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“Architecture is a game, so let´s play !” Anna Srpová (*1992)


Student of Architecture Chocolate is my best fuel.

Detail of a facade with accoustic pattern

First sketch


Photography of a model scale 1: 200

I called my project : “Can we see the music and listen to architecture?”, because in this project I´ m destroying the boundaries of art. The building has double facade, the exterior pattern of the facade shows accoustic pattern. The exhibition is dedicated due to darkness. I want to show there the mock ups of real city´s plans or of the urbanistic studies. Visitors are guided through exhibition by sound and light. This helps to concentrate and to understand also other meanings of architecture.


Technical Library

Architecture NOW!

Holzer Kobler Architekturen


Philip Jodidio

Barbara Holzer

Tristan Tobler

(Roman Brychta, Adam Malíř, Ondřej Hoffmeister, Petr Lešek)

Publisher Taschen






First task for Project Presentation  

presenting of your world

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