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Continuation • Gathering our ideas from the gesture models, we then moved to the model site. The model site helped us be more precise and adjust to our model. After that, we started to draw the plan and section off the site.

First Model. • My first actual model is not to respond to the site, but only the hill. I’ve always wanted to work with the curvilinear shapes.

Third Models. •

After a couple more shots of the actual modeL, I came up with one model that looks like Trust. I didn’t realize about Trust until Mr. Chandler told me about it. After that, I wanted to make more bridges like Trust. I went to see Santigo Calatrava’s work for inspiration. His bridge work always showed compression and tension

Charcoal Drawings. • After all the work we made, we moved to the charcoal drawing, which gave us ideas. It helped me keep my curvilinear shape in the building. It responded to the accommodating grid and topography, which is a curvilinear form that goes into the box. At the same time, it becomes a circulation system of building.

Fourth Model. • I wanted to make a tunnel under Hyde Street, so that people can walk through under the street to the second building. I wanted them to feel the compression and tension the moment they walked through the tunnel. This model looks like a bridge but the main structure didn’t work because of the material used.

Final Model. • In this model, everything works well, but there is no visual compression or tension on the model. It was a strong transformation from the gesture to the actual model. The building stands on curvilinear form without touching anything.

More Pictures of Final Model.

Section and Plan Drawings. • At the end, I didn’t present as well as I wanted to. I feel like doing another model after all my weak point was pointed out, but my time was up.

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