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Anna Alexandrova

Design Portfolio

Sushi Bar Aurelia The sushi bar will be located in the biggest Mall in Bulgaria called Paradise Center Sofia. The reason for this choice is because of the innovative appearance of the building and the natural environment integrated into it. As a result, this will match with the concept I have chosen for the sushi bar: the jellyfish. The exterior design of the bar will consist of glass panels with a gradient effect on them. Their shape is inspired by the wavy tentacles of the jellyfish and the panels will be able to fully open and fully close, acting as vertical sunshades due to rails located above and below them. As far as the name of the place is concerned, Aurelia is the scientific term of the moon jelly and the reason for using it, is because it sounds more sophisticated and appropriate for a bar.


Sushi Bar Aurelia The purpose of the design was to create a floating and ethereal environment, features which are very common in the contemporary Japanese design. For this reason the sushi bar Aurelia is inspired by the lightness and transparency of the jellyfish. This element can be seen in the interior covering the ceiling with its massive structures made out of a see-through polymer with a bespoke pattern on it. Wavy plexiglass forms with LED lights on each side come out the jellyfish shapes, thus imitating the tentacles.

Plexiglass: Transparent and Purple Translucent

Resin Flooring with a bespoke pattern

Corian: DuPont and HI-MACS

Stainless Steel

Transparent Polymer (ETFE)

The main wall at the back and the side one on the right will be covered by lights whose form is inspired by the inner shapes of the jellyfish. At some places the lights are stronger, at others they fade away. Additionally, the pattern on all the walls is created by the usage of projectors which are able to create the ambient 3D effect. The floating illusion is reached through attaching the tables, which are located next to the walls, to the ceiling with the usage of the transparent material: plexiglass, with a gradient effect from purple to transparent.

The tables located in the middle have a transparent base, which creates the feeling as if they are in the air. Additionally, the ring shape of the lights located on some of the walls, can also be seen on the tables in the middle, which consist of two different colours of polycarbonate material. The chair is designed by Jesus Gasca with the seat inspired by the shape of the sea waves. This concept makes the design ideal for the sushi environment. Additionally, the chair’s legs are spread in such a way that they imitate the tentacles of the jellyfishes.

Shop Design The aim of the exterior design of The Body Shop was to create a harmony with the surrounding. This is done by putting glass panels, which reflect the environment, but at the same time enable full vision from the interior. Additionally, the shapes on the side wall are organic, imitating the outline of a leaf and by arranging them next to each other they form a grid. This grid allows a good amount of sunlight to come in during the day. As far as the entrance is concerned, the oval door follows the shapes on its side, and at the same time replicates The Body Shop’s logo. Finally, the material which will cover the exterior walls is concrete having a non smooth surface due to a Formliner technique with an elastic material. In this way the feeling of nature is created, with a design including uneven walls, leaf shapes and reflection of the surrounding. Year3

The design of the interior of The Body Shop is based on the water lily, its green leaves and pink petals, as well as one of the main shapes existing in nature: the spiral. The common between these two elements is that they have an oval shape. The product stands in the middle represent a bud of a water lily standing above a green leaf, while its petals are incorporated into the design of the till, the mirrors behind it and the shelves on the side walls. The oblique product stands are reflected on the ceiling through the coiled lamps. As a result, the spiral is repeated in the rest of the shapes on the ceiling, where spotlights are located in the centre, and the product displays next to the entrance.

Lady Gaga in New York

Inspired by her extravagant taste, the interior consists of angular pyramid shapes traced through the whole space. Glossy metallic surfaces, effect seen on Gaga’s outfits, create an intriguing reflection all around the interior. Not only her style is incorporated into the design, but also the city’s outline and

Lady Gaga’s love of high fashion is combined with the current design

landscape, which could be

trends, such as the origami inspired shapes and the usage of gold

seen both inside the space and

material. A united look is created, which delivers strong message

outside with the help of the

through shapes, patterns and colours, in the way she expresses it with

mesmerizing, mutli-angled vista

her clothes. Additionally, an artistic touch is reached through dramatic

from the apartment.

pieces of furniture.


A New York outline, which “slides doors open” to fridge and cupboards, combined with triangular shapes, houndstooth pattern and a male figure printed on the table form the kitchen and dining area. Together with the Karim Rashid pyramid armchair and dining set, the space turns into an art gallery. The sliding doors are covered by a laser cut golden stainless steel sheet and beneath it purple LED lights are located. As a result, the skyscrapers’ outline glows in the night imitating the way the city looks when the sun is down.

The whole space is designed in matching colours and 2D and 3D pyramidal and pentagonal shapes. The living area accommodates a large comfortable sofa, an armchair and coffee tables, all having a strong appearance. These elements are located opposite an engraved TV wall, which becomes a projection of the apartment’s style.

Long lines cross the space forming unity and creating a stylish space. The gold, black and white tiles are harmonically combined giving a luxurious effect to the bathroom with a view towards the city of New York.

The mixture of the warm patterns and the feather wall mural brings feminine touch, a cosy feeling to the space and moments spend in the company of the breathtaking sunset of New York. Additionally, the ceiling is suspended having a shape designed specifically for the room. Above it, LED lights will be located creating a modern look.

Expense Reduction Analysts Office Design First Floor



The brief was to use design as a tool for showing the company’s image. This is done through using the brand’s colour palette, oval shapes and elements of their logo.

Expense Reduction Analysts Office Design Second Floor

Resting Area

Expense Reduction Analysts Office Design Third Floor

Floor Design: Resin Flooring 1st Floor

2nd Floor

3rd Floor

Ceiling Design: Plasterboard Shapes 1st Floor

2nd Floor

3rd Floor

Bespoke Furniture Specifications

Main Desk: Top, Front and Side View

Glass Top Desks: Top, Front and Side View

Plexiglass Seating (Rest Room) Top, Front and Side View

The whole idea about the design of the hostel is based on the concept of the Milo table by Tristan Titeux and using waste materials in order to create furniture, or using the so called method of ‘Up Cycling’. What I have done is developed this idea and applied it to be suitable for the hostel.

My goal for was to think of a design, which could



functional and most importantly sustainable. The



that green design is a very good solution for making future homes and



society of taking care of the place we live in.


Wine Bar Design Brighton

The object I have chosen to implement into the design of the wine bar is a wing corkscrew. Having this in mind, I tried to create a space, which combines the atmosphere of Bath and at the same time has elements from my chosen item. An example for this is the spiral shape of the bar chairs, element of the corkscrew. Additionally, through the usage of wrought iron for their legs and the door, the feeling of Bath is captured in the space. The decoration of the wine bar consists of flowing lines, where I have used them for the ceiling, the floor, the walls and the area behind the bar. The reason for this is because it reminded me of the water, connecting it with the fact that Bath is located in the valley of river Avon. Year1

Design Portfolio  
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