responsible for two special gifts: the computer laboratory in St. Joseph Hall, which she supported along with her sister, Edith, in memory of their father; and the librarian’s office that she supported along with her sisters, Edith and Margaret, in memory of their mother. Funds generated from the new Ann Biggins ’57 Memorial Fund will provide needed resources to meet the research and academic needs of students. Tom, a retiree of Verizon, invites family, friends and Ann’s classmates to contribute to this important fund in Ann’s honor.


ITALY Let Dr. and Mrs. Jack Calareso be your hosts on an exceptional, guided tour of Italy. You’ve never truly visited Italy if you haven’t travelled there with the Calaresos and had the opportunity to see this beautiful country through their eyes. Highlights include: St. Peter’s Basilica, the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican Museum, the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the Basilica of St. Francis, St. Mark’s Basilica Square, and the Uffizi Gallery, just to name a few.

For a trip brochure, contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 508-849-3342,

Reunion/Homecoming Weekend Anna Maria College celebrated both its proud history and its bright future during Reunion/ Homecoming Weekend in October. Special guests of honor at both the luncheon and the Reunion Dinner at the Worcester Club were our three milestone reunion classes. The Class of 1960 celebrated its 50th reunion, the Class of 1955 celebrated its 55th reunion, and

Outstanding Alumni Awards

the Class of 1950 celebrated its 60th reunion.

The Anna Maria College Alumni Association honored

The Class of 1950 has the special distinction

five exceptional individuals with the 2010 Outstanding

of being the College’s first-ever graduating class and now the first class to celebrate its 60th reunion.

Alumni Awards during Reunion/Homecoming weekend. Victor K. Champagne ’86G (3rd from left) received the Outstanding Alumni Award for Professional Achievement; George R. Sherrill ’97G (6th from left) received the Outstanding Alumni Award for Contributions to the Community; Edith Mooney LaVigne ’63 (5th from left) received the Outstanding Alumni Award for Contributions to the College; Jacqueline Crowe ’03, ’07G, ’10G (2nd from left) received the Outstanding Young Alumnus Award; and Peter J. Dawson, Esq. (left) received the Honorary Alumnus Award. (You can read more about the five honorees at

Reunions and Other Festivities 1960 Reunion Dinner – October 23, 2010 Left to Right Back/Standing: Joan Crimmin Burke, Suzanne Marin Morin, Charlotte Hovey Guarini, Anita Lanciaux Collins, Eleanor Cronin Doon, Maureen Harney Walsh, Lola Goldschmidt Riordan, Sr. Carol Proietti, SSA, Margaret Cooney Creamer, Peg Briand Como, Frances Hammill Barry, Judith Daly West, Lois Fernane Hoey, Barbara Desjardins Seymour Front/Seated: Margaret Mooney Layden, Elizabeth Bourque-Theiler, Sylvia Gregoire Berthiaume, Marie Paradis Meegan

Other highlights of the weekend included: • The Classes of 2000 and 2005 celebrated their 10th and 5th reunions together Saturday evening at The Hub (formerly Spiritwoods Pub). Both classes were thrilled to reunite with their friends and classmates and see all the changes that have taken place on campus since they graduated. • The Alumni Association Board of Directors held its fall meeting Saturday morning. The Board is the leadership of the Alumni Association and provides support and counsel for the College’s Alumni Office. • A capacity crowd watched the AMCATS play Norwich University in the second annual Homecoming football game.



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SAVE the DATE This year’s Reunion/Homecoming Weekend November 4 & 5, 2011 Watch your mail and the AMC website for more information.

Saint Anne Society At the second annual Saint Anne Society luncheon on Saturday afternoon, the College honored three classes celebrating milestone reunions and inducted 32 alumnae into the Society. Membership in the Saint Anne Society is granted to alumnae of the College who have reached the 50th anniversary of their graduation, and many of last year’s inductees returned this year to help welcome the newest members.

Class of 1950 Saint Anne Society Lunch – October 23, 2010 Left to Right Back/Standing: Jack Calareso, Florence Tormey Blouin, Rose Marie Tanner Decenzo, Catherine Cantwell Noonan, Rose Calareso

Class of 1960 Saint Anne Society Lunch – October 23, 2010 Left to Right Back/Standing: Charlotte Hovey Guarini, Rose Calareso, Jack Calareso, Marie Paradis Meegan, Barbara Desjardins Seymour, Margaret Cooney Creamer, Sr. Carol Proietti, SSA, Lola Goldschmidt Riordan, Mary Burke Fallon, Elizabeth Bourque-Theiler, Joan Crimmin Burke, Anita Lanciaux Collins, Margaret Mooney Layden

Front/Seated: Marie Lagasse Fabbri, Diane Chabot Kananen, Doris Sterner Buonomo

Front/Seated: Judith Daly West, Suzanne Marin Morin, Eleanor Cronin Doon, Frances Hammill Barry, Lois Fernane Hoey, Peg Briand Como, Sylvia Gregoire Berthiaume

Class of 1955 Saint Anne Society Lunch – October 23, 2010 Left to Right Back/Standing: Rose Calareso, Jack Calareso

Saint Anne Society, Inductees – October 23, 2010 Left to Right Back/Standing: Rose Calareso, Sr. Annette Bibeau, SSA ’57, Janice Sullivan Higgins ’57, Jack Calareso

Front/Seated: Sr. Barbara Flynn, SSA, Gloria Zarrella Hand, M. Jeanne Tasse

Front/Seated: Claire Quintal ’52, Claire Goulet Depatie ’54, Sr. Ann Belliveau, SSA ’54

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Twin Talents Sara and Megan Goddu each chose Anna Maria College to pursue their dreams. The Somerset, MA, twin sisters both wanted to be a part of a small school, close to home. They didn’t mind attending the same school, but rooming together was not an option. As juniors at AMC, they are each pursuing different aspects of the music program and are blazing the trail as two of the College’s first honors students.

Sara Justin Bieber needs to look out for Sara Goddu, who is studying music education at AMC. She is multi-talented like her sister Megan, singing and playing the violin. She also participates in marching band, leading the color guard down the football field, and is excited about performing in the College’s first musical production, Guys and Dolls. Sara loves the theater and has already had roles in several plays both in high school and at AMC. Sara fell in love with AMC after her audition with the music department. She then became passionate about the College’s new Honors Program. “I enjoy being a part of this program and learning both in and out of the classroom,” claims Sara. “The Honors Program provides us with opportunities to experience cultural events, lectures and seminars; teaching us that learning can happen anywhere and everywhere,” she adds. Sara believes that the Honors Program is helping to prepare her and her classmates to be successful in the real world. “Our professors are helping to grow our minds beyond the subject areas we are each studying. They are approachable and knowledgeable and are willing to share with us all that they have already experienced,” she comments. Sara is very involved at AMC, participating in the Music Ed Club, the Chorus Club, and the Drama Club, just to name a few. She teaches music to children, some of whom are autistic, and is currently doing her pre-practicum observation at Wachusett Regional High. After college, she hopes to become a high school choral director.



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student profiles

Sara & Megan Goddu ’13

Megan Megan Goddu was not content just learning and playing the violin. In high school she took up the oboe and learned the alto sax to play in the marching band. At AMC she is learning the guitar and piano. She also sings. Justin Bieber, here’s another star to watch out for. Megan loves music and has dreamed of studying music ever since she can remember. “I can’t imagine doing anything else,” she shares, which is why she chose to study music therapy at Anna Maria. What she didn’t expect was to become a part of the first Honors Program on campus and expand her education beyond music. “Being a part of the Honors Program is a great experience,” explains Megan. “We are able to study the College’s core courses as a group, which allows us to not only be challenged by the professors, but also to challenge each other to share ideas and express our thoughts in a safe environment. We have a great rapport,” she adds. According to Megan, the Honors Program also gives her the opportunity to learn how to be more resourceful and to use her critical thinking skills to get results. “We look at outcomes and combine our research with hands-on learning,” she explains. “I know the skills we are learning will help us become leaders in our fields.” As part of her music therapy curriculum, Megan is currently working at the Mercy Center in Worcester and the REACH program in Northborough, MA. Her goal is to work with children in a hospital setting after graduation.

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alumni profile

Alice Hibbert Pincus ’72

...Alice reflected on her achievements and immediately thought of the scholarship assistance from the Academy and AMC, and particularly of the academic and emotional support from Sr. Pauline, who had been the chemistry department head when Alice attended AMC. She decided to find Sr. Pauline and establish a scholarship in her honor so other international students could realize their dream of a college education. 22


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Making a Difference Founding The Sister Pauline F. Madore Scholarship When you meet Alice Hibbert Pincus ’72, her calm demeanor and welcoming smile provide a glimpse into the comfortable family life she has carved out. If you engage her in conversation, you will learn about the many challenges she had to overcome to follow her dreams. Born in Haiti, Alice was sent as a child to live in the

“I was determined to stay in the U.S. so I wrote to

U.S. due to political unrest. Her parents said good-bye

St. Anne Academy in Marlboro, MA, where one cousin

to their three children with the hope that they would

was a resident student, asking them for a scholarship,”

have a better life outside of their native country.

explains Alice. “And, with their positive response

Leaving everything she knew, Alice arrived in New

began my life-long relationship with the Sisters of St.

York at the age of 12 to live with her uncle’s family

Anne. I started as a sophomore and the small-school

in Bethesda, MD. Although the culture was different

experience was just what I needed,” she adds. “I

and she had to learn English immersed in regular

participated in almost every activity and learned how to

classes, she made the most of her new, educational

be a leader; but most important I made great friends.”

opportunity. “Given all that my family sacrificed, I knew

Alice graduated in a class of 42 students, seven

that I had to embrace my new life head on,” shares

of whom went on to AMC, including Alice and her

Alice. “I was fortunate that the public junior high I

closest friend, Renee (Malboeuf) Morse’72. “Once

attended offered great equipment and exceptional

again, the Sisters came through by helping me obtain

teachers.” Being close to Washington, DC, Bethesda

a scholarship and locating a Paxton family with whom

was a favorite location for Congressional families to

I could live. How generous of these families who

raise their children.

opened their homes to students who couldn’t afford

It was during those early teen years that Alice was

to live on campus!” she remarks. However, after her

introduced to the science lab. At first struggling with

freshman year, Alice faced another struggle and had to

the English language, she was drawn to math and

find work to pay the tuition going forward. She moved

science. She ended up forming a life-long bond with

to Worcester and shared apartments with struggling

these subjects. As Alice looked forward to attending

students from other colleges, working two jobs while

the public high school, her uncle‘s job changed and

finishing school.

she was given the choice of moving with them to Guatemala or staying in the U.S. on a student visa.

After graduation, Alice again faced challenges. To remain in the States, she had to marry or

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Sr. Pauline Madore is often credited with being the driving force behind the academic and social success of the College’s international students in the 1980s, as director of the ESL program, Sr. Pauline helped to initiate an innovative individualized program of instruction where each International student’s schedule was tailored to meet personal career goals, interests and cultural exposure. She also worked to place a special emphasis on the presence of International students by displaying flags of their countries in prominent places around campus. In addition, an entire week, known as International Week, was dedicated each year to celebrate the culture and customs of students representing other lands. Activities included students sharing their native dress and customs with the campus community. Sr. Pauline Madore is a graduate of Anna Maria College. She earned her Master’s from Smith College and her Doctorate in Education from the University of Sarasota.

stay in school. With Sr. Pauline Madore’s assistance, Alice entered the master’s degree program in organic chemistry at Holy Cross, which was going co-ed. She became one of the first women to graduate from the school. “I went from an all-female to an all-male school, and then entered the work-force during the turbulence of the seventies,” claims Alice. “I promptly learned that women had a long way to go to be taken seriously in what was considered a man’s world.” Having met other challenges, Alice quickly succeeded professionally, starting her own consulting and contract R&D business, Pincus Associates, Inc., in 1983, with the support of her husband, Bob, who joined her full time in 1990. In 1986, Alice became a key founder of a trade organization, RadTech International North America, and served as its first, full-term president. Her first experience on a board of directors was as chairperson, creating a board. Once, after a successful business meeting, Alice reflected on her achievements and immediately thought of the scholarship assistance from the Academy and AMC, and particularly of the academic and emotional support from Sr. Pauline, who had been the chemistry department head when Alice attended AMC. She decided to find Sr. Pauline and establish a scholarship in her honor so other international students could realize their dream of a college education. In addition to fulfilling her educational dreams, Alice was able to find a permanent home in Andover, MA, where she has lived for 36 years. “After all the moving around, when Bob and I married in 1974, I told him I wanted to buy a house where we could form a close-knit family and be grounded,” she shares. We are glad she did.



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Alice Hibbert Pincus ’72 is President of Pincus Associates, Inc., an independently-owned company located in Andover, MA, and specializing in UV and EB curing and processing technology. She has been providing international consulting services in the UV and EB curing area for over 30 years. Her company has rendered consulting and/or contract R&D services to more than two hundred clients taking a mix of marketing and product/process development assignments.



60s Emily (Sadoski) Buch-Hague ’61 celebrated her 71st birthday this past August, and has signed a contract to teach another year at the Gadsden Independent School District’s alternative high school, Desert Pride Academy. She has retired twice now. The first time was in 2000 from Las Cruces Public Schools in New Mexico. The second time was in 2005 from Burges High School in El Paso, Texas. Emily writes, “Teaching at this alternative high school is the ideal retirement position. I love it!” Maria (Nigro) Parker ’62 recently spoke with the new Apostolic Nuncio to the United Nations in New York, Archbishop Francis Chullikatt, who invited her to participate as an official member of the Holy See Mission’s delegation to the United Nations when the Commission on the Status of Women met in late February. Maria also headed a team of representatives to the United Nations for the World Union of Catholic Women’s Organizations and served on its board from 1998 to 2007. Judy Butler ’67 recently joined ERA Key Realty Services in the firm’s Worcester office. For 10 years she worked as a substitute teacher in the Leicester, Spencer, Paxton and Auburn school systems. She has also been active in the real estate community, serving on the education and computer committees, as well as on the professional standards and ethics committees. This year Judy received the 30 Year Achievement Award from the Worcester Regional Association of Realtors. Carolyn Langevin ’68 is a member of the Greater Lowell Workforce Investment Board (GLWIB) and was recently featured on its web site. After several years teaching, Carolyn began working in public service, and eventually found herself at the Mass Rehabilitation Commission (MRC) in Southbridge, MA as a Vocational Rehab Counselor and then Supervisor. She worked in Southbridge from 1979-1990. In 1990, Carolyn became Area Director at the Lawrence Area office of MRC until 1998, when she took the same position in Lowell. Carolyn immediately joined the GLWIB and worked with the Career Center of Lowell Director on several projects. They worked to form GLADWC (Greater Lowell Area Disability Workforce Consortium) which brings

area service providers and community based agencies together to pool resources to improve the quality of services to persons with disabilities. Carolyn looks forward to continuing this collaboration with the Career Center of Lowell where she also serves on the GLWIB Youth Council.

70s Barbara Coburn ’75 is an artist who creates highly realistic still lifes, landscapes and architectural scenes from rural New England in both egg tempera and watercolor. Her work was recently featured at Gallery 51 in New Hampshire. Barbara is a signature member of the New England Watercolor Association, Keene Art Association and the American Watercolor Society. Her award-winning paintings can be found in private and corporate collections across the country.

80s Ellen (Hayden) Dolan ’81 is the director of the Shrewsbury Public Library. After more than 35 years of working in libraries, she is one of 10 librarians nationwide who were recognized for service to the community, with the 2010 I Love My Librarian Award. The award is from the Carnegie Corporation of New York, The New York Times and the American Library Association. She was chosen, in part, because she has worked to maintain and expand services and hours at the library, despite a modest and slowly shrinking budget. Several alumni attended former professor Brian Mitchell’s son’s wedding in Alexandria, VA in March 2010. In attendance were, Barry Coonan ’84, Shawn Conway ’85 and Randy Hulette ’86. Wendy Bartel ’89 was recently ordained as a Unitarian Universalist minister.

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90s Jessica Bickley ’97 married Stanley Cho on August 15, 2010. She also went back to school full-time and earned an extremely competitive internship at the United Nations. The couple lives in New York City.

00s Abby (LaPrise) Jenkins ’03, ’05G was promoted to Branch Manager of the GFA Federal Credit Union’s Fitchburg office. She previously held the position of Assistant Branch Manager in Gardner. As Branch Manager, Jenkins is charged with building GFA’s presence and participation in the Fitchburg community. John Nuttall ’03 was recently named Fire Chief for the town of Abington. He joined the Abington Fire Department in 1990 as a firefighter and later was appointed captain. He has an extensive background as a supervisor, emergency medical technician, and in fire suppression. He is also president of the local firefighters union.

Just got M arried? Had a Bab y? Got Promo ted?

Let u s k n o w what yo u’ve been Submit a up to! Class Note by visiting w w w.ann amaria.ed u/alumni an e-mail or se nd to alumni@ annamari



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Meredith Selden ’03 married Matthew Huntley of Durham, CT on October 10, 2010. Other alumni attending were best man, Matthew Thompson ’07, and bridesmaids, Elizabeth (Meyering) DeYoung ’03 and Rebecca Smart ’04. Guests at the wedding included William DeYoung ’03 and Emily Field, who will graduate from AMC in 2014. Katie Jana ’04 recently became engaged to Sarin Va, a native of New York City and a 2005 graduate of the University of New Hampshire, while on vacation in Barbados. A Spring 2012 wedding is planned. Elisha (Sharae) Gray Hawk-Gordon ’06 and Matthew Gordon ’07 were recently married. Both reside and work in Montana. Cynthia Sambrano ’06 is a music therapist who works with children, adults and senior citizens with mental health issues. She works primarily with special education children who attend school in the Payson Unified School District in Arizona and with senior citizens at assisted living facilities.

GRADUATE ALUMNI Business Administration Cliff Wilson ’82G has been elected to the Board of Directors of the Professional Picture Framers Association. He is also a Master Certified Picture Framer, one of only 64 individuals worldwide to have achieved that certification. Cliff is the owner of Framed in Tatnuck in Worcester. Robert Chauvin ’83G was recently named President of SimplexGrinnell. Bob has worked for SimplexGrinnell, and previously for Simplex, for 30 years. Since 2004, he has been vice president of northern operations, and he has also served as CFO and held business planning and marketing management positions. He is also chairman of the United Way of North Central Massachusetts Board of Directors.

David Berry ’84G was recently selected as the new Chief Administrative Officer for the town of Shirley. He has served as the municipal administrator for Bolton and Stoneham and worked for the town of Concord on special projects as part of its Finance Department. Most recently, David worked as the assistant director to a redevelopment board in the town of Arlington, assisting with all planning projects and permitting as well as managing seven buildings and implementing the board’s capital plan. Kevin Goudreau ’87, ’90G was recently promoted to Vice President of Commercial Development at DVA Laboratory Services. In this role, he is responsible for all aspects of commercial development, including business development, client services, and marketing. Prior to joining DVA Laboratory Services, Kevin held various positions at Covance, Inc. and Primedica Corporation. Diane Giampa ’88G was recently named senior vice president of human resources and marketing at Bay State Savings Bank of Worcester. She previously held human resources positions at the Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center for Mental Retardation and at the Herbert Lipton Community Mental Health Center. Kevin Gould ’89G was recently elected to the Board of Directors at AngioDynamics.

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Paul Montminy ’85G recently joined Miss Hall’s School in Pittsfield, Mass. as Director of Campus Safety and Security. He was previously with Saint Joseph’s College of Maine where he was also Director of Campus Safety and Security. Paul has also held management positions in corporate security. Michael Cronin ’89G recently retired as Chief of Police in Amesbury, MA. He joined the department in 1976 and had served as chief since 1981.

Kevin Jourdain ’99G is a City Councilor in Holyoke, MA and is now a lawyer in two states. He passed the bar examination in Massachusetts on November 29, 2010 and in Connecticut on November 1. Kevin received his J.D. from the Massachusetts School of Law last year and is a senior financial analyst with the Sisters of Providence Health System.

James Hicks ’89G was recently selected as the new Chief of Police for Natick, MA. He previously served as Chief of Police in Bedford, MA.

Criminal Justice Louis Barry ’84G recently retired as Chief of Police in Granby, MA, a position he held for 23 years.

Michael McCarthy ’93G retired as a sergeant with the Massachusetts State Police. He now resides in Savannah, GA.

Steven Xiarhos ’84G was appointed Deputy Chief of Police for the Town of Yarmouth, MA in December 2010. He is responsible for insuring professional standards in all matters of policy, operations, and discipline as well as planning, directing, coordinating, controlling, and staffing all activities of the department. Steven began his career with the Yarmouth Police Department 32 years ago as a summer reserve officer.

Paul King ’94G was recently named the new police chief for the city of Pawtucket, RI. Paul has been with the department for 28 years and has served in patrol, investigative and administrative capacities during that time. He supervised many vice operations for the department as the head of the department’s Special Squad and prior to his appointment served as the major in charge of the Administration Division, where he oversaw budgetary matters, as well as physical plant and fleet operations.

Richard Davis ’91G is a retired police officer and recently published an article titled “Prevention versus Protection: Law enforcement, homicide, and domestic violence” in his regular column on

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Paul Landry ’97G was recently promoted to colonel in the Massachusetts Army National Guard. He is a 27-year veteran and a graduate of the Army Command and General Staff College. Paul is assigned as the Commander of the 79th Troop Command, and Chief, Pre-Mobilization Training Assistance Element. In his civilian career he is a lieutenant with the Everett (MA) Police Department. Christopher Iozzi ’07G was recently promoted to the rank of sergeant with the Cumberland (RI) Police Department where he has been a member since 2000. He has been a field training officer since 2006 and has held a Coop Fitness Certification since 2007. Christopher administers fitness testing for the Rhode Island Municipal Police Academy as well as assisting the Cumberland Police Department in their recruitment physical fitness testing. Natasha Borkowski ’08, ’09G is living in Savannah, GA and works in the Savannah Police Department. She was recently nominated for the Medal of Valor for her efforts that went beyond the call of duty. She and a fellow officer went to great lengths in their attempts to save a woman whose vehicle went off the road into a lagoon.

IN MEMORIAM Alumni/ae Jane Patricia (Flanagan) Avey ’53 Janet (Lavigne) O’Connor-Wilson ’55 Elizabeth (McCormick) Blickens ’56 Cheryl (Konisky) Lominsky ’60 Rachel (Hebert) Paquette ’62 Paula M. Stearns ’64 Janet “Sally” (Bresnahan) Wright ’64 Mary Lou (Golden) Walsh ’73 Paul Noone ’78G James McGuinness ’81G Mary Sanford ’82 Ronald Marion ’84G John Drewicz ’88G David Wall ’88G Thomas Long ’96G John Scannell ’07G



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Public Administration Ferol Smith ’10G was recently promoted to Director of Assistive Technology Loan Program with Easter Seals of Massachusetts. This program provides reduced-rate loans to help Massachusetts residents with disabilities acquire technology to increase their independence. She writes, “Without the help of my Anna Maria College education and experience, I would not have received this promotion.” Congratulations, Ferol!

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Condolences to: Ann Marie (Rossetti) Malvey ’64 on the death of her mother Joyce Cournoyer Dresser ’69 on the death of her mother Marilyn Cocozza Trillo ’70 on the death of her mother and aunt Barbara Stumm-Gray ’73 on the death of her mother Helen (Mahoney) Blicher ’74 on the death of her husband Kathleen (O’Donnell) Hart ’75 on the death of her mother, father and mother-in-law Nancy Mrzyglod ’74 on the death of her father Justina (Maki) Lachapelle ’84 on the loss of her mother Margaret Riani ’93 on the death of her father Tom O’Neil ’97 on the death of his nephew Michael McGowan ’04 on the death of his mother Lucille (Copolino) Billings ’59 on the death of her husband Our sincerest apologies to Susan (O’Hearn) Bamerick ’65 who was listed in the “In Memoriam” section in the last issue of the magazine. Susan’s name should have appeared under “Condolences to” on the death of her mother.

Call for Nominations Anna Maria College Alumni Awards Awards will be presented in the following four categories: Outstanding Contribution to the Community Outstanding Professional Achievement Outstanding Contribution to the College Outstanding Young Alumnus/a (Alumni under the age of 35)

Established in 1991, this program recognizes and honors alumni who have distinguished themselves through their professional endeavors, service to the College, or exemplary service to the community. Alumni Awards Nomination Form Who is eligible? Any AMC alumnus—undergraduate or graduate—is eligible to receive one of these prestigious awards. The program is successful because of your involvement each year and we encourage you to help us identify alumni who deserve recognition for their outstanding achievements. The deadline for nominations is May 31, 2011. Please mail your nominations to: Alumni Award Nominations, Anna Maria College, 50 Sunset Lane, Box K, Paxton, MA 01612. You may also fax nominations to 508-849-3334 or submit them online at Nominee_______________________________________________________________________________ Class Year_______________________ Address_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ City_________________________________________________________________ State_____________ Zip_____________________________ Job Title_______________________________________________________ Employer_______________________________________________ Award:

Professional Achievement



Young Alumnus/a

On a separate piece of paper, please state your reasons for nomination. An Awards Committee member may contact you for more information. Nominator_ ____________________________________________________________________________ Class Year_______________________ Address_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ City__________________________________________________________ State_____________________ Zip____________________________ Phone________________________________________________________ E-mail___________________________________________________

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Winter 2011 Alumni Magazine